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Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Sunday 3rd November 2019

St. Ives Holiday Park Cornwall 

Present           Liz Ashenden              Chairman

David Lappin              Secretary

Arthur Saunders           Treasurer

Site Representatives:   Ted Hand

Jana Britton

Martyn Dale

David Toman

Attendance     52 Members

Apologies        74

Madam Chairman opened the meeting at 2pm and thanked all for attendin


Madam Chairman asked the meeting to approve the Minutes of the Spring meeting held on 17th March 2019.  Arthur Saunders proposed the approval and was seconded by John Bennett.

The Secretary also offered a warm welcome to members who have made that extra effort to support CMOA today

Matters Arising

Pet Charter

At the Spring meeting members present were shown a draft of the intended Pet Charter to be issued to JFH sites as Kenegie already had one in place which has proved to be highly successful.

Members present were informed a final version has been printed and has been placed in the visitor’s handbook on each site.  Owners not on the letting scheme will not be in possession of the charter. The secretary had requested large posters be placed in reception and other common areas. Unfortunately the site mangers to date have not received them. It is very important that all owners and their visitors are advised of the charter to ensure that they can enjoy holidaying with their pets and not spoil the enjoyment of other non-pet owners and visitors. The secretary will seek JFH help.

Action David Lappin

Bookings via 3rd Parties

Both JFH & MJL receive bookings from 3rd Parties such as Hoseasons and a commission payment is made. CMOA addressed this on behalf of a member whose letting income was reduced due to a higher number of agency bookings being allocated to their property. JFH responded quickly to reimburse the owner, as it was an administration error. The amount allocated to the owners account is the amount paid by the visitor regardless of any commission paid by JFH. At a meeting held with Ed Newbold CMOA were assured that the same system is in place for Kenegie owners.

It is important that all owners who use the letting scheme check their accounts carefully. 

Members Booking Portal (JFH)

At the beginning of the season the JFH booking portal did not list the booking name as JFH believed it contravened the new GDPR laws. After some discussion with CMOA the booking name was re-instated. Members were shown an on screen example. Due to a communication error JFH accounts department were not informed of this and omitted the booking name on owner’s accounts. The situation has now been corrected and owner’s September accounts show the booking name allowing owners to cross check bookings against the portal. The portal will show this year’s bookings with the new bookings for 2020 for comparison and repeat bookings.


Members present were given an update on the progress of deterring some owners who contravene planning and lease agreements by sub-letting their property to long term tenants.

A solicitor was engaged by JFH to instigate proceeding against offenders. On one site there were 11 known offenders which has now been reduced to one. It is understood that the owner has now started selling off some of the properties. It also appears there are some new owners now sub-letting.  JFH are aware and monitoring the situation.

If any member knows or suspects a property is being sub-let please report it in the first instance to the site manager.

CMOA Website

The Secretary took the opportunity to remind members of the facilities and information available on the CMOA website, in particular the addition of the Committee Members page earlier in the year.

The page has a gallery of all committee members’ photographs with an email link to each one. Now all members are able to put a name to a face.

A quick tour of the rest of the site was provided as follows:

Latest News

Information of interest and importance is provided.


This element contains current and past minutes plus all reports since 2005. Any member who has a question or query can easily use the “Search” box to quickly find an answer if the topic has been discussed at CMOA meeting over the years. Members present were shown how to fine tune the information searched for on their PC.


The member’s forum is there for all to use. Make a comment, ask a question, and provide information.  Anything you do will be helpful to others.


This is one area that is used extensively by members who have either lost or forgotten their password.

Other Areas

  • Service Providers list – Provides list of recommended trades people and supplies etc.
  • Minutes – Full minutes of the last meeting displayed and updated following each meeting.
  • Owners Bookings – Provides a quick link to JFH owners booking portal.

The Secretary completed the tour by asking members to visit the website on a frequent basis and use the forum even if it’s just they have been to their site and all is well. For members who use Facebook, think of it as an extension. CMOA website is available on smart phones and tablets.

Chairman’s report                                                                            refer to report attached

Madam Chairman addressed the meeting by confirming her resignation from CMOA as the sale of her property bought in 1992 is about to be completed.  With deep regret she is not eligible to continue. Madam Chairman has been associated with CMOA for 27 years initially through her late husband who was a site rep for St. Ives and then joining the committee herself as a site rep before taking on the post of Chairman.  Madam Chairman re-iterated her belief in the work that CMOA does and achieves on behalf of all owners and that it is a wonderful platform for all to meet, air grievances that will be acted upon, develop friendships and the knowledge that CMOA is acting on your behalf.

