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Chairman’s Report AGM 12 November ’17 Perran View

Welcome to you all and thank you for coming here. As you may know, over the course of Friday, David and I met with the all the managers at their respective parks and it was particularly encouraging to find them all very positive about this last season. And at this point if they are here I would like us all to congratulate Matt and his team at Perran View for gaining a Tripadviser Certificate of Excellence for their reviews, which as we’re all very aware, is a huge achievement and in addition they gained a silver Bellamy award which is an environmental award. Congratulations must go too to Gavin and Amy and their team who gained a Gold Bellamy award. They were telling us about their bug houses, bat boxes, owl boxes and bee and butterfly friendly planting that all contributed to making it happen. This all adds to the overall experience of our guests.

The average letting income was up on all the parks and David will be giving you the numbers in a few minutes. They all seemed to be very optimistic for the future with considerable investment earmarked for next year and beyond.

Now you would probably think there was something wrong with me if I didn’t at some stage during my report harp back to the subject of COMMUNICATION. After all, that has to be what the CMOA is all about and at this AGM it is perhaps particularly relevant and I think bears repeating! The Association was formed to represent the interests of ALL private owners on the four parks we cover and in a few minutes, we will be asking for more volunteers to become reps. Ideally, we could do with an additional six reps between the four parks. But we must remember that reps are just that — REPRESENTATIVES. They’re asked to represent the interests and concerns of all the owner on their park to the managers if it is a park wide issue, and to report back to David and myself if it needs pursuing further and of course to feed back at the meetings, (the positive things that are happening as well as the problems). They can do this much more effectively if whenever you visit your site you pass on your observations to your rep. So when you break for your side meetings, might I ask you to make sure that your reps have your up-to-date contact details and that you have theirs so that everyone is properly represented.

As I have said before, it is in everybody’s interest, the Park owners, the managers, the owners and the guests that our standards are high, our properties filled and our guests are happy so I’m sure that if we can communicate well and work together we can hope for a successful future.

We hope that you will find this meeting informative and helpful and we wish you a trouble free and successful year ahead. Thank you for listening.

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