AGM Minutes November 2023

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AGM Minutes 4th November 2023 Tolroy Manor

Present           Kevan Hensby            Chairman

Richard Smith             Vice-chairman

Martyn Dale                Secretary

David Lappin              Membership secretary

Site Representatives:    Claire Hensby

Ted Hand

Katheryn Hewitt

Gavin West

Attendance     86 Members

Apologies        72

The meeting was opened by the  Chairman  at 2 pm and after welcoming everybody he proceeded to cover the fire and safety procedure for the venue.

Chairmans address

A massive thank you for all those attending  the Cornish Manor Owners Association Annual General Meeting at Tolroy Manor.  The support today is 86 members attending from all CMOA sites and who have travelled from various parts of the UK.  We also need to give thanks for the hospitality Katrina & Denyse are providing today.

The aims & objectives of the CMOA is to promote the interests of owners. Through your committee & site representatives we have a collective voice on dealing with issues relating to health & safety, Lettings, maintenance, marketing etc. Therefore please take the opportunity to get to know your site representatives & feel free to contact them if you have an issue that requires attention.

The upkeep & running of all our sites is extremely important such as cleaning, maintenance & hospitality and is easily visible.  However, some work that is undertaken is indeed behind the scenes and does go unnoticed.  For example the acquisition of materials, quotes for work needed to be carried out etc.  We must also acknowledge the fact that within the tourism industry our sites are gaining recognition with numerous awards being achieved & the ratings on Trip Advisor & other social media platforms able to support this.

I look forward to the breakout session of the meeting. This allows our members to voice their concerns on issues relating to their site.  Many of those issues raised can be resolved at the time.  Those which are outstanding will be addressed as soon as possible & all sites notified.

Fellow owners, much of the aforementioned could not have been achieved without the support of our members. Therefore we hope that you will continue to support the Association and encourage others who are not members to join.

May I take this opportunity to wish each & everyone of you a very Merry Christmas & a prosperous New Year.  I hope to see you again at some point  in 2024.

Minutes of the last meeting 5th November 2023 

The Secretary called for a proposer and seconder of the last minutes to verify that they represented a true a proper record. Linda Dolata proposed the minutes and was seconded by Steve Dodson.

Matters arising

The Secretary reported  to the members on a meeting held with Martyn Fowler at Barnstaple head office of JFH on the 2nd November, and added that David Lappin had also met with Ed Newbold to discuss Kenegie Manor issues prior to the AGM.  He confirmed that matters arising had been dealt with and reported on in the Spring Newsletter.  The secretary then reported that a number of items had been discussed at the Barnstaple meeting and are  being addressed today in the main agenda and side meetings.

Treasurer’s report

The Treasurer, Sam Simpson was unable to attend due to being unwell.  David Lappin presented the accounts on her behalf.  Please see attached Financial Statement for the year ended 31st March 2023.


  • Subscription income has increased mainly due to members paying on time.
  • A non-subscription payment was received from the bank due to poor service when money to pay for the new website was transferred from the contingency account.
  • In the unallocated income account there is money paid in by members who have not provided their details and therefore the monies cannot be allocated correctly.


  • The main expenditure for the year was the cost of setting up and commissioning a new website.
  • Commission paid to PayPal has been included. This is payable whenever a subscription payment using debit or credit card is made. The facility is there for new members joining. Members are asked when renewing subscriptions to pay online thus avoiding the commission charge.

As a result of the cost of the website CMOA made a loss of £1,604.

The current account is now in surplus. Members present were asked to support a recommendation that some of the surplus cash be returned to the contingency/savings account for the following reasons.

  • The account is interest bearing and full advantage should be taken to maximise this benefit.
  • Banks have a tendency to close accounts that they consider are not active and when closed there is a danger the monies held be lost to CMOA. By transferring money in or out this will avoid that danger.
  • The contingency fund has been built up over many years by former members, therefore it is right and proper the account should be repaid when possible.

A vote was taken and supported in favour  by the meeting.

Election of Officers

In accordance with CMOA constitution, each member of the committee is required to stand down at each AGM and be re-elected if willing to do so.

Stepping down

Sam Simpson, Treasurer, due to selling her property.

Dawn James, Tolroy rep, due to work commitments.

Standing for re-election

Chairman:                      Kevan Hensby

Vice-Chairman:             Richard Smith

Secretary:                      Martyn Dale

Membership Secretary: David Lappin

Election of Officers

In accordance with CMOA constitution, each member of the committee is required to stand down at each AGM and be re-elected if willing to do so.