Madam Chairman closed her address by hoping the association will continue to flourish and increase in numbers and members will continue to work together to get the greatest enjoyment from your friendship and ownership of your holiday home in this beautiful part of the country.

Treasurer’s report

Annual Accounts for the Year Ended 31st March 2019

The accounts show a loss for the year of £230.00. This is due to a fall in the number of members of around 15 from the previous year resulting in lower subscription receipts. Costs have reduced overall with an increase for printing, postage and stationery offset by the setup costs for PayPal incurred last year.

The current bank balances are as follows: –

National Westminster                           £     819.00

Britannia Building Society                  £18,389.00

Total                                                      £19,208.00

The Treasurer noted that there are still some members who have not paid for the current year and was happy to accept payments after the meeting from members present today.

Members paying by bank transfer please make certain that your name and membership number are clearly shown in order that a receipt and sticker can be sent.

The Treasurer asked members present if anyone was willing to check the accounts of the Association at the end of the financial year. If so please contact him or any committee member.  A member did volunteer at the Swindon meeting but unfortunately the information has been mislaid.

Jana Britton, Tolroy representative kindly volunteered to audit the accounts.

Please refer to attached accounts statement 2018.

Election of Officers 


Madam Chairman advised the meeting of the vacancies on the committee that need to be filled starting with her own position. Madam Chairman, having to stand down due to selling her property asked for nominations. Unfortunately nobody volunteered. Ted Hand, St. Ives representative agreed to take on the chair if no one was prepared to step forward.


David Lappin said he was stepping down from the role as Secretary, but was willing to continue to look after recruitment and CMOA website to make it easier for a new Secretary. Again nobody volunteered from the floor. Martyn Dale, Tolroy site representative agreed to the role of Secretary on the basis as outlined.

Vice Chairman

Paul Taylor volunteered to become Vice Chairman

Tolroy Manor

John Kennedy and Sylvia Middlemiss agreed to represent Tolroy.

Perran View

There were no volunteers for Perran

St. Ives

There were no volunteers for St. Ives

Kenegie Manor

There were no volunteers for Kenegie

Existing site representatives and committee members agreed to continue in their roles.

All nominees were voted in by acclaim.

New Committee

Chairman                                             Ted Hand

Vice Chairman                                    Paul Taylor

Secretary                                             Martyn Dale

Membership Secretary                        David Lappin

Treasurer                                             Arthur Saunders

Site Representatives

Perran View                                        Nick Muller

St. Ives                                                David Toman

Tolroy                                                  Jana Britton – John Harris – Sylvia Middlemiss

Kenegie                                               Mike Beresford

Proposed Subscription Changes

The Secretary referred back to the Treasurer’s report on CMOA accounts which showed an operating loss for last year and has been a trend for a number of years. The subscription level of £15 has been maintained since 2004. Prior to that it was £20 and originally it was set at £25. Costs over the years have of course increased and continue to do so.

Digital Age

As the main expenditure is printing and postage, some members may be thinking CMOA can save money by using electronic mail instead and would be a valid case; however there are a number of downsides to that in the way CMOA can operate.

  • The validity of an email address cannot always be verified
  • People change email addresses
  • Few people open attached PDF’s and read a lengthy narrative
  • Few people print them off or even possess a printer.

Printed Copy by Post

  • Receiving printed information by post enables the recipient to digest the information over a period of time just like a newspaper that can be picked up and read at will.
  • The headlines can be read and the narrative in depth later
  • Keeping track and in touch with members is more assured.
  • Post is more likely to get to its destination even if the recipient changes address, which is not always the case with electronic mail

Electronic mail has its place, but it cannot in CMOA’s case without major expenditure supplant effectively the existing paper system.

CMOA is all about communication with each other and

 Ineffective communication is a sure fire way to lose the membership.

Contingency Fund

CMOA has for many years maintained a contingency fund to support members to obtain for example legal support if their asset was under threat.

The fund has not been added to since 2002. The Secretary reminded members that with very few exceptions the current membership had not contributed a penny to it. The world we live in ever increasingly volatile with big name long- standing companies going bust. There is no guarantee that JFH and MJL will continue trading, a recession or downturn in the holiday market could present major problems for all. Hence the fund, so to use it for any other purpose would be disrespectful to founder members.


