Important Security Update St. Ives

Important – Security Update St. Ives- December 2022

As St Ives owners you will be aware, From 1st of December 2022, until the reopening of the park in February 2023, Christina has implemented enhanced security for St Ives Holiday Village. This means the main entrance gate will be locked between the hours of 2000 until 0700. Owners, family, friends, and guests (for units with 12 months letting agreement) will be given the key code to the gate. This code is not to be revealed to anyone who is not entitled to legitimately have access and egress to the park during the lockdown hours period. Where an owner requires to use/let their unit, they must advise Christina prior to arrival by email/phone of- the dates of stay and the names of the persons who will be staying in the unit This a mandatory Health & Safety legal requirement. The site will have a security patrol in the locked period. Any unit that appears to have occupants who have not been pre-registered, will have the door knocked and they will be asked to explain why they are in that unit.  Clearly, for those owners with 12 months letting agreement, you would not want guests to be embarrassed by being challenged as to why they are there. Also, a gentle reminder to owners, the maximum single occupancy of a unit is 28 days. Therefore, it is in contravention to live in or let a unit for more than the stipulated 28 days. If any owners are found to be breaching their agreement by living in or letting their unit to guests beyond the 28-day period, John Fowler Holidays Ltd, will take the appropriate enforcement action.  As owners we must support the need for enhanced security at St Ives Holiday Village for the safety and security of those who are legitimately staying on the park during the closed season. These security arrangements will help to prevent theft, fly tipping etc.

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