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Cornish Manor Owners’ Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Sunday 12th November 2017 Perran View, Cornwall

Present           Liz Ashenden      Chairman

                       David Lappin       Secretary

Arthur Saunders     Treasurer

Site Representatives:   Ted Hand, Christopher Nell, Nick Muller Christopher Mitchell

 Attendance     46 Members

Apologies        84

Madam Chairman opened the meeting at 12 noon and thanked all for attending.


 Madam Chairman asked the meeting to approve the Minutes of the Spring meeting held on 19th March 2017. John Bennett proposed the approval and was seconded by Christopher Nell.

 The Secretary commented that it was pleasing that more members had responded to say they couldn’t make the meeting, but it was very disappointing that only 46 had turned up against 70 who confirmed their attendance.

 Matters Arising


 As reported at the spring meeting the installation of a park wide Wi-Fi distribution system is now underway at JFH Sandy Glades Holiday Park and will be rolled out to other sites over a period of time. Dates are not yet available for St. Ives, Perran View or Tolroy.

The Wi-Fi system for Kenegie has been delayed by Openreach. The work was commissioned to be up and running during May 2017, but has not yet been completed even though the fibre optic cable is on the perimeter of the site. Kenegie management are confident this work will be completed and ready for the new season. A private internet provider will operate the system on behalf of MJL. Owners will be provided with details when the system goes live.

Pet Income

The Secretary was unable to confirm at the AGM that JFH owners who allow pets would receive a statement of income received. Post AGM this has now been confirmed and owners will receive the relevant statement. The Secretary will now make a similar request for owners allowing pets on Kenegie.

Welcome to our Holiday Home

 There is now a revised version of the visitor notice informing guests they are using privately owned accommodation for their stay. The one in circulation gives the impression the accommodation is owned by JFH. The new version should have reprinted and distributed to Perran, Tolroy and St. Ives during the summer. The Secretary will recheck with JFH.


 Madam Chairman informed the meeting of the discussions taken place with Martyn Fowler seeking clarity of the existing system. It is clear a lot of owners do not understand the mechanics and reason for its existence and as such there is high level of dissatisfaction. Members who have become owners during the last 10 years have not been given a clear explanation by JFH staff. This has now been recognised and being addressed. It is intended to revise the accounting system during next year, in order to have a new system in place for 2019 season. CMOA will keep members informed of the proposed changes when they become available. The present system will remain for 2018 season.

 Chairman’s Report

Madam Chairman opened her address by reminding members of the behind the scenes work that takes place before the AGM with meetings held with all managers to get their feedback.

Madam Chairman pointed out that some of the parks had not enjoyed good visitor satisfaction over the years and their views were reflected on the likes of Tripadvisor. Thanks to everyone’s efforts the picture is positively changing, as this year Perran has achieved a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence and also a Silver David Bellamy environmental award. Tolroy has achieved a Gold David Bellamy award.

The emphasis was then changed to Madam Chairman’s pet subject of “Communication.and the effectiveness of CMOA”. The association was formed to represent the interests of all private owners and can only function with the help of volunteer members to represent other members on their site. Only by collective membership and speaking with one voice can the association achieve positive changes for all.

Please refer to Chairman’s report.

 Treasurer’s Report

 Annual Accounts for the Year Ended 31st March 2017

 The accounts show a loss for the year of £395.00. This is due to the payment of the second instalment of the cost of upgrading the CMOA website: a cost of £660.00. Without this cost

the accounts would have shown a profit of £265.00 and therefore the committee see no reason for a change in the annual subscription costs.

The current bank balances are as follows:

National Westminster                        £ 1,565.00

Britannia Building Society                   £18,350.00

Total                                               £19,915.00

The Treasurer then asked if there were any questions with regard to the accounts and advised that there are still some members who have not yet paid for the current year and was happy to accept payments after the meeting if anyone would like to pay today. If you are paying by bank transfer, please make certain that your name and membership number are clearly shown so that you can be sent your receipt and window sticker. The Treasurer has received one payment in March for the current year paid by Bank Transfer that he is unable to trace back to a member because of the lack of details. If you think this might be you please can you contact him direct.

The Treasurer then passed on his thanks to Mike O’Neill for his help in checking and verifying the accounts of the Association for the past year.

Accounts for 2017 attached.

Election of Officers

As required by the CMOA constitution, all committee members are required to stand down at the AGM and can if they wish stand for re-election.

