Government Business Rate Grant fo Small Businesses


Members who claim business rate releif should have recieved a notification letter from Cornwall Council inviting them to claim the Government grant.

The Goverement package to help business during this crisis includes the removal of business rates for large and small businesses for this year.

Small busiinesses who pay little or no business rates are eligable for a grant of £10,000. Most members do not pay anything under the present scheme.

Cornwall Council are controlling the scheme and it is not entirely certain at this time if as holioday homes owners qualify.!!

The current advice from CMOA is to complete the claim form online as per letter. If your property is occupied by a permanent resident then the claim will not be allowed. Please check on the link provided for other non qualifying criteria.


Cornwall Council will advise the claiment if the they qualify or not.


Council Tax payers.


There is no grant available for members who pay normal council tax, however if you have been deprived of using your property due to this crisis, then it is wise to contact the council for a possible refund.

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