Electricity charges JFH sites

Electricity Charges JFH sites -December 2022

JFH recently provided the latest charges per unit applied to Tolroy, St. Ives & Perran View.

The charges are higher than expected and has been queried by CMOA.

Below is the official explanation for government website as supplied by JFH.

To ensure a level of support comparable to the domestic scheme and consistency between the domestic and non-domestic schemes, the government supported price is based on the implied wholesale element of the Energy Price Guarantee. However, the final per unit price paid by non-domestic customers will differ as it will also reflect other costs such as network charges and operating costs, plus the impact of competition between suppliers. The Energy Bill Relief Scheme is not subject to a price cap review, unlike the Ofgem price cap for the domestic market and the approach taken by the Energy Price Guarantee.


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