Madam Chairman then began the election procedure and handed over to the Secretary to call for any nominations. As none were forthcoming Liz Ashenden was duly re-elected by acclaim as Chairman. The procedure was repeated for the other officers of CMOA and Madam Chairmancalledfora show of handsto re-elect officers willing to continue. This was duly done and the officers were re-elected by acclaim.

The meeting was then advised that all existing site representatives with the exception of Jean Tolchard who is retiring as Vice Chairman and Tolroy Rep and Joy Polglase and Hazel Jones who are standing down as Kenegie Reps, were willing to serve on the committee. Madam Chairman called for volunteers for a Vice Chairman and representatives for Kenegie Manor, Tolroy Manor and Perran View to ensure the sites were represented at the Swindon meeting.

Unfortunately there was no one present who was willing to volunteer. Madam Chairman asked the Secretary to issue a request for members to step forward and volunteer through the Minutes of the AGM.

Committee 2017/18

Chairman                                 Elizabeth Ashenden

Vice Chairman                           VACANT

Secretary                                 David Lappin

Treasurer                                 Arthur Saunders

Site Representatives

Kenegie                                   Kay O‘Neill

Perran                                      Judith Hasell and Nick Muller

Tolroy                                      Christopher Nell

St. Ives                                    Ted Hand, Jules Emery and Christopher Mitchell

Madam Chairman thanked those who had served on the committee and a special thanks to Jean Tolchard who has been a stalwart of CMOA. First as Chairman and then Vice -Chairman and looks forward to her continued support.

List of Committee 2017/18 attached

Letting Income JFH/MJL 

The Secretary reported in the Spring Minutes that Bookings were up by about 15% and this has now come through as increased revenue for the year. The gross income for each owner letting through the scheme has enjoyed an increase on 2016.

Perran              0.50%

St. Ives            10.78%

Tolroy              22.00%

Kenegie           15.40%

Fire & Safety

Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Towers earlier this year the Secretary took the opportunity to remind all owners about the Fire and Safety measures they need to provide when having paying guests. It is highly likely the legislation will be tightened and widened once all of the enquiries into the fire have been completed.

It is a legal requirement to provide fire safety for anybody staying in rented accommodation, holiday let etc. Members who let through the letting scheme should be aware of the requirements, but given that less than half of all private owners do so, they may not be aware and not only do they put their guests at risk, but also themselves and they may leave themselves open to prosecution in the event of a fire.

Members who only use their holiday home for family and friends are also advised to comply and provide that extra peace of mind for your guests and yourself

What is required?


  • Smoke detectors in each bedroom and lounge
  • Heat detector in kitchen
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire exit door with thumb turn lock or equivalent – no keys




  • Smoke and Heat detectors must be hard wired and interconnected.
  • Emergency lighting to be maintained for 3 hours in the event of power loss


Testing and maintenance


  • Smoke and Heat detectors to be fully tested annually and a record kept.
  • Emergency lighting tested annually and a record kept.
  • A qualified electrician is recommended to carry out the test and provide a test

certificate for your records.



Smoke and Heat detectors, although powered from the mains also have a battery back-up. The batteries do have a shelf life and therefore should be replaced at least every 2 years or earlier.

Regular testing

It is recommended to check the detectors on a regular basis by activating them. At the same check to ensure the vent holes are clear and not taped over. There have been reports of guests wishing to smoke indoors taping over the vent holes.

Further Information.

The Government has produced a booklet entitled “ Do you have paying Guests” This can be accessed by going to or contact the Secretary for further information.

Electronic subscription payments

During the past couple of years alternative payment methods have been introduced to enable easier renewal of annual subscriptions. The biggest problem the Treasurer encounters is getting the subscriptions on the 1st April each year or as near to it as possible. Some members wait until they receive a reminder, which of course costs the association’s members more money and the Treasurer more volunteer time. Other members pay at the end of the financial year only to receive a new renewal request for the current year.

CMOA request that all members renew subscriptions at the same time i.e. 1st April each year. Doing so will enable the association to meet its financial commitments – Spring meeting, Insurance, Website costs etc.

Payment methods


  • Online Banking
  • Bank Standing Order
  • PayPal
  • Cheque

Whatever method is chosen please ensure the payment date is the 1st April.

Cheque Payment

Cheques as a method of payment is disappearing fast as contactless cards, and debit/credit cards are taking over which is why CMOA now has an online PayPal system for members and new recruits.