PayPal was introduced as an alternative and convenient method of payment and has proved to be successful and virtually all our new members use it, however as PayPal charge for this facility CMOA has to levy a £1 charge which may deter existing members. With that in mind the proposal is to increase membership subscription to £20 as from 1St April 2020. The £20 will apply to all methods of payment including PayPal, so now it will be even easier for members to renew subscriptions on 1st April using their debit or credit card.

Incremental charges for owners with more than one property will still apply.

Members who currently pay by bankers order will need to amend it.

Madam Chairman put the proposal to members present who voted unanimously in favour.


Since the introduction of GDPR recruiting new members to CMOA is more challenging. No longer is it possible to use JFH or MJL data base to target owners who are not members. So a different approach is needed. This year the Secretary has adopted an alternative method with a recruitment leaflet aimed at both non-members and existing members.

The leaflet reminds members how wonderful the association is and its importance. That same message is used to encourage owners, some of them long standing, to join us.

Unfortunately things don’t always go to plan and CMOA are reliant on the good will of others, and therefore not in total control. The leaflets should have gone out with the July statements to JFH sites but didn’t. Instead a letter went that was addressed at new owners, which no doubt caused confusion in itself. However from the feedback received not all owners received one.

A second attempt has now been made with the correct leaflet going out with the September statement, which hopefully members have received.

Early signs are showing positive results are starting to come through.

The Secretary asked all members who speak to fellow owners to check if they belong to CMOA, if not to use their powers of persuasion to get them to join.

Implementation of new accounting system

The changes to remove the dreaded surcharge that nobody understands or wants is now a reality and is live. Owners will see the new format next year when they receive their statement.

Ted Hand our chairman in waiting kindly explained the changes with examples at the spring meeting.

To remind you here they are again.

Short break booking

Existing Structure                                       New Structure

Gross                                          £200.00                                             £200.00

Surcharge                                   £33.33                                               £0

Commission                               £36.00                                               £52.80

Facilities Charge                        £0                                                     £15.00

Linen                                          £15.00                                               £15.00

Cleaning                                     £15.00                                               £15.00

Net income to owner                £100.67                                            £102.20

Week booking

Existing Structure                                           New Structure

Gross                                          £600.00                                             £600.00

Surcharge                                   £100.00                                             £0

Commission                               £108.00                                             £158.40

Facilities Charge                        £0                                                     £25.00

Linen                                          £15.00                                               £15.00

Cleaning                                     £15.00                                               £15.00

Net income to owner                £362.00                                            £386.60

The example figures have been provided by JFH accounts department.

MJL will be adopting the same format for Kenegie Manor owners during the course of next year.

Madam Chairman at this point reminded all that CMOA had fought long and hard to achieve these changes and is only available to CMOA sites. The rest of JFH sites will remain on the surcharge system.

Property Maintenance

Over the past few years there has been great emphasis on modernising the interior of our properties to meet today’s visitor expectations, but there has been little or no attention paid to the exterior and just relying on the exterior maintenance cycle to take care of things. As proved on Perran View a lick of paint doesn’t stop the weather taking its toll. Perran View has now embarked on an external cladding programme.

The main problem that is being encountered is rotten woodwork mainly fascia boards and soffits. This is allowing water to get into theroof space causing further long term damage. If not dealt with and the property is put on the market, a surveyor will pick it up and the owner may well be presented with a nasty shock for repair work or reduction in selling price.

Some owners believe that the maintenance charge covers any repair or replacement work. Unfortunately that’s not the case. The maintenance charge only covers repainting the exterior woodwork. The exterior as well as interior belongs to the owner together with the responsibility to maintain its upkeep. CMOA has been informed by the managers that there are many instances of rotten woodwork, but if they reported them every time they would never be off the phone to the owner.

Water storage tanks

Some properties when built were fitted with water storage tanks, which have over the years developed leaks and caused water damage. It is strongly recommended they are drained down and water for the property is supplied with water directly from the mains. This will eliminate potential leaks and increases the water pressure for showers etc.

It’s vital the work is done professionally.

This is not applicable to properties with hot water tanks in the loft space.

Letting Income JFH & MJL (2017/18)

Comparison Figures 2018/19

SiteOwner Income (Gross)Number of Owners LettingsAverage Per Owner (Gross)
St Ives


The gross owner’s income has increased again this year for JFH sites, which reflects the hard work and effort of the company and staff to attract visitors. Generally more owners are now using the letting service as confidence grows and online reviews continue to improve.

