Owners Update – Friday 05th June 2020

Good afternoon – bit late this week.

We do hope you are keeping well and safe and have been enjoying the weather ?

In this weeks update,  we thought we would focus, not on the negativity around the current situation, but think we should now start to focus on the “next step” and the opportunities we all have being an independent holiday park.

We are as keen and as eager as you all are to return to a certain level of normality,  and strongly promote Kenegie Manor and positive responsible Cornwall tourism.

Our position has been made clearly in previous updates, together with legislation passed to prevent tourism and traveling and staying at second holiday homes at the present time.

These restrictions are still in place.

Your unwavering support as leaseholders with this, and  to prevent the spread of COVID19, has been really appreciated, thank you.

One of the major discussions holiday park operators are having is when does it become acceptable and more importantly effective to once again market actively to consumers.

We have seen other holiday park operators, rather than just take an “informational approach”, taking very early steps to tentatively market in April and early May.  This in most cases has led to poor performance, sometime harsh consumer criticism, abandonment from email databases and no real ROI.

As you are aware of by now,  our positive voice and developed brand (the the benefit of all) is fiercely protected and all external literature is carefully and meticulously considered.

We feel the time is nearly right now to start to slowly put our  message out there, however we would be foolish to believe that a booking avalanche will come when the candy shop is not even open yet !

According to the government road map laid out, being a holiday accommodation provider, we fall into phase three of re-opening.

At the moment the government are indicating a relaxation of the current restrictions in early July 2020.

We have been informed that the government will give further guidance in about two weeks and we  will, of course, update as soon as we can.

We are waiting for the following questions to be answered  1) when can we open    and 2) when can 2nd home owners visit and stay.  This will give a clear and firm guidance to us all.

With this in mind, and with an abundance of caution, we are starting to make  plans to reopen on Saturday 04th July 2020. 

However, we must remain fluid, realistic and the 2020 yield,  and  ready and able to react immediately to the ongoing situation.

Throughout this pandemic, we have tried our  hardest to keep you all informed and as updated as we are able to.  We have also tried to keep the tone as light as we can by keeping you up to date with how we are looking after things in your absence.

We apologize if sometimes information is either lacking or in short supply as sometimes we simply do not know concrete answers.

As owners, we are sure you will have lots of  re-opening questions for us to answer.

Once we are given the green light we will swiftly issue to all owners our  “POST COVID19 2020 Operations” document. (This is still in progress)  It will provide you with the Estates framework of operation when we re-open for your reference and for communication to your guests.

It will almost certainly answer nearly all the questions you have.

For the rest of the 2020 the operation of Kenegie Manor will be somewhat different – but safe.

We are ready !

Until next week, stay safe, stay sane, keep smiling

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