We are sure that you are aware by now that the country has been placed on “lockdown” for a further three weeks which we believe is absolutely the correct thing to do, however frustrating it may seem today.

Yes, today may seem hard  but tomorrow will come and we are still doing everything we can to look after our guests, stay in regular communication (as promised, even if there is not a lot of news!) with you, and also ensure the smooth and continual running of Estate services.

On a more positive note we have been busy this week  continuing with painting patio white lines. Andy omitted to inform us that line paint has a distinct smell !

Christine was having a whale of a time which turned into a lovely socially distanced little tea and chocolate hob nob break on the lawn area behind Park 2 – 20 !    What a beautiful area ! It is actually not often that we get chance to just stop and realise how lucky we are.  More lines to be painted next week in between general management work.

Andy has been moving the brand new (unsmelly !) Zero to Landfill bins into place around the park ready for re-opening. The old Biffa ones are now in the car park and locked ready for collection.

He has also measured up for the Polytunnel (42ft x 14ft)  which has now been ordered for delivery mid to late May.     We have also ordered more Mccaddum Cold lay so we can continue with road repairs.

On the grounds, we have been reclaiming a large area by heavy  cutting back up the driveway and spending time around the Manor house this week in between other general duties.

There have also been several birthdays this week with the furloughed staff members so we have been making silly “birthday greeting videos” for them and sending them so they know we are thinking of them.

In the office this week, we have been busy amending guest bookings and staying in regular contact with all of  them.   We also received numerous Easter pictures from owners, thank you so much !

It is highly likely that we will be closed after 07th May 2020 and we will let you know as soon as we can on this.

Some owners have asked questions regarding potential  cover for pandemics with their insurers.

As an appointed representative, regulated by the FCA we are limited to the actual advice we can give and it is too early to confirm any quantum of losses.

However, please rest assured that if you are on the letting scheme we have been  doing everything we can to mitigate this for you. (We really want to retain our letting commission!)

If you have insured via Gallagher’s then please email them  at  if you consider that any losses you have are due to an insurable risk.    We can not claim for you.

While we can not give specific advice on the merits of claims, or otherwise, we will, or course, assist if you require documentation, but only once we are re-open and quantum is apparent and this is requested in writing by your insurer.

We are also as said before, considering opening during this Winter only, if feasible,  and will refer back when I have further news on this.   Have you thought about Winter in Cornwall ?  It really is beautiful.

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