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Chairman’s Report AGM 30th October 2016 St Ives

So, 25 years! The Association has been in existence now for 25 years! And what an excellent celebration we enjoyed last evening. I must thank Kevin and Carenza and all their team for giving us such an enjoyable party and of course we extend our thanks to Dr Fowler for paying for it all.

You may be amused that in a stack of papers which I inherited when I took over as Chairman from Jean, I found a letter from 1997 inviting new owners to join the Association. In it is a list of some matters that had been dealt with by the Association, they include: Rates, Insurance, Letting Agreements/Rates and Dog Income. Do these items sound a bit familiar? Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose, as the French would say! Nothing changes!

On Friday, David and I spent some time with each of the site managers (and on Saturday, a couple of hours with the owner of Kenegie.) The idea was to raise issues brought up by members as well as listen to the managers’ issues as well as their plans for the sites. Once again we were very cheered by how keen they all are to work with us as an association to get the very best out of the parks, to make them pleasant places to stay and to make them profitable concerns for us all.

Every issue we have raised with them in the past, (and many of these will be discussed as this meeting progresses,) has been considered by them and is being addressed where practical and of course where money allows. Their involvement is highlighted by their presence with us here this afternoon, for which I thank them sincerely.

Now to my pet subject of “communication”:- we believe now that on the whole, communication between the reps and the site managers is pretty good, but I still feel that more can be done to keep everyone informed. I had my knuckles severely rapped by Mr Secretary for never getting around to using the CMOA website! I need to urge you all, (and myself!) to use the website. If you are visiting your park, add a note on the forum of how you find it. If reps arrange a meeting with their managers, put a note on the forum giving the gist of what you discussed, so all can see what is being done.

As ever, if an issue is unique to your unit, talk to or email your manager. If it is common to the park, email your rep. If it is common to all then email David, (copied to me) and post it on the forum.

So once again, thank you all for coming here this afternoon and now over to the treasurer.

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