Kenegie Manor – Re: Cleaning Requirements following reopening.


Owners Weekly Update – Thursday 11th June 2020

Good afternoon,

How are you ?  Firstly I would like to thank you for your patience and support since March, which I am sure you will all agree seems a lifetime ago now doesn’t it.?

One focus over the forthcoming months after re-opening, will be  working hard on the sales revenue performance of each unit that we manage.

We  will do all  we can to support the swift recovery of revenue and bookings for all owners, not just the owners on the letting scheme by offering as much guidance and support free of charge as I am able.

One observation is that a lot of owners have now blocked out their units on the letting scheme during peak season for their own extended use. (This is absolutely fine with us,  we are looking forward to seeing you !)  However, one must bear in mind that  this will, of course have an impact on your net year end results.

Demand is getting stronger by the day, (still not a tidal wave and steering more towards September and October breaks this week)

After we re-open, because of the uncertainly surrounding the market we will also do our best to share insight into trading trends and the general tone of guests.

This week out on Park we have finished the first wave of social distancing signage and have  been clearing up the front gate area on the right as you drive in.

We have also taken delivery of some more bedding plants to give some instant colour.  Rain has somewhat stopped play today.

As we continue to softly prepare for opening with “an abundance of caution” we are of course guided by the government, and this advice should become clear shortly.

As said last week once, we have this confirmation we will write immediately with our framework for opening but share this week with you some plans by way of  Q & A’s.

This information is fluid, and in a changing world , is subject to change but hopefully it helps give an idea of how we have risen to the challenge of delivering safe and consistent services in an ever changing landscape.

I hope next week to have more definitive news.

Stay safe, stay sane, keep smiling !



Q: When are you  planning on re-opening ?
A: We are waiting on the green light from the government but indications are for 04th July 2020 but we will react immediately according to firm information received by HM Government. We have no information whether the staying overnight at 2nd holiday homes at this stage will be permitted before 04th July 2020.

Q: How are you cleaning units ?
A: All the cleaning team and housekeeping will be issued with and wearing appropriate PPE of gloves, masks etc.

All company owned letting stock and units on the letting scheme or company managed cleaning scheme will be cleaned and disinfected using anti-viral hospital grade disinfectants.

Furthermore they will be additionally “fogged” using the latest anti-viral misting technology and products.

After “fogging” the door will then be sealed with an anti tamper security seal to ensure, reassure and inform guests (and owners) that no-one has been in the property since it was cleaned.

We would recommend that all owners thoroughly review and document their own uplifted cleaning routine that can be evidenced if need be.

Q: I am on the letting scheme and I have booked the unit for myself/family/commercially?
A: Please inform your guest or friends  that the unit will have a tamper evident security seal on the door and if the unit is not sealed then the uplifted cleaning procedure has not been completed and we would not recommend entering the unit.

Please just telephone or visit reception.   Hope this makes sense ?

Q:   What about check in and check out time ?
A:  Enhanced cleaning and high grade contact cleaning products will take additional time.

We have changed our check in time from 4pm to 5pm and check out time from 10am to 9am to give the company additional time to deliver units safely so the cleaning team is not put under pressure to cut corners. This applies to all cleans.

Q: I need reassurance?
A: Yes, we completely understand that.

As said before the health and safety of us all overrides all other business objectives.  We have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic to keep Kenegie Manor safe and secure for us all, and have consistently looked after things as best as we are able.

Moving forward we will continue to take a firm and uncompromising view towards safety.

As a site, we are a low density development so it is very easy to socially distance and mitigate risk using mainly common sense, but everyone needs to work together.

We will be issuing additional literature and information on check in about our uplifted cleaning practices. We have also placed additional signage around the park to encourage social distancing, and regular hand washing together with sanitizes.   Regular reminders, information and education will be the key.

Q: What about guest check in?
A: It is vital to keep that human interaction as much as is safely possible and we will be offering a contactless check in, in a socially distanced environment.

All keys will  be sanitized and sealed in a plastic envelope and the reception office has been rearranged with plastic safety screening.

Q:What about reception?
A: We will be encouraging guests and owners  to telephone the office rather than visit in the first instance.

If maintenance or housekeeping need to visit then the guests will be required to leave the property and PPE will be worn.

At the present time the office is open 1000 – 1600 Monday – Friday.  When we re-open we will be back to 7 days opening.

Q: What about the outdoor facilities ?
A: The Tennis Courts, Putting Green and all outdoor facilities will remain open and sanitized equipment can be borrowed from the reception building.

Q: What about the Old Forge Bar?
A:  The Old Forge Bar when allowed to legally re-open will still remain closed for the time being as we consider, with the current social distancing guidance that we are not confident that we can operate in a COVID19 secure way or be profitable.  This will be subject to continual review.

However, we will be offering  a full takeaway service which will be bookable (and payable) on-line and have re-branded the takeaway to “Chef To You”

We will be offering excellent quality takeaway food and bottled alcoholic drinks that will delivered to all guests doors.

Please do support it, get your guests to support it,  as the Old Forge Bar employs 3 staff members ! (Further information to follow)

Q: What about the indoor pool ?
A: When we are allowed to open, we all need to feel reassured that we can exercise safely and in a secure environment.  The following will apply:-
i)     The Swimming Pool capacity will be strictly reduced from 24 to 10.
ii)     The changing rooms will remain closed and guests will need to arrive “beach ready”
iii)     The Sauna and Hot Tub will remain closed.
iv)     All guests, leaseholders, owners, staff will need to book a timed swimming slot online so                        occupancy can be safely and fairly managed.
Pool passes will also need to be purchased or shown.
v)      Swimming slots can only be booked from 8am on the day of use only and ONLY ONLINE.
vi)     We have also turned to technology and have a state of  the art Hikvision Access terminal which              is integrated with airport style fever screening technology and can quickly scan guests as they                enter our leisure area – and will refuse those who are indicated to  have a temperature, and                      therefore may be displaying potential Covid-19 symptoms.
More information can be found on: – the link is not                    finished yet.

Q: Where do my guests get Pool Passes from ?
A:  Just visit reception in the normal manner and they will be issued with passes in the normal way and given information on how to book time slots online – easy ! The cost of the additional software and Access Control to make the Pool COVID19 secure has not been passed onto guests or owners in lieu of the hot tub and sauna being closed for the time being.

Q: I am an owner or staff member do I need to book a timepass ?
A: Yes,  the pass system is about being fair to all.  Think of it as a Disney FastPass !

I have a question ?    Please click here to email us.

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