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Chairman’s Report  17th March ‘19

I did welcome you all at the start of this meeting but I do repeat my thanks to you all for being here. Many of you have travelled a considerable distance. Your effort is much appreciated.

As David mentioned earlier, every year prior to this meeting, he and I meet with Martyn Fowler at Head Office to hear his plans for the business, particularly where they affect us, and of course, to bring your concerns to his attention. David also met with Ed Newbold, – again to hear any plans for the future of Kenegie and to bring any concerns brought to us by Kenegie owners.

It should once again be evident from the lengthy list of “matters arising” that we do pass on your concerns at these meetings, wherever they affect the site owners. Without wanting to repeat what David has already told us, I would highlight two items that had come up at the AGM:- the suspicion that Fowler’s are overcharging private owners for electricity and for water and sewerage. In response, Martyn was able to explain that as regards electricity, the company employs an individual to analyse the rates charged by the different suppliers and each year that person calculates the most advantageous rate when applied to the whole Fowler empire, and that is what we are charged. He also said that he thought that the water charges were linked to the owners’ leases. On walking through to the accounts department, he put the questions to the appropriate staff member and the answer was confirmed. In fact, regarding water charges, that person laughed and said that we owners actually do rather better than Fowler’s because our water rates were fixed to our leases and are only allowed to be increased by RPI each year whereas Fowler’s are at the mercy of the providers.

The point I’m making is that neither John Fowler Holidays nor McKinnon Jardine, are out to fleece the private owners. In both cases, even though within the JFH empire, we CMOA owners are extremely small fry, it is in their interest to keep us on side. Indeed, we need to remember that we are all on the same side, the site owners, the managers and ourselves. It is in everyone’s interest to have a successful season with lots of satisfied holiday guests!

Whichever park you are on though, we can only put your concerns to John Fowler Holidays and McKinnon Jardine Leisure, if we know the specific details. Much of this is discussed at these meetings and yet again, I extend my thanks to you, the faithful members who do your best to attend the meetings and make useful contributions making the meetings worthwhile.

However, if the CMOA is to continue to be of value, it really needs to move forward. David has been secretary for many years now (fifteen actually) during which time he has worked hard keeping us up to date with any relevant changes in regulation, as in health and safety, planning etc as well as pursuing our many queries and concerns. He has also brought the Association into the twenty-first century by developing and maintaining an informative and interactive website. However, as he has said before, he now feels very strongly that it is time for the Association to move on. There needs to be new blood, with new ideas. At the same time, as I mentioned at the AGM, I am now seriously considering selling my unit having owned it for 27 years, at which point I would have to leave to CMOA.

Barring plague or pestilence, all the present members of the committee are in post until the AGM in November, however I am asking all of you to consider now whether you might just volunteer for any of these roles, Secretary, Chairman or Site representative.

If you feel you can become an additional rep, then do please either liaise with your site rep if they are here, or come and see David or myself, and we will put you in touch with them. Ideally, we need members who do visit the site and who, between them are able to field at least one rep at each of the meetings. We need to be working together with each other and with the park managers.

Please think about it and I shall just ask again when it comes to “Any Other Business”. If you are interested, you may be co-opted into the role of vice-secretary or vice-chairman straight away to give you a few months to stay in touch with David or myself to see what the post entails.

This message will go out to all members with the Minutes of this meeting, but we need to be aware that if we do not have any volunteers, particularly for the role of Secretary or Chairman, we may be using the AGM to discuss the continued viability of the CMOA.

We hope that you will find this meeting informative and helpful and that just maybe, you may be inspired to bring new energy to this Association.

Liz Ashenden

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