Stepping down

Sam Simpson, Treasurer, due to selling her property.

Dawn James, Tolroy rep, due to work commitments.

Standing for re-election

Chairman:                      Kevan Hensby

Vice-Chairman:             Richard Smith

Secretary:                      Martyn Dale

Membership Secretary: David Lappin

Kenegie Manor              no volunteers

As there were no other candidates or objections the above members were duly elected by acclaim.

New committee for 2023/24

Chairman:                                          Kevan Hensby

Vice-chairman:                                  Richard Smith

Treasurer:                                          Bridget Walker

Secretary:                                           Martyn Dale

Membership Secretary:                    David Lappin

Site reps

St. Ives                                                Claire Hensby

Ted Hand

Perran View                                      Katheryn Hewitt

Julia Dodson

Tolroy Manor                                    Gavin West


Kenegie Manor                                  Vacancy

Energy costs

  • Ives                           23. 71p
  • Tolroy Manor         24. 61p
  • Perran View            26. 07p
  • Kenegie Manor       19. 44p

The above are the latest per unit costs for this quarter. There has been a slight adjustment downward for Tolroy and St. Ives with a slight increase for Perran View.  Kenegie is on a fixed price.

As reported in the Summer edition of the Newsletter, electricity prices are still more than double pre Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but have fallen during the year. As a result JFH will continue on a variable contract until prices stabilise, which doesn’t look to be anytime soon now that there is a Middle East crisis.

Electricity billing will move to 6 monthly next year. Meter readings will be taken at the end of April and October.  If JFH does not have access to your property then please arrange for a photo of the meter reading to be taken or your bill will be estimated.

MJL – Kenegie. As reported last year the site is on a fixed term 4 year contract with a tariff of 19.44 pence per unit. Contract renewal is 2025. Meter readings will be taken at the end of February and owners will know how much has been consumed over the winter period.

EV Charging

St. Ives

A Charger was installed during in the summer and users can connect to it by downloading an App.  Payment is by debit or credit card.

Perran View

A Charger has now been installed and will be commissioned in the coming weeks.

Tolroy Manor

The charger will be installed during the next few weeks and will be commissioned in time for the new season.

Kenegie Manor

The decision to purchase is on hold and will be reviewed early next year.  There has been little demand from visitors and owners so far as there is an ample supply of chargers in Penzance.

Wi-Fi progress

St. Ives

Almost all cabling to all units on site has now been completed. Club Wi-Fi will manage and commission the network over the winter and it will be live to use by March.  Once connected a number of devices will be allowed to connect.  It is expected that download speeds will be in the range of 50 to 80 Mg bits that will provide good connections and speed for streaming etc.

Most owners who rent their TV’s through JFH will now have smart TV’s for BBC IPlayer/Netflix and other streaming services. The service will be provided on an annual subscription basis and will cost circa £240.  Owners will be supplied with full details early next year.

Perran View

BT Openreach cannot provide costs or installation dates as to when they can provide fibre optic cable to the site.  JFH has now decided to use satellite reception. It is hoped a  system will be installed for the 2025 season.  Distribution will be by Wi-Fi transmission.

Tolroy Manor

It is likely that satellite reception will also be used, but due to tree density in certain parts of the site, it maybe a mixture of cable and Wi-Fi.

Kenegie Manor 

Wi-Fi system currently installed and running. The system will be upgraded by April next year. The incoming speed will be increased to 1Gb. This will enable faster download speeds for streaming and provide a more reliable service. This download will be in the order of 40Mgb.

This is ideal for owners who provide smart TV’s for their guests.  It is important to note that for ease of use for a smart TV the subscription should be paid annually. £150 for 2 devices or £250 for 5. A further enhancement will be offered to owners who require greater speed and connection when the system has been upgraded.

Letting Income Comparison figures 2022/23 for JFH & MJL

As expected and reported in the Summer edition of the Newsletter lettings and income are down on last year. Both JFH & MJL have had to increase marketing activity and promotions to win customers.

The gross income figures below show that each site has suffered a downturn by varying degrees. The biggest fall was Tolroy Manor. It is important to note that figures relate to owners using the letting scheme.  Owners who market their own properties and use other agents will have their own data which will vary from those below. To add to the woe; owners have faced increased costs as a result of high inflation and thus reducing the net income received this year. Inflation has now fallen and stands at 6.1%  RPI (4.6% CPI) RPI is the rate applied in February/March  to ground rent/ pitch fee and service charges which will hopefully continue to fall.

