How has the season been ?

Well that is the question we have been asked the most this year !

Where do we start ?

Nobody could have foreseen the happenings of recent times.  The past 18 months have had a profound effect on trading conditions in the UK domestic holiday park industry.

The demand for UK short-stay holidays is extremely high, and supply of accommodation has been short and staffing levels to maintain continuity of service really have been creaking at the seams this year.

This, as said earlier this season, has been throughout the supply chain.

Trading since lockdown has confidently proven the robustness of our sector and my caution earlier in the year about the “security of the order book” was unfounded on the whole. (ie guests booking, paying a deposit and then not paying their balance and going abroad as overseas holidays opened up)

Our “holiday with confidence” promise where guests have had the flexibility to make amendments to their holidays due to COVID19 related issues, has proven a reassuring tool for marketing and has maintained a high level of goodwill and positive feedback from our guests.

We have welcomed at Kenegie a whole new demographic of guests this season as the public have embraced Cornwall.

Expectations from these guests has never been higher as this was, in most occasions,  the first holiday they have had for some time so is quite understandable we want to get things right for them and they want things to be right too.

Moving forward to 2022 we have to assume that foreign travel will return to somewhat normal levels and we have to consider the sustainability of our increased trading levels.

The 2021 trading levels should be considered the exception rather than the norm, and this thought is at the forefront of our minds when considering re-investment in the companies own letting stock this Winter and facilities.

Kenegie is marketed as a quiet low-key park and this has always been our unique identifier and we must continue to re-invest to ensure a positive and personal experience for our guests.

Without investment, and with fluid (some people call it dynamic) pricing becoming ever more relevant there is a danger for operators to become greedy and the customer will not feel they have received value for money and they will not return.   Repeat business to a business model such as ours is vitally important.

It really is back to basics hospitality now.  Clean modern accommodation, good food, and friendly personal service –  we must not lose sight of this.

So what will 2022 bring ?

In short, it really is too early to say, but in these uncertain times we are genuinely excited for the next step in the development of the UK Tourism Industry and what 2022 will bring.

There may be some small bumps ahead in the road in the current world we live in –  but that’s the fun of it all isn’t it ?

Advance bookings are looking extremely healthy and guest feedback for the season, on the whole, has been positive

Our focus during the traditional booking period from Boxing Day to Easter for the company will be on re-cementing relationships with our regular guests and really taking care of them.

Next week, we will give you further information on the release of  Version 2 of I-Cat (due to release at month end) and more information on our Winter Closed period.

Stay sane, stay safe, keep smiling !


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