Merry Christmas   

Owners update –   Tuesday 22nd December 2020

We can’t believe we’re bringing you the final owners update (probably) of 2020 !

Where did the year go? To say that this year has been unprecedented is an understatement; no one could have foreseen what 2020 had in store for us all!  We have all had our own private and professional journey’s haven’t we ?  Your kindness, patience, compassion and good humour really has made the best of a standstill year at Kenegie, where the company focus has been on maintaining safe systems of operation that have been above reproach, while delivering footfall and results to the business, and you.

It has also been lovely to see so many of you have been actually taking advantage of your own holiday home and visiting as well this year to escape the madness and revitalize the reason why we all love this beautiful part of the country.  Let’s not lose sight of this – Kenegie is in a beautiful location!

Has there been some hiccups ? – Yes, but our commitment to our core  focuses during these times remains as strong as ever.

We do hope that you are prepared for a peaceful and relaxing Christmas, in whatever, and probably different shape it may take this year.   Some owners will be spending it alone and we have been in regular contact with them. Our little tree in the office is up and certainly looking festive and even ASBO has been enjoying his turkey cat food whilst supervising proceedings.

Moving into 2021 we do really all need to still play our part in keeping the Kenegie community safe and not let our guard down. We understand the government advice, in some cases, is unclear, so we have put a link here to the latest government advice on restrictions here –   click here     Cornwall Council  have already made compliance visits and will continue to do so.

We’ve been so proud of our team this year – they’ve worked incredibly hard, in very challenging circumstances. Their teamwork and resilience has ensured that not only have we maintained our service to you but also been in the position to look to make commercial improvements.

Our grounds team has also been retained for the Winter Period so we can start the 2021 Season ahead of the seasonal curves.

The business has also actually expanded in certain areas as well. The Old Forge Bar enjoyed a very successful season as a sit down restaurant and the new “Chef to U” brand did also. .The increase in customers and demand for those services  meant that we’ve created additional job opportunities this season and are in the process of a full refurbishment of the Old Forge Bar area ready for opening February Half Term.  This is a massive undertaking as I think we will all agree it is somewhat overdue. We would love to see you when we re-open!   We also move into 2021 with a very positive advance holiday order book.

However, positive news should also be mixed with prudent caution. As an independent operator we have a distinct commercial advantage that we can  remain fluid and ready with all our ducks in a row (with a lot of lessons learnt from 2020!) to react quickly, and sometimes within minutes  to however the ongoing situation should develop.

We will obviously continue to communication as often as we are able to you with any news or updates.

Our Summer 2021 Staycation campaign  is primed and ready to launch as usual on Boxing Day with a strong marketing message at what is traditionally a key booking period to ensure we are at the forefront of peoples minds when they are ready to hit that button.  We will also continue in our pledge to treat all customers fairly so they have the confidence to holiday with us, safely.

So we are going to end the year on a high  with a cautious optimism for 2021 which no doubt will bring with it a few more bumps in the road until such time as the ability for mass vaccinations is implemented.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support this year and we look forward to being of service to you in 2021.

As ever, we are always here to help so if we can be of assistance in any way , please email us.

With best wishes to you and your families for a very happy, restful Christmas and a healthy New Year.

Please take care and stay safe

Ed Newbold


Wednesday 23rd December 2020 – Sunday 03rd January 2021      CLOSED 
(Genuine Emergency Only Cover)

The office shall re-open on Monday 04th January 2021  at 1030 am

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