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Sunday 3rd November 2018                AGM at Tolroy Manor.

Chairman’s Report                       


Welcome and thank you all for coming this afternoon. A Particular thank you to those who have had to journey a long distance to get here and to those of you whose units have been occupied up until this morning. I hope that you were able to have followed David’s advice to contact the park managers, who had all promised to make the cleaning of your properties their priority today.


Now you are going to be let off lightly with my “Chairman’s Address” this afternoon. I tend to use this slot as an opportunity to remind us all of the role we can play to get the most out of our association, – by making note of the good things as well as things that need improvement, – every time we visit our parks and then sharing them with our fellow members either on the website, or for one or two to share them at our meetings by standing s our reps. However today, Ted Hand, our rep from St Ives, has prepared another short presentation when he will spell out why the CMOA exists and what is needed in order to carry it forward.


As David mentioned in his calling letter for this meeting, we have lately become very short of site-reps. This seems to go in cycles: members age, some live too far away so feel it is time to sell up,- some have enjoyed holidays in their holiday homes with their children and/or grandchildren who have grown up and moved on. So now we are calling for some more people to become involved. I too find my family circumstances changing and am thinking of selling my property within the next couple of years which will leave this position vacant. David is now feeling that he has been Secretary for too many years and would ask if anyone else would consider finding out more about the role with a view to maybe taking over. We would, of course continue to support anyone who takes it on for as long as is needed.


After Ted’s presentation we will be electing officers and we do ask that you consider how you to may help to ensure the future of this Association.

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