SiteOwner Income (Gross)Number of Owners LettingsAverage Per Owner (Gross)% Variance
St Ives    


Letting Income Comparison figures 2019/23

Since Covid 19 which turned business on its head and seriously impacted on travel and the  hospitality industry, businesses are now comparing todays levels to that of 2019.

Below shows the comparison figures from 2019 to 2023.  Clearly it can be seen that the current year is a not as bad as thought. Without exception gross income for owners on the letting scheme has increased year on year.

SiteOwner Income (Gross)Number of Owners using Letting schemeAverage per Owner (Gross)% Variance
St Ives    


Outlook for 2024

The view expressed by JFH & MJL is that bookings will return to pre pandemic levels after two erratic years and this year being the first full year clear of Covid restrictions, has seen a mass exodus from the UK of people wanting to holiday abroad.

There are however two booking trends emerging with an increase in short break demand and taking pets on holiday.

This year owners allowing pets have enjoyed an increase in bookings and being sold at prices at a higher level than owners not wishing to accommodate pets.

Valuation Office VOA

This year many owners who claim business rates have been required to complete and return the government’s valuation form. The form is required to assess property valuation to reflect how much it would cost to rent in a year.

For self-catering accommodation it is the income from hiring out the accommodation in a year. Depending on the rateable value of the property, this will determine the business rate levy. Properties with a rateable value of between £12,000 and £15,000 will be entitled to rate relief. Currently all properties on CMOA sites receive 100% relief. This applies to a single property owned.  Multiple ownership has  a different structure.

Owners are now required to complete a valuation form every 3 years instead of 5. The next valuation is 2026.

Finding out the rateable value for your property go to:

10-12 month planning conditions

A number of owners have recently enquired about changing the planning condition from 10 to 12 months use.  Historically, when the sites became self-catering holiday parks, each property was subject to a planning condition restricting use to 10 months.

Over the years many owners have applied successfully to  have the condition removed by paying a small fee to the local council. Since the amalgamation of local councils to form Cornwall Council they now have control. To make life easier there is a common form in use for all applications and carries a planning fee of £462. The form is available on CMOA website “Latest News”.

Lodge owners are unable to apply for the extension due to different terms and conditions of their lease.

It is important to note that the application is completed correctly as errors may result in having to submit a fresh application and a further £462.00 fee.

It was discussed with members present the merits of spending this amount of money and if there going to be a worthwhile return on the basis of:

  • Site facilities are not available for guests during the winter period.
  • Heating costs will increase
  • Letting for more than 28 days is not allowed.
  • Owners and immediate family members do not require extension as they are able to use their property at anytime. This does not apply to Lodges.

 Newsletter or Spring Meeting

At the last AGM members present voted to abandon the Spring Meeting (held in Swindon) in favour of Newsletters.  A Spring and Summer Newsletter has been produced this year. Each Newsletter was preceded by a committee meeting conducted via Zoom. Members present were asked if they would wish to revert back to a Spring meeting or continue with Newsletters.

A list of pros and cons was produced for the meeting to consider.

Spring Meeting

  • Provides an opportunity for members to come together and discuss issues of concern to them which can be addressed by CMOA.
  • Swindon’ s geographical location enables members from the east and north of the country who are unable to attend the AGM in Cornwall, to attend a face to face meeting.
  • In order to justify the cost, the meeting needs to be supported by 40 plus members attending. Over the past years numbers have been dwindling and not improved post Covid.


  • A good form of communication to enable members to be kept informed on current events.
  • Feedback and input essential from committee members to produce Newsletter.
  • Logistics prevents committee meeting face to face and therefore having to rely on video meeting via Zoom.
  • Time restrictions using free access are imposed and restricts discussions.
  • To allow longer discussion time CMOA would have to purchase additional time.

Following further discussion the Chairman asked the meeting to vote on their preference. The vote was carried by a majority wishing to continue with Newsletters.


Due to time constraint this item on the agenda by Ted Hand was unable to be presented at the meeting.