Unfortunately Kenegie owners have not enjoyed the same benefit as the owners income has reduced even though MJL’s income has increased.

Owning a Self-catering holiday home 

A presentation was given by Ted Hand on the merits of owning a Self-catering holiday home in Cornwall.

The Self-catering market is on the increase with 7.32 million holidays booked in 2017 as against 6.22 million in 2015, a 17.68% increase and the trend is set to continue according to Visit England.  The most popular destinations are Devon and Cornwall.

This increase in staycation holidays is now attracting new types of buyers of Self-catering properties wanting to get a piece of the action.

Market research now identifies two new categories of buyers.

Retirees and over 55’s

Changes in pension fund rules now allow cash lump sums to be accessed from pension pots. Rather than keep it in a low interest bearing account one of the attractions is buying into the self-catering market which generates an income as well as providing a holiday home for the investor. Adding to the attraction are Building Societies offering mortgages on this type of property. Unheard of in the past!  One Building Society has seen a 19% increase in applicants wanting to buy a self-catering holiday home.

Landlords – Buy to Let

This group of investors are now attracted to the market as tax benefits of buy to let are being eroded by changes in tax laws.

Benefits of ownership 

  • Relatively cheap to purchase on CMOA sites – so far this year 35 properties have changed hands.
  • Good Investment – Better income margin than savings accounts bearing low in interest rates
  • Freedom and flexibility of use all year round subject to planning restrictions and lease terms.
  • Holiday staycations increasing annually
  • Reduction in holidaying abroad – Brexit uncertainty, carbon footprint, airport security and delays are all factors.
  • As self-catering holiday accommodation is classed as a business by HMRC owners enjoy many tax breaks unlike Buy to Let Landlords.
  • Zero business rates for owners who qualify for letting numbers per year. Using JFH or MJL letting scheme ensures qualification. (Saving over £1000 per year on Council Tax)
  • Owners letting through JFH or MJL enjoy reduced TV Licence fee circa £40 per year.

Membership of CMOA strengthens the unity and increases the bargaining power of the association to secure greater benefits for owners.

Ted went on to highlight that it not sweetness and light all the way.

Dis-benefits of ownership

  • Letting it out – not always available for own use.
  • Cost of commission and maintenance
  • Visitor complaints – TripAdvisor etc.  (substantially reduced)
  • Living remotely – can present difficulties in control and management.
  • Subject to site owners rules and regulations.
  • Visitor damage and theft.
  • Impact of weather.
  • Traffic congestion.

Side Meetings

Perran View – Nick Muller – please refer to attached report.

As there was no site representative at the side meeting Amanda (Perran View manager) kindly ran a Q & A session.

The major expenditure has been the soundproofing of the entertainment area, which has enabled audio levels to be increased. However the entertainment normally provided has now been reduced to school holiday times. Visitors at other times are deprived of live entertainment other than bingo and Sky entertainment screens placed around the area. Members present voiced their concern and disappointment.  The matter will be addressed with JFH.

Along with the cladding programme a number of other improvements are scheduled.

Swimming Pool

Windows are to be replaced and the area to be modernised together with a more efficient air conditioning system.

Bar & Entertainment area – new carpet to be laid reflecting the more modern décor.

Action – D Lappin

Tolroy Manor – Martyn Dale & Jana Britton – please refer to attached report.

There were no major issues raised by Tolroy members as through Gavin’s leadership everything is going the right direction.

Tolroy has continued to win awards and this year has achieved 3.

  • Wildlife Friendly Business award
  • Gold for Hayle in Bloom
  • Gold accolade Bellamy award.

Sadly Tolroy are going to lose the services of a great manager as Gavin has been promoted within the John Fowler group, which means he and wife Amy moving to a different part of the business.

Tolroy members and CMOA thank him and wish him and Amy every happiness and success for the future.

St. Ives – Ted Hand & David Toman

The side meeting was chaired by David Toman with Kevin & Carenza Waite providing a

Q & A session for members present.