New Recruits

To make it easier and simpler for a new member to join a separate PayPal system is available on the CMOA website. The Secretary provided a live online demonstration for those present at the AGM and informed members that since its introduction in April virtually all new members have taken advantage of it.

The Secretary will provide further information with the Spring meeting notice.

Staycation Cornwall

Ted Hand, St. Ives rep entertained the meeting with an excellent and informative talk about Cornwall and its attraction for visitors.

Visitors to Cornwall


  • Cornwall has been consistently voted one of Britain’s top tourist destinations
  • 2004 – 5.0 million staying visitors : 15 million day visitors generating £1.6bn
  • 2014 – 4.3million staying visitors : 14.7m day visitors generating £2.6bn*
  • 2016 – 5.0 million+ staying visitors:15 million+ day visitors*
  • 2017 – expected to be even better

*Figures are estimated: Source Cornwall Tourism

 Attraction of Cornwall


  • Amazing beaches and coastline
  • A wonderful place for families
  • Cheaper than expensive theme park holidays abroad
  • Dogs welcome
  • Stunning National Trust properties, over 5 million visitors in 2016

(St Michaels Mount etc.)

  • Surfers paradise
  • Poldark (created awareness)
  • Hassle free no long check-ins at airports and security clearances etc.



  • Volatile weather (next shelter Empire State Building)
  • Length of journey times and traffic jams (M5 & A30)
  • Parking (difficult and expensive)
  • Seagulls (give resorts a bad name)



  • Cornwall holidays enjoying a renaissance and good times again
  • John Fowler Holidays Ltd & McKinnon Jardine Leisure


  • Excellent locations
  • Improving sites
  • Improving accommodation
  • Improving reputation

 Us the Owners

Strengths                                                        Weaknesses

Excellent properties                                        Live remotely

Fully inclusive charging                                  Unable to monitor your property

Our CMOA                                                     Relying on others

Unclean windows

Park facilities



Opportunities                                    Threats

Welcome pets                                                  Servicing not up to standards

Set up a CMOA standards-                            Decreasing margins

monitoring system                                           TripAdvisor negative feedback

Encourage guest-positive                               Our CMOA

TripAdvisor feedback


Ted concluded his talk by reminding all of the importance of CMOA and member participation. As an association working together we can turn weaknesses and threats into strengths and opportunities and continue to enjoy the good times.

Side Meetings

Perran View – Nick Muller – Please refer to report attached

Nick Muller reported back on behalf of Perran owners and stated they were very happy with the good work being undertaken by Matt and his staff.

Matt kindly chaired the Q & A session

The programme for cladding the front façade is underway. JFH owned properties will be completed first to iron out any bugs with the installation and product. So far up to 60% of owners have agreed to the work. For owners who let through the scheme the cost will be debited to their account in the usual way and offset against credits accrued during the letting season. This is contrary to the site report.

Car Park

At long last the car park is going to be re-surfaced. Due to the capital cost it will be completed in stages. The first area is in front of the Tennis Court and main entrance. The work is being professionally undertaken and parking bays clearly marked.

Main building

Matt and his team are giving the bar and entertainment area a well needed face lift. Plans are being drawn up to carry out a full refurb and to improve the sound insulation and acoustics. Due to a noise restriction control by Cornwall Council the volume levels have to be restricted having an adverse effect on guests enjoyment of the entertainment provided.


Members were advised to shop around for Building & Contents Insurance if they were dissatisfied with cost of cover provided by Arthur J Gallagher. The Secretary reminded members to ensure the policy cover provides Public Liability protection up to £5m.


Some Perran members have had to query their invoices with JFH accounts department and urged other to ensure the billing and invoices were correct.


Tolroy Manor – Christopher Nell – Please refer to site report attached

Christopher Nell reported back on behalf of Tolroy members thanking Gavin and Amy for their hard and diligent work on behalf of all.

Gavin and Amy kindly chaired the Q & A session

Christopher then appraised the meeting about the refurbishment work being carried out on the Manor House and praising the quality of the restaurant food.

Bed Linen

He also reported the old “bucket and spade” bed linen has been replaced with white, which now adds to the visual quality of properties.

TV Reception

Signal strength causing reception issues is being exacerbated when TV repeater amplifiers are removed as owners do not want them on their properties. Others are then having to have external Aerials fitted which adds to the clutter on buildings thus creating an eyesore.

Permanent/ Long stay residents.

