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The long awaited booking portal is on the horizon as Kenegie is about to lauch a knowledge based website, similar to the one already in use by CMOA, which will contain a forum and a section for owners bookings.

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Hello !

We hope that you are keeping safe and well ?   What a freezing week this week, we even had a little bit of snow too!  We are sure you , like us are waiting with baited breath for the government announcement on Monday week with a full update on the ongoing pandemic and what it means to the lifting of the current restrictions.  We will, of course communicate with you as quickly as we are able with what it means for us all.

This week we want to share with you news on the Leave a Memory picture which will be hung in the Old Forge Bar and to tell you about I-Cat, our new platform for owners.

Leave a memory at Kenegie Manor
We were so overwhelmed with the response from everyone and the campaign was really taken to heart and cemented the fondness we all have for West Cornwall and Kenegie.

We received nearly 1400 photographs and they have now been sorted and inserted in a large 120cm x 90cm permanent picture that will be hung in the newly refurbished Old Forge Bar.

Please do pop in and have a drink and a look when you are on-site next and we are open!  If you didn’t get round to submitting pictures don’t worry there will be lots of other opportunities.

So what on earth is I-Cat ?
Behind the scenes we have been busy finalising and creating content for the launch of a new, exclusive to owners, platform based software to share knowledge and the most up to date information with you and allow the collective community to share this and get involved.

We have decided to call this platform I-Cat!

As an Estate we believe that good communication and easy access to information and answers to commonly asked questions is vital.

We have therefore  developed a forum and information based platform which all leaseholders at Kenegie Manor will have password protected access to so they can access this content , get involved with discussions, socialize and make virtual (and sometimes even real !) friends with other owners! Holiday Home ownership should be fun and social.

And it is now nearly finished !

What will I-Cat feature ?

* Password protected access by invitation which will be emailed to you.

* Forum based area to share knowledge and ask questions in a fun and friendly environment       that can answered by management, staff, other owners or the I-Cat.

* A 100 000+ word (yes it has taken a bloody long time to compile  !) knowledge base that is purely relevant to Kenegie ownership.  It features  a keyword search for the most common questions of holiday home ownership and areas you as an owner  would probably wish to get information on.

By getting involved with I-Cat and interacting regularly with the I-Cat this  knowledge base will grow and evolve and become better and more accurate with time. Think of the launch of I-Cat in all areas as a baby kitten at the moment that will grow up with some love , nurture and care.

I-Cat has  all the latest pool times, downloadable copies of old Owners magazines, club house opening times, Menus, COVID19 information, general grounds information.

It also has lots of features and articles from pets in units and legionella education  to rubbish left and fly tipped around the Estate. It also features copyright free images and all the marketing information the company uses which can be used totally free of charge. And lots lots more !

* An area for Letting Scheme Owners with an I-Cal feed link so you can see when your unit is booked – live. (Information on how to download this I-Cal feed will be on I-Cat when you receive your password)

* A private password protected area for Manor House Owners with service charge details and “round robin” anonymous voting poll software for any manor house discussions and owner decisions. It will also feature ongoing maintenance programmes for the Manor.

* A general questions and answers area that you can “ask the I-Cat” and other owners and staff for help.

What are the limitations of I-Cat ?
I-Cat is a young and very junior platform and will evolve and only grow and become better and stronger if you get involved with it.     It is a little clunky at the moment and the I-Cal widget (owners on lettings) only shows (limitations of software) when your unit is booked but we believe this is an excellent start !

So what do I need to do ?
Nothing ! You will shortly (in the next week or so) a private email from the I-Cat welcoming you to the platform with your link to log in.  Please however do reach out if there is any content you  particularly want featured and if we can assist we will.  What do you think ?

Is it easy to use?
Yes – absolutely, if you can type an email you can use the I-Cat !

Well, that is about all from the coalface this week.  We will be in touch soon with your email invitation to I-Cat and please stay safe, stay sane, and keep smiling !

Until next week.

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