Safety and cleaning requirements for guests when site reopens.


Hello !

As we wait for news from the government regarding the lifting of restrictions of staying at second holiday homes and accepting commercial paying guests, we have been busy working behind the scenes this week.

We have been planning for Summer arrivals and considering ways, as a community we can together ensure that when restrictions are lifted we can all contribute to ensure that Kenegie Manor remains a safe environment for us all.

On 22nd March 2020 I commented on my firm resolve to keep Corona virus away from Kenegie Manor for the protection of us all.

Because life may be slowly getting back to a sense of “new normal” it would be unwise to start to become complacent and I stand by that commitment still.

Many of our conversations in previous weeks have been focused on cleaning routines, checking in and out guests and social distancing procedures that we will be implementing.

Your feedback really has been invaluable, thank you. This feedback along with other professional  advice and guidance have helped us shape the way we will operate for at least the rest of the 2020 Season, some of which was laid out last week.

A key part of giving guests the confidence to book again is knowing that their accommodation has been cleaned and sanitised to a high standard and this needs to be communicated to them.

After much thought, we are proud to launch the new “KENEGIE 2020 SAFE STAY” scheme which is available to all owners free of charge. (Do feel free if you want to buy a packet of chocolate hob nobs for me though !)

The scheme is intended to promote and also showcase which owners  have agreed  to take measures to ensure the cleanliness and sanitisation of their accommodation, the safety of their domestic staff,  a safe check in process with minimal contact, and appropriate communication literature has been  left in the unit.


The Kenegie 2020 Safe Stay  scheme has been developed to focus all our minds on the additional measures we need to take that we can all promote, reassure guests and give them the confidence to visit us instead of our competition.

In return for your commitment to the “KENEGIE 2020 SAFE STAY” Scheme we will provide you with :-

a) A printed “Kenegie 2020 Safe Stay” removable sticker to place in your unit window.

b) A listing on our website  with your property address, that your property has committed  to the “Kenegie 2020 Safe Stay” Scheme to reassure your guests with the steps you have taken.  This link you can use in your own advertising literature. (we will not be putting any owners contact details)

c) A PDF of the badge you can use in all of your marketing literature (valid until 31st December 2020)

d) General advice and support on COVID19 with the information we have at hand.

The Kenegie 2020 Safe Stay scheme will not provide you with an exhaustive checklist list nor does it constitute formal advice as it is impossible to eradicate all risk.   You  should carry out your own risk assessment and identify what  additional measures that you should put in place in your unit  in order to ensure that guests are as safe as possible and any risk of infection is reduced during their stay.
We are here to help in anyway we can,  and we  hope that your commitment, and the use of the “Kenegie 2020 Safe Stay” point of sale, will aid you in getting more bookings because it will  give customers that extra  peace of mind.


If you would like to enroll to the scheme, please click on the link below for more information.

You will need to agree to adopt and implement each of the 10 Safe Stay Principles,  for every guest arrival.

Until next week,  keep sane, keep smiling !

Keeping Kenegie Manor 2020 Stay Safe for us all.

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