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Perranview – report for AGM and site meeting March 2016

I had a meeting with Matt on 10.3.16, and the following issues were discussed

Completed work this winter

The bulk of the work and budget was for updating the electrics in the JF properties, which was an urgent requirement.

The shop has been significantly updated and moved into the main reception area. It is open plan, modern and looks very good. Matt has had very positive feedback from many people. Prices will be competitive, and it will be open all day.

Not much has been done to the pool changing area. Matt has tried to spruce it up a bit, and the windows on the side of the building have been replaced.

Points raised re other work

I asked about cracked and uneven paving stones along the side of the store – a trip hazard, especially in the dark. Matt is aware of them, and will try to get them filled in before Easter. He also plans to put up lighting alongside the store.

The car park. He has tried to get a contractor in the fill in pot holes, but those he has spoken to are not really interested in this – they want to take on the full job. Matt is trying to share a contractor who is working at St Ives to get the holes filled in.

The issue with painting houses. Still no further forward. Matt is looking to get prices for just the painting on the fronts, but I don’t think that will come in significantly cheaper, once you factor in scaffolding etc. We discussed cladding as another option, which would also provide additional insulation, or putting up some trellis fencing, nicely varnished and with climbing plants, to break up the relentless grey. This could go alongside some of the external walls where there are no windows.

Matt made the point that most people who have come to look at the site with a view to purchase it have said that if they bought it, painting the houses would be a priority.

Cleaning and linen

Cleaning is still of a good standard. The same cleaning contractors have worked on the site for a while now.

There was positive feedback to Amanda from owners about buying better quality bed linen. About 20 people indicated they would be willing to do so for their units, and Matt is hoping to meet with Martyn Fowler next week to get the go ahead for this.


Bookings are looking positive for this year. The site opened a week early, and benefitted from a group on a rugby tour, which brought in more money.

Entertainment and wi fi

Some entertainment is planned to be shared over sites, such as the pantomime, with staff members supporting other sites to create a larger cast. This has proved very popular.

There are also plans to do a ‘Bingo link’ with the other sites. This would bring in more players, and allow for a bigger money prize – up to several thousand pounds. This should be a big draw, and could happen 5 nights a week for most of the season.

I asked about the possibility of wi fi over the whole site. This is not yet in the pipe line (cost implications again). Also, the thinking is that people will come up to reception to use it, and are therefore more likely to use the shop, buy drinks etc. I personally think this is short sighted, as so many people now want the option of downloading, emailing, accessing sites from their own place.

The derelict house

It has a sale agreed sign up. Whoever has bought it will also buy planning permission for erecting three houses. There is also an agreement that the purchaser will have to knock the old house down within a three week period to minimise disruption to the people on this site.

People living on site

This is becoming an increasing problem, more on this site than any other Fowler sites, because of the construction of the houses. One particular person seems to be buying houses here specifically for this purpose, and is saying that there is nothing in the leases to prevent it. People appear to be given 6 month lets. Matt has informed head office and is asking to be provided with evidence and back up to enable him to tackle this problem. So far, nothing has been forthcoming. I have agreed to show Matt my lease so that he can see if there is any clause in it which can be used to prevent this happening. Apparently there are three different types of leases for houses on this site.

I apologise for not being available for the AGM. Thus is due to a work related training course on the same weekend, which I have to attend. Once again, if there are any other Perranview owners who would be interested in sharing the representative role, it would be of benefit when it comes to representation at meetings.

Judith Hasell

Site Rep

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