St. Ives – Owners using online agents for guest bookings – Important Information

Important information for owners using Airbnb and etc.

I have been informed by Christina JFH manager at St Ives Holiday Village, they are increasingly encountering problems/issues with owners who let their units privately through Airbnb and Obviously, with DPR I am unable to establish whether the owners are member of the CMOA. However, Christina has asked me to make members aware by raising on the CMOA website, the type off problems/issues that are arising. I have therefore, set out below specific details of the problems/issues JFH staff are encountering.

  • Cleaning & Servicing of Units

In the last few weeks on four separate occasions, incoming guests have arrived and found the unit has not been cleaned or serviced, prior to their arrival. One horrendous incident was where a lady with a young baby, late at night knocked on the door of Christina’s private accommodation to ask for help in getting the unit cleaned. Christina went with her to the unit and was shocked to find the unit was in a mess and there were blood stains on the sheets from the previous guests. As it was late at night, Christina did not have any staff on site and as the site was full had to arrange hotel accommodation for the guests. Several guests who have encountered the same issue with cleaning have gone to reception and been abusive to JFH staff. I am sure you will agree that these types of incidents are not acceptable as guests have paid good money and often travelled long distances for their holiday. Also, owners should not have to rely on the goodwill of JFH staff to put right problems/issues that are theirs and are avoidable.

  • Entertainment/Facilities Passes

There is an ongoing problem with owners’ guests who have not booked through the JFH letting scheme, whereby, they have not been advised they would have to purchase Entertainment/Facilities Passes, as they have not been included in the price of the holiday. This is giving rise to anger from guests and distress for staff at reception. Therefore, if this applies to any CMOA members who do not let through the JFH, would you please ensure that your directly booked guests are advised that they will be required to purchase Entertainment/Facilities Passes from JFH.

  • Security Charges

Instances are occurring with owners’ direct guests not being aware of the small print which states they must pay a refundable Security Charge of £300, before the key code to access the owner’s unit is provided to guests. Again, this is causing anger with guests, leading to confrontation and embarrassment for JFH staff, with something that is not of their making.

  • Location of Units

Occasionally direct guests are unaware of the location of the unit they have booked directly with owners and spend time searching for the unit and in frustration, end up at reception feeling annoyed and taking that out on JFH staff. Perhaps owners who do direct bookings with keycode entry for guests, could provide such guests with the trail to the unit?


In summary although these instances are still relatively few, I am sure as owners we can agree that one is one too many. Therefore, if any of us as CMOA members have been affected by these problems, could you please ensure for the sake of our direct guests, JFH management and staff and our own peace of mind do everything possible to ensure these problems/issues are eliminated in the future.


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