The issues raised were:

  • Condition of the roads on site, Pot Holes etc.  Heavy lorries carrying new Lodges are causing the road to break up. When the work is finished effective repairs can be undertaken.
  • TV Screen sizes – It is recommended owners letting through the scheme to provide 32″ TV’s if possible.
  • Owners using own accommodation during season to check with site the time that the unit is available for use after cleaning.
  • Cleaning Service – each year there are always issues over the standard of cleaning provided. Due to the seasonality of the business recruiting cleaners in numbers and quality is a difficult task for the management. Overall members present were satisfied. No doubt next season will bring its own problems again as the pool of labour reduces.
  • Property theft and damage – When letting to strangers there is always the risk of damage and theft. When an owner does suffer such incidents which are annoying and frustrating, pinning blame on the culprit is very difficult unless strong indisputable proof is provided. Ensure that your “Welcome to our Holiday Home” is clearly visible to the visitor.
  • Winter shutdown – The water supply needs to be turned off, but power to the property must be maintained if a “dry air” unit has been installed as it needs to keep running to help reduce damp, mould and mildew.  Also if the property has hard wired smoke detectors installed.

Kenegie Manor

David Lappin chaired the side meeting with Kenegie members and apprised them of the meeting held with Ed Newbold on Friday 1st November.

Letting Income

The gross letting income for 2019 has fallen slightly compared to 2018, whilst the company’s gross income has increased by circa £30,000 on 2018.

The explanation offered was due to an increase in owners letting through MJL. It was pointed out that the real problem may be due to discounting from the brochure price as booking had increased on a per unit basis.

Examples were provided of discount percentages of up to 67% of the advertised brochure price, giving a net income of £10 per night to the owner before other costs were factored in such as electricity.

Ed Newbold was asked to adopt the same system as JFH in discounting by no more than 10% from the brochure price and a maximum of 15%. He was unable to provide an answer at the time, but will respond to CMOA after consideration.

Owner accounts – Surcharge

Ed Newbold confirmed MJL owner accounts will run in the same way as JFH accounts with the removal of the surcharge column. He was asked to provide comparison examples as JFH  has provided.  Again unable to do so, but would provide the information with the new letting agreement being sent out in the next couple of weeks.

Commission Charges – Hoseasons etc.

As highlighted in matters arising on commission paid for third party bookings such as Hoseasons, Ed Newbold confirmed that the money paid by the visitor was allocated in full to the owners account and then subject to standard charges.


As addressed in the main agenda making contact with new owners and owners who are not members is becoming more difficult particularly on Kenegie.

After some discussion Ed Newbold has agreed to include a CMOA recruitment leaflet with the next newsletter to owners. The leaflet will be similar to the one sent to JFH owners.

All members on Kenegie are asked to help in getting owners who are not members to join CMOA.

Owners Booking Portal

Unlike JFH owners who enjoy the facility of linking in to bookings anytime online and registering their own booking, this is not available to Kenegie owners despite various promises over the past 4 years.

Ed Newbold has now said it cannot be provided due to cost. However he has offered an alternative of using a calendar based system online. In order for it to go live he needs to trial it first and has asked for members on Kenegie using the letting system to volunteer for the trial. It was agreed this would be done through CMOA.

Could those members present who volunteered please contact David to obtain information required to access the system.

General Discussion

As most of the issues had been addressed by the meeting and Q & A sessions run by JFH managers the meeting moved on to the next item.


David Lappin had informed the meeting of difficulties encountered by some members wishing to obtain 12 month usage.

Part of the problem appears to lie with Cornwall Council’s record keeping. When the District Councils disappeared most of the records kept were archived and difficult to locate. The onus is now on the applicant to supply all historical information.

Not all properties can obtain 12 month usage. An example is the Lodges on St. Ives which have leases stipulating 10 month usage only.

One Lodge owner successfully applied to Cornwall Council to extend to 12 months, but this has now been revoked in accordance with the terms and conditions of the lease.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be arranged by the new Secretary Martyn Dale and will be held in March at the Village Hotel Swindon. To be confirmed.

AGM 2020

Next year’s AGM will be at Perran View. Members present were asked if they preferred a Saturday or Sunday. A vote was taken which favoured Sunday the 8th November..

Before Madam Chairman closed the meeting for her last time members present paid tribute and thanked her for her services to CMOA and for being such a wonderful Chairman.

A bouquet of flowers, chocolates and an engraved wine goblet were then presented to Madam Chairman by CMOA.

Please refer to attached tribute to Liz Ashenden.

Madam Chairman thanked members for their kindness and thoughtfulness and said she would greatly miss CMOA.

Tribute was then paid to JHF management for their help and support and also providing the catering. Congratulations were extended to Gavin Lewis, Tolroy manager in his promotion within the JFH group.

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