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Hello !

Following what can only be described as one of the most challenging years probably in the history of Kenegie Manor, we can now take a breath and say – we made it, and we all made it safely !

Taking stock of the season, we know and fully understand the frustrations of restrictions that the current pandemic has imposed on all of our day to day lives and the impact this has had on us all.

Every time time you turn on the television, switch on your smart phone, you do not see anything else.

Who is on lock down this week ?   Can I get my haircut ?   Can I hang out with Auntie Nellie ?  If I have a P in my name, can I drop my rubbish off at the tip on a Tuesday ? (Yes that is true in some areas !)

The situation has evolved so rapidly and we have done our best to adapt and  communicate as often as we are able, in a friendly and informal way,  and will always continue to do so.

The many 1000’s of guests we have all hosted this year have appreciated our additional, and  uncompromising approach to COVID19 safety.

They have appreciated the thermo-screening on arrival and at certain times during their stays.

They have appreciated having hand sanitiser squirted at them at the turn of every corner!

For guests that have been unable to wear masks in the club  we have issued free of charge sunflower lanyards.

This has made them feel safe and secure and as such they have been able to relax knowing they have been taken care of.

They have also appreciated the on-line pool booking software to save queuing, like in other parks,.  in the clubhouse to book.

The on-line www.cheftou.co.uk takeaway brand, in the Old Forge Bar is developing well and the guests have commented on its user friendly ordering and convenience. This will be continued in 2021.

We have  made the guest experience as smooth and as “normal” as possible, which is all we can wish for in the current times.    This in turn, has led to an excellent retention of guests who have re-booked for 2021.

We have a good and solid grounding now already for 2021 which is reassuring and excellent news.

So what have we learnt this year ?

Well sometimes you just have to throw the “how to run a holiday park rule book” out of the window, go back to the drawing board, roll up your sleeves,  and kind of start again!

We have learnt that treating customers completely transparently, honestly and fairly pays dividends to our reputation when it came to amending or cancelling their bookings earlier in the year.

We have learnt this year that our guests, and you, have loved the  sit down restaurant table service in the Old Forge Bar, and with less covers we have seen an increase in revenue in comparison with 2019.

They have also enjoyed the additional outside seating area.

What the COVID19 pandemic has taught us is that we can  never stand still and have to adapt, learn, evolve and drive forward  to remain relevant  in our  competitive industry.

During the Winter 2020 close down the Old Forge Bar will undergo a much needed refurbishment to make the area a more appealing, relaxing and welcoming venue.     The kitchen area will be expanded and a new bar area installed and we will get the “heart” put back in the clubhouse.

We have learnt, observed  and seen the real best, and worst in human nature  this year.

The team have been subject to some of the best and most heartwarming kindness from guests and owners.    Your kindness has empowered the team to knuckle down and carry on.

Yet on the flip side they, and myself, have been subject to rudeness, aggression and verbal abuse, the likes of which none of us have ever encountered or even been on the receiving edge of before in our careers! It is so sad to report, that while in a real minority (3 or 4), some of this behaviour has been from owners which is, in anyone’s eyes completely unacceptable and absolutely will not be tolerated.

We have always promoted, and always will, healthy and constructive dialogue as we all share the same goals. We  sometimes just look at them from different viewpoints. However, we are human.  We will disagree sometimes, that is part of any friendly business relationship, but there is absolutely no need to be disagreeable.  We are always open to friendly and healthy dialogues to continuously improve and intently listen to all feedback.  We will even make the coffee, if you bring biscuits.

What we  have learnt this year that our guests are now evolving towards being more independent holiday makers, which with our product offering, is an excellent opportunity for us all moving forward.

They generally do not require, want or need  the full trappings of a “holiday park”      There has been no negative backlash from withdrawal of our entertainment programme.

They want clean, welcoming, comfortable, reasonably priced accommodation with a few low key facilities and somewhere nice to eat.   This is  what we are good  at, and we don’t need to complicate things.

With this in mind we will be slowly and carefully  phasing out the “holiday park” image and branding over the next few seasons. This will be a slow and gradual subtle marketing process to create additional brand appeal, that will not marginalize our existing and loyal client base and will  be hardly noticeable.

As the season now draws to a close, we will be closing the club house building tomorrow evening (Friday 30th October 2020) starting on our usual winter works schedule next week.

While there will be a team on site Monday – Friday, our office will not be “open” in the traditional sense and if you need us just email or call first.

If we can assist or support you in any way please do reach out anytime at reception@kenegie-manor.co.uk    We are always happy to help.

Life at Kenegie does not stop…. roll on 2021.    We can’t wait to get started !

Take care, stay safe, stay sane, keep smiling !

All the best!



From Monday 02nd November 2020
The Estate Office will be open Monday – Friday 1000 – 1500 only and will be  CLOSED for any walk in visitors  because of refurbishment works.
Because of the volume of winter works, the office will NOT be usually manned and the building will be closed  so if you wish to pop to see us then please to telephone or email in advance and book an appointment.  We would prefer telephone or zoom appointments if possible.
Please email : reception@kenegie-manor.co.uk

The club house building will close on Friday 30th October 2020 and re-open on Friday 12th February 2021.
The swimming pool will re-open on Saturday 13th February 2021.

The final owners statements of the seasons have been issued today and will land on your mat tomorrow.

Your Winter works reports will follow on shortly with a schedule of condition.   The theme for 2021 is welcoming, which ties in with our 2021 marketing approach.
What can you do to make your units more welcoming ?

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