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Owners Update – Friday 25th September 2020

Hello !

You have probably seen on the news and in papers this week that all people living in England and Wales are being urged to download the governments official NHS contact tracing app which was fully released yesterday.

The app features a “check-in” scanner and allows users to keep a diary of the locations they have visited and will alert them if there is a COVID19 outbreak that is link to their visit.

It will also warn us if there has been any positive cases of COVID-19 that has arisen.

In line with this, the government has issued guidance that all venues , including “hospitality” venues in England and Wales are legally obliged to display an NHS QR poster that guests can scan. Our understanding is that this obligation DOES apply to self-catering accommodation.

What does this mean for accommodation at Kenegie Manor ?

On the letting scheme, we capture all details of the lead party passenger at the time of booking to satisfy track and trace requirements but a QR code poster will be display in the reception office if guests furthermore wish to scan using the track and trace app and fulfil our legal obligation.

For guests not on the letting scheme, it is the leaseholders responsibility to capture contact details of the guests staying with you and these records are to be kept for a period of 21days after the guests departure and disclosed to public health England if required to do so.

It is our understanding (after lots of coffee/hob nob) that only one QR poster is required per postcode for the entire accommodation on site.  On our opinion we satisfy track and trace requirements by us all working together and each leaseholder keeping records of visitors which can be disclosed to public health England if needs be. Guests also have the option to scan using the QR poster in reception if they wish to.

If however you wish to be emailed a copy of the QR code poster for your unit please click here and we will email you a PDF copy for you to print.

What about the pool/bar and clubhouse ?

From Thursday 24th September 2020 we will display separate QR scanning codes for the pool and bar areas.

All guests or visitors to the pool or bar will either need to scan the QR code upon entry or leave contact details of their visit with the staff member on duty.

This is so should an outbreak occur we can support each other in isolating which part of the business is affected,  and react accordingly with the support of public health England.

The Bar will close at 10pm each night.

The government guidance on the handling and control of COVID19 transmission is rapidly evolving and we will always do our best to keep you as up to date as possible and try to communicate as best as we can,  however the contents of any updates is not formal legal advice and may not be relevant to your circumstances.

In other news…..

The leaves certainly have started to drop in abundance this week, so please do take care around park !

The Old Forge Bar food is delicious this year !

If you are on the letting scheme, your owners statements for your July and August letting  income will be issued on 30th September 2020, as usual.

We will be starting to focus on the 2021 letting programme shortly so if you wish to be considered for the 2021 letting scheme  please do let us know by Friday 02nd October 2020.

The cat is fine.

All the best.  Keep safe, stay sane and keep smiling.

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