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We hope that you have had a good week and are keeping safe and well ?

Further to my email of last week we thought we would take a few minutes to share with you some of the different and very interesting trends we are seeing in the holiday booking marketplace this year since our usual post boxing day push.   This year we have had to be very careful with the correct tone and message which promotes above all safe holiday making and complete flexibility.

We still have several more weeks of long dark evenings so we have been pushing warm beach and independent adventure themes.   However with the endless negative news reports every time you switch on the television , it is only too easy to feel a little bleak about what is to come and slip down the rabbit hole isn’t it !

So far this has been far from a traditional January trading month.   However we are reassured that the downturn in demand and consumer confidence is not as severe as experienced in March/April 2020.

We are also encouraged by our extremely successful book your 2021 holiday before you leave campaign that all the team pushed so heavily last season.


Looking at our website for booking data and searches over the past 14 days shows us that booking and considering a UK holiday is very much on our customers minds.

We have seen  significant search  demand is present for each of the peak periods including Easter 2021 and May Half Term.  Obviously it comes as no surprise too observe  that the commitment to actually book a holiday at Easter and in March  does remain low.   This is because of the uncertainty on when the current travel restrictions in place across the UK will be lifted.

As last year we expect a significant uplift in last minute bookings as soon as the government announces it is safe to travel for leisure purposes.  This will become an immediate focus as soon as the time is right.

At the present time there is a lot more booking activity for holidays post Easter, Half Term and Peak Summer dates bookings are improving on a daily basis.

Traditionally we would have seen January sales in place to drive bookings for Summer, but what is great to see is that customers are willing to book their break now without major and aggressive discounting.    This will enable us to protect yield as best as we possibly can for the holidays that do go ahead in 2021.

We continue to invest in our ongoing marketing activity across a range of media.  Our digital 2021 Brochure has been very well received with our low deposit and holiday with confidence message.


As usual we also continue to invest in PPC and  targeted social media adverts  will also continue throughout January focusing on the low deposit and holiday with confidence messaging to drive web traffic  in 2021 with a slant on key arrival dates.We hope that you find this little missive useful and interesting ?

Please do feel free to reach out at any time.

Anyway have a great weekend,  stay safe, stay sane and keep smiling !

Please take care!


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