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AGM November 2015   Chairman’s Report

Before launching into any sort of report, I must first attend to some unfinished business! Those who were at the Swindon meeting will remember that I was all set to say thank you to Trevor who was standing down as the Association’s Treasurer after 17 years of sterling work handling our money and also to thank Margaret who had faithfully attended all the meetings and invariably got roped into counting us all in and to handing round the microphone so that everyone’s voice could be heard during the discussions. Under the table was a radio alarm clock and a bouquet of flowers for me to present on behalf of the Association. Sadly, at the last minute, we heard that Trevor was unwell and that they were unable to be with us. Well, I’m delighted that they are here today! I don’t have another alarm clock, nor a bouquet but I can at least give the members of the Association the opportunity to join me in thanking you both personally for all your efforts on our behalf. We hope that you will continue to join us at our meetings, but for now Trevor, Margaret, Thank you!

Obviously, the most dramatic development affecting the CMOA at the moment is the sale of Kinegie, however as this will be covered comprehensively later and in your side meeting, I will leave that subject to David.

Yesterday David and I met with each of the managers at Perran, St Ives and Tolroy and in each case David raised some of the issues brought to his attention by our members. Inevitably the usual subjects, (I may even say the “same old subjects!”) like bedding, roads, gutters, grading etc were discussed and much of these discussions will be brought up again later in this meeting. I am very aware that many members, in fact probably all of our members, are frustrated that all these issues are raised at every meeting and nothing seems to move them forward! However our discussions with the managers made it clear that although these are all matters which affect all of us as owners, there is no simple answer and no one single approach to dealing with them.

All these managers have only been in place for one season and we know only too well that they are all limited in their resources and so have to deal with these tricky issues as best they see fit with the funds available. As a result, they all have their own solutions which they feel will be fair to us owners and best for their Park; and I may say that the majority are very optimistic that they are able to raise the standards of their sites. What did come across loud and clear is that the best way for us as owners to get answers to these awkward questions is to improve our communication with the managers. All three managers felt that it would be helpful if your suggestions and concerns could be addressed to them, either directly by email or through your site representatives. Here we made a definite distinction between those items which concern everyone, like roads or facilities, which should be directed through the reps and those things which are specific to your individual unit, like a lack of teaspoons, which should be emailed directly to the manager.

Increasingly, the site reps have been meeting with the managers two or three times a year to take stock and share concerns or information. What seems to work well is that in advance of a meeting, a rep sends an agenda of items they would like to discuss and the manager adds any of their own. Then one or more rep meets them and then goes home and a brief feedback is sent to all the members on that site to keep them up to date. If this can become the norm, it should go a long way to dispel the frustration that I know many of you have, that your voices aren’t being heard.

We noted at the Swindon meeting that some sites were unrepresented and we are again representatives short today. So I am asking you all to consider standing as an additional representative for your site. I can assure you that there is nothing exclusive about being on this committee, we are just folk who care about our properties and feel we will deserve more respect from JFH and the managers if we work together with them and don’t come across as a load of complaining individuals! When you move to your side meetings please do work out between yourselves how you can best communicate between yourselves and with the manager. If you live locally maybe you could be the one to keep an eye on the park and perhaps arrange a couple of formal meetings with the manager. If you are further away, perhaps you can do the Swindon meeting or be the one to stand on the committee as the rep and either way maintain contact with each other.

As it is, David works hard to follow up issues of concern that are raised to him throughout the year and these are reported back at our meetings. However, with improved communication, individual or site specific matters can be addressed more immediately. We may not always agree with the outcome in which case do contact David and myself as now, but at least you know you are heard!

I firmly believe we are in a very positive situation. Profits are up this year and the managers are optimistic about the future. So may I urge you in your side meetings as well as hearing the plans for 2016, to discuss how you may improve communications between yourselves and with the managers so that the Association really achieves what it was formed to achieve.

Thank you and may I wish you all well.

Liz Ashende

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