Over the years our CMOA has accomplished so much:


  • Securing electricity at the standard domestic rate with no uplift or handling charge by the site.
  • Pets Charter
  • Hotel TV Licencing
  • Securing the right for owners to arrange their own contents and building insurance
  • Informing members of the existence of business rates
  • Removal of the surcharge
  • Temporary VAT reduction – JFH & MJL sites
  • Helping owners resolve issues affecting them
  • Assisting owners in the sale of their property
  • Helping new owners to buy
  • Helping new owners to recover incorrectly charged Stamp Duty

The list goes on, but none of this can be achieved without the support and backing of owners like each and everyone of us.

There is still much to do going forward in the challenges of the future. Our CMOA needs to be stronger to meet those challenges and needs to ensure that we are fully represented at all sites.

CMOA: The Future is

Our CMOA Needs

Each and Everyone of US + More Owners

However, the owner/CMOA membership for each site is still not where we would like it to be to maximise effectiveness.

  • St Ives: Units:                144 Properties            37  Members    = 26%
  • Tolroy: Units:                133 Properties           64  Members    = 48%
  • Kenegie: Units:              98 Properties             55  Members    = 56%          
  • Perran View: Units:     45 Properties              34  Members   = 75%
  • Total                                 420 Properties            197 Members  =  47%

Therefore, if each and every one of us as CMOA Members could become recruiting sergeants and spread the word of benefits/achievements of joining us as CMOA Members

The Membership secretary will continue to ensure that awareness of the CMOA is sent out to every owner through JFH and MJL with the end of year statements.

The more CMOA Members we have the greater our position will be with JFH & McKinnon Jardine Leisure Ltd.

Side Meetings

St. Ives

Claire Hensby and Ted Hand – Site Representatives.

Christina, the site manager was unable to attend the Q & A session due to other commitments.

Claire Hensby chaired the meeting

  1. Prices of drinks at site bar.

Owners commented that the bar prices are expensive.

Karinda, the Tolroy manager updated us to confirm that all the sites drink prices were exactly the same and that JFH do work on getting the best price they can each season.

There were some members who didn’t know about the 10% discount card available and some of the owners hadn’t received 2023’s discount card. We said they were available if they asked their manager for one.

To confirm, the discount cards are only available for owners use and close family members and not to be handed over to friends renting the lodges.

I will confirm with Christina that close family are included.

Action: Claire Hensby

  1. Newsletter from Christina.

Christina’s newsletters are a welcome update on what’s been happening on the site and everyone hopes they can be a consistent regular update.

  1. Site entrance parking.

The parking on the left hand side as you enter the site has become a little bit random and it’s been asked if some white line parking spaces would help with tidier parking.

St. Ives response – Recently resurfaced and white lines will be re-instated.

  1. Roads further down the site.

Owners using these roads would like to know when the roads will be upgraded.

It was noted that some potholes had been filled in.

St. Ives response – repair work will be carried out over the winter period.

  1. Lodge numbers & Parking signage

It’s been noted that the parking lodge numbers have been removed in some areas and owners were wondering why this was.

They were possibly helpful for being used to identify where lodges are set back away from the road and when it’s dark it is difficult to see the numbers on the actual lodges.

To confirm, Christina has new parking signage relating to properties ready to install.

  1. Park appearance.

Everyone agreed that the look of the site is great but are a little concerned as to the continued maintenance to keep it looking pristine.

  1. Noise

There are reports of some noise problems every so often. Sometimes coming from the hot tub lodges and larger groups of people.

  1. November’s check list.

There are quite a few concerns to the check list emailed out in November as to the list of requirements on the lodge to be completed before the lodge can be rented out by JFH and also the prices quoted for JFH to undertake the work.

There’s also mention of items asked to be replenished which the owners know there isn’t an issue with.

Also the prices of items which JFH have replaced, for example a kettle,  £50 was quoted but it was mentioned JFH were choosing quality over cheapness.

There’s also been charges for items that have not been replaced.

There was also an issue on a roof being cleaned by JFH where damage was done. This incident was put right by JFH.

  1. Cleaning.

Whilst this wasn’t actually brought up this time in the huddle I have heard there have been a lot of problems with the past season.  Personally our family arrived in August to find the lodge hadn’t been cleaned and actually picked up cleaning products from the JFH staff and did their own clean!

  1. Short stay holidays not meeting the guaranteed £25.

We’ve all been receiving special offer emails from JFH but the discounts being offered to customers is such where the owners are not making the guaranteed £25.

With all the charges of cleaning, linen, electricity, gas and water it really isn’t worth opting in for the short stay bookings.

Also I question whether JFH are sharing the bookings equally for the short stays with the privately owned lodges/cottages.

