Disruptive behaviour by visitors and some owners has forced Kengie to withdraw from the “Eat Out to Help OUt” government scheme. The swimming pool facilities are also likely to be withfrawn due to anti- social behaviour.

Full details below.



Owners Update COVID19 – Saturday 22nd August 2020

We hope that you are well ?

I am writing with an update on the ongoing use of the building facilities (Swimming Pool/Old Forge Bar and Shop) at Kenegie Manor.

As said many times before the health, safety and welfare of us all overrides all other business activities and sometimes hard decisions need to be made.

As you are aware the company, to support holidaymakers, enrolled in the HMRC Eat out to Help out Scheme during August so guests and owners could take advantage of 50% off our excellent menu.

This has led to an increase in demand, but has led to unacceptable aggression and behavior this week from both holidaymakers and even some owners !

People have been ordering large meals, not been willing to wait for food, people have been rude to my team when the tables have not been available and not respecting social distancing or capacity levels in the bar area.

Our team are so loyal to Kenegie and really to care deeply  about all of our guests and you all.

Kenegie is a well oiled machine, and I think sometimes that is the problem. they are not machines, they are people !  They are human beings that work bloody hard every day to take care of things so our holidaymakers can enjoy their holidays and you can enjoy your second holiday home.

They have worked additionally hard this year with new procedures and to put up with the abuse I have seen on CCTV footage this week is  completely unacceptable.

I have made the decision to withdraw immediately from the HMRC Eat out to help out Scheme.

Moving on,  all of the heightened safety measures are for the benefit of us all so I would ask again that ALL VISITORS TO THE ESTATE REPORT TO RECEPTION FOR A SAFETY BRIEF ON ARRIVAl.

Thank you so much to the owners that have made the effort to let your holidaymakers know!

On Saturday 15th August 2020 and Monday 17th August 2020 we have noticed a distinct apathy setting in towards COVID19 and I need your immediate help, support and understanding  to turn this around please.

COVID19 has not gone away.   It is still there and if it rocks up on site it will spoil our afternoon !

With this in mind, I will carefully monitor the situation over this weekend and early next week and if the community does not appear to be acting responsibility, with kindness and mutual respect towards us all , I will make the decision to close all facilities on site and just operate for accommodation only for the rest of the season as I will not be able to declare the facilities COVID19 secure – a commitment to you all I take extremely seriously.

Your support through this pandemic has been unwavering, thank you so much.

We have a great team here, we are asking you to look after us now please.

Have a great weekend.

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