£400 Government Energy Grant 2022

£400 Government Energy Grant October 2022.

The Government recently announced all UK households will receive £400 grant to offset the increase in energy costs. The payment will be credited to households by their energy supplier commencing October 2022.

Park Homes and dwelling that do not have an account with an energy supply company and are supplied through a third party such as JFH or MJL will not be eligible for the grant.

JFH have a fixed price contact until October 2022. Owners will not be faced with increased energy charges year, but will see a rise from November 2022.

MJL have entered into a new energy contact this year and Kenegie Manor owners will be paying more for electricity.

The £400 grant is intended for all homes including second home owners, so it does seem unfair CMOA owners will lose out.

If members feel strongly about it, there is a petition site to join.

Go to www.change.org to petition the government


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