  1. Reception/Swimming Pool Update.

There’s not been much mention of the planned update of the above buildings since Covid set this plan back.  Is this back on the radar?

St. Ives response – Plans have been submitted and on approval updates will be announced.

Any of the questions raised not yet answered will be followed through by Claire Hensby.

Action:  Claire Hensby 

Winter Security Arrangements

In 2022 due to increased theft & fly-tipping, new security arrangements were introduced and will be in operation again in December.

  • During the closed period December & January: The park entrance gate was locked between 2000 to 0700.
  • Owners supplied with key code to access/egress their Properties.
  • Owners/guests required to pre-register their stay (Emergency Services)
  • Same security arrangements will be in place again for December 2023 & January 2024.
  • A live on-site security guard has now been appointed to patrol the site.
  • Any unit that appears occupied and is not on the security guards list, the security guard will knock on the door and any unauthorised persons not on the register will be asked to leave the site immediately.
  • Owners are respectfully reminded that when they exit the site between 2000 & 0700 in the closed period to close and re-lock the gate.

Kenegie Manor

The side group meeting was chaired by David Lappin who talked about issues discussed with Ed Newbold on members behalf.


As explained the system will be upgraded in April next year to increase speed and connectivity. The coverage does not include the barns due to technical difficulties. Most of the barns now have landline connections and the facility is available to all.

A number of members have complained about poor and unreliable connection. As part of the upgrade owners still experiencing difficulties will be offered a Wi-Fi extension unit to fit in their property.

When completed owners who wish to enhance their visitors stay may want to install a smart TV.  As most homes now have catch-up channels available such as IPlayer and streaming services, people wish to continue watching their favourite programmes whilst on holiday. To maximise this benefit owners will need a permanent connection and pay as you go.

To enable ease of use the TV has to be registered with Club Wi-Fi.

Please contact David Lappin if further information is required.

Pressure washing

CMOA has for a number of years asked that pressure washing of patios and public footpath areas are cleaned on an annual basis. MJL are always encouraging owners to keep their properties well maintained and up to date to meet the visitors expectations and enhance their holiday experience.

There is an old adage that says first impressions count and encountering black and sometimes slimy patios and walkways is not a good first impression. This was addressed with Ed Newbold and assurance was given that work was undertaken earlier in the year, but CMOA could not find any evidence to support it. Assurance was also given that pressure washing will commence in the spring of next. Members are asked to advise CMOA if they witness or see any evidence when on site next year.

EV Charger

As reported in the main agenda the decision to purchase an EV charger has been delayed due to ample units now available in Penzance. CMOA has asked for this facility to alleviate the possibility of visitors using owners electricity with the danger of overloading the supply during long periods of use resulting in overheating of the outlet socket and potential fire.  Members are asked to be vigilant and watch out for cables trailing outside properties.

Waste Bins

A request was made by CMOA (please refer to Summer Newsletter) to clearly label waste bins for recycling and general waste as most people are keen to recycle were possible. This was acted on but the contracted company supplied small adhesive labels that could not be easily seen. Suez waste disposal company have now acquired the business and will at some stage replace them.

Long Term lets

Some of the JFH sites have a continuing problem with long term letting in particular Tolroy Manor. There appears to be a long term resident on Old Court. The owner of the property is not only breaching their lease but it is unfair on other owners and presenting the wrong image to visitors wishing to enjoy a holiday. CMOA has alerted Kenegie management to this possible breach.


Some owners are concerned and perceive that are being treated differently and perhaps unfairly as they do not use the letting scheme. CMOA has raised the concerns with Ed Newbold who although surprised promised to address it.

Perran View

The side meeting was attended by Lisa & Nick on behalf of Amanda and Tony who are holiday.

Katheryn Hewitt –  site representative report

  • Communication could be better. Owners would like to know in advance when events are planned for the season; when changes are made to opening hours of the laundry and any other information about what is going on on-site, including scheduled repairs and entertainment.

PV advertises that its facilities are closed from 1 November.  From 28th-31st October 2023, there were unhappy guests on-site who had booked holidays/breaks during a week that is a school half term in many parts of the country. They had expected to use site facilities for four days before the site closed for the winter.

  • Some of the properties on PV use a soakaway. A couple of owners reported that they have found mould in their properties when the soakaway is full. Although they report that soakaways are emptied promptly when they report the problem to site management, they have asked that the situation is monitored by the site team in order to prevent damage to properties.
  • Owners who let through JFH have been issued with lists of tasks that need to be completed during the closed season in order to let again through JFH in 2024.  Some owners questioned why JFH do not have the same high expectations of their own properties and cited a particular TripAdvisor review from October 2023 which was quite scathing of a JF property.

