Kenegie Manor

Kenegie Manor – Update

Following on from the Newsletter Spring 2023 further information has now been received with regards to external painting of Old Court.

Kenegie management have confirmed the bases of Old Court and Park Bungalows were painted last year 2022. External woodwork such as facias and soffits were last painted in 2019 and will be repainted later this year and finished next year 2024.

EV Charger

The charger has not yet been purchased but owners will be informed as to its progress.

Increase costs

This year costs have risen considerably with ground rent and maintenance charges increasing by over 13% and Vat now being charged again at 20% some owners maybe financially stretched to cover the costs. If any owner does experience difficulty then please contact Ed Newbold who has promised CMOA to help owners in offsetting the costs to fit in with their own circumstances. Any detailing will be kept confidential.

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