 Cornwall Council is now becoming more proactive in dealing with owners and their tenants who contravene holiday let planning regulations. Some long term tenants have now moved.

St. Ives – Ted Hand – Please refer to site report attached

Ted reported back for St. Ives members. Unfortunately as no JFH management attended for the Q & A session and a number of questions were raised that could not be answered

Members present expressed their satisfaction in the main with St. Ives management: however there are some issues with communication due to emails not always being dealt with.

Dry Air Ventilation units

Since the introduction of these units and the positive effect they have on controlling damp, reducing or eliminating odour as well as mould and mildew on walls and furniture, it has been decided that all properties let through the scheme must have the benefit of this facility. Properties not equipped will not be eligible to join the letting scheme.


The programme of removing old JFH chalets and installing lodges is continuing. 30 plus are scheduled for the new season.


St. Ives management wish to revamp the list of crockery/cutlery items etc. to reflect today’s requirements and make it easier to replace items like for like as necessary.

Bus Service

 The current Bus timetable operates in May to late September. St Ives season starts beginning March through to the end of October. Ted is working with First Bus trying to persuade them to provide a service for the entire season.

Please refer to site report for further issues and information.

Kenegie Manor

The Secretary chaired the Kenegie meeting and reported back on their behalf.

A meeting was held on Friday 10th November with Ed Newbold and Christine McCarthy and Madam Chairman in attendance, the following were discussed.


  • Wi-Fi – Ed Newbold produced correspondence from BT Openreach to clarify the progress with the fibre optics installation. The latest position being that tree branches had to be lopped in order to get the overhead cable through to the main office. Once completed the main installation and equipment required will proceed. This should be ready and operational in plenty of time for the new season. Owners will be advised with procedures when ready.


  • Owners Portal – This facility was promised at the beginning of the year. There is a fear the facility will cause an increase in owner’s queries, if a booking is cancelled or a transfer made. After some discussion and explanation that Kenegie owners were used to the system having used it with JFH and were aware it is a guide to bookings, but more importantly a visual calendar available 24/7 and an opportunity to may their own bookings online. It has now been agreed the facility will be available in the New Year. There will be changes to the existing booking system as the software used will be upgraded.


  • Work in Progress – There are a number of outstanding jobs waiting to be completed.

Parking Numbers – New poly-vinyl parking place numbers are now being used. The numbers are melted into the tarmac which makes them more durable and longer lasting.

Jet Washing – Only small area of the public pathways and patio area have been jet washed so far. Ed Newbold has given assurance that the work will continue albeit slowly.


  • Damage and Theft

This year has seen an increase in complaints from owners regarding damage and theft. The situation has been acknowledged by Ed Newbold. Although the bookings are up on last year, it may be a different type of visitor has been attracted to Kenegie. It is a good idea to encourage your visitors to use a visitors book and to set out clearly in the front of the book that they are staying in a private home which needs to be respected.


  • Letting Income

The letting income should not be less than 15% of the brochure price and it wise to check.


  • Surcharge

Kenegie uses the same accounting package as JFH and therefore apply a surcharge. At present this is listed as VAT on the accounts statement which is incorrect. This will be removed for next year. Ed Newbold has agreed to change the accounts structure to remove the surcharge in its present form, but will wait until JFH change their system.


  • Building and Contents Insurance

Cover provided by Arthur J Gallagher does not clearly define the construction of Kenegie properties as it refers Caravans and Chalets on a like for like replacement in the event of total loss. If members who deal with them would like more clarity in the event of a claim, please contact them and they will amend the policy to include “Brick Built Construction”.

Members using other companies must ensure their policy includes Public Liability up to £5m.

General Discussion

A Perran View member would like more on-site facilities to attract visitors at the beginning and end of season, such as the provision of “Hot Tubs”. Madam Chairman advised that these were already in place at St. Ives. The proposal will be followed up.

 Information Folder

It was noted each property was now provided with a small hard backed information folder tailored to the site containing lots of useful information for the visitor. The question was asked if the folder could also be used for CMOA “Welcome to our Holiday home” message. The proposal will be followed up.

Any Other Business

As there was no other business, Madam Chairman thanked Matt and his staff for looking after CMOA members as well as thanking all those who had taken the trouble to attend, wishing all a safe onward journey.

Next Meeting

Spring meeting Sunday 18th March 2018 at the Village Hotel, Swindon. Please attend if you can, your support is important.

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