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owners update – covid19

open saturday 04th july 2020


Owners Update – Tuesday 23rd June 2020 


Good afternoon,

We do hope that you are well ?    Further to HM Governments announcement today we are delighted that we have been given the green light to re-open Kenegie Manor on Saturday 04th July 2020.

It certainly has been a journey hasn’t it, but we enter the Summer now with a new and cautious optimism.

As said before we were waiting on clarification and instruction on several questions that are crucial to us most of  which have been answered today.

1)  When can I accept commercial paying guests ?
A.   You can accept commercial paying guests from Saturday 04th July 2020 and the letting scheme will accept guests for arrivals from Saturday 04th July 2020 and all units will be delivered to Kenegie safe stay standards and sealed.

2) What about second holiday home owners ?
A.  Come on down,  just from 04th July 2020 please !  (If you are on the letting scheme, please book in advance so we can ensure the unit is delivered to Kenegie safe stay standards for your arrival.)

3) What about the Swimming Pool ?
A.   The Swimming Pool, Hot Tub and Sauna will remain closed for the time being. Our apologies. Outside facilities will be open.

4)  What about the Old Forge Bar ?
A.    The Old Forge Bar will open on Monday 06th July 2020. Social distancing measures have been relaxed from 04th July 2020   “When 2m not possible, 1m + should be observed”   We will confirm later in the week the format of opening.

5)  What about social distancing on park ?
A:  The government were clear in their advice today. “When 2m not possible, 1m + should be observed” Therefore all 2m signage will remain.

I will be in touch later in the week with the usual Friday update.

If you have a question please do email us here.  and we will be delighted to help in any way we can.

Speak soon.  I think a decent coffee is in order now.

Take care, keep safe, keep smiling.


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