The PV site team reps reported that the JFH property concerned had been in good order when the reviewer had started the let.  Unfortunately, issues arose during the let and they were dealt with. The site team reps were asked whether the management could use the TripAdvisor right of reply to explain what happened as it was felt that the review was detrimental to all properties at PV and could affect future lets on the site.

  • Owners who let through JFH again expressed concern that JFH do not hold a damage deposit and frustration that they themselves were expected to claim on their insurance when deliberate damage occurred. Owners have been told that JFH is not ‘set up’ to hold damage deposits. Airbnb and TripAdvisor/Holiday Lettings do hold a damage deposit and one owner explained how she had successfully claimed from a TripAdvisor/Holiday Lettings guest.
  • Winter lets were not reported to be cost effective for owners, with some reporting that they actually lost money on lets during colder months due to electricity usage / charges. A number of owners reported that they are now not letting in colder months. Owners who let through JFH asked that prices should reflect electricity usage during the colder months.
  • Swimming pool – One owner suggested that the park should invest in a ‘costume drier’ (as found at Butlins and Centre Parcs) in the swimming pool changing area. These apparently leave the swimsuits almost dry and would help guests as well as owners.

One owner asked whether the local authority gave guidance on what is an ‘acceptable standard’ for changing rooms.  A number of owners reported that the swimming pool changing rooms at PV were in serious need of attention and described as currently ‘very unpleasant. The PV site teams reps reported that they are due to get a facelift this winter.

  • Owners were reminded of the need to ensure that guests were aware of the need to keep dogs on leads when they are on-site. Reference was made to a serious incident at another site. The PV site teams reps reported that dog owners were challenged if they did not comply with this.
  • Concern was expressed about the state of the PV road and the condition of the car park in particular. There was an expectation amongst owners that the annual charge that they paid that was specifically earmarked for roads should be spent annually on repairs to the roads/car park. Owners asked why this was not being done.  The PV site teams reps reported that gravel would be used to fill in pot-holes in the car park. It was also thought that some repairs to the road had been made.

There was further discussion about whether JFH were holding the road fund in order to spend it on the development planned for the front of the site, on the current car park, which was thought not to be lawful.

Owners expressed concern that there would be insufficient car parking spaces available when the new development was complete. One space per unit was not enough and it was noted that there would be two parking spaces for each of the new units. Where will staff park?

There was also concern about the siting of car parking spaces around the central green space/children’s play area.  This was thought to be unsafe for children as cars would be reversing regularly around an area that children had been previously been able to roam safely in.

  • Some owners had sought clarification from JFH head office on what services were included the annual charges. At least two owners had received written confirmation that ‘painting outside of units every four years’ was included in the annual charge. Furthermore, the letters from head office stated that units would be painted this winter.
  • The PV site team reps were asked to thank Amanda and the team for their work this year. It was noted that the site team are pleasant and helpful and that the grass/planted areas are generally well kept.

Tolroy Manor

Karinda & Denyse chaired the Q & A

Gavin West – site representative

  • One owner had a blocked drain from his property and wanted assurance that it was the responsibility of JFH and when it would be fixed. Karinda assured him that it was their responsibility and work would be carried out within the next few days.
  • Gulls had been swooping on people principally on Strawberry Hill protecting their young. The advice was not to feed them, be aware and take care because JFH were limited in what could be done due to their protected status.
  • Karinda clarified that any repairs required to fascia boards or soffits prior to painting would be charged to the owner but the painting itself is covered by the service charges.
  • Great concern was expressed about long term lets. Karinda explained about the ongoing situation, stating that JFH had retained a local solicitor who would be meeting with Karinda and Denyse and Mario (JFH operations director) in the next 2 weeks to ensure the legal procedure is correct.

She also said that the situation is not being helped by some owners blatantly breaking the terms of their lease by allowing long term lets and also an apparent lack of help from Cornwall council.

General discussion

The Chairman asked the meeting if there were any other points to raise. It appeared all matters at this point had been covered.

The Chairman proceeded to close the meeting by thanking members for their support and attending the AGM today.  He also thanked Karinda and Denyse for hosting and catering for the meeting.

Next Meeting

Perran View Saturday 2nd November 2024 subject to confirmation.


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