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Kenegie owners’ side meeting summary


Some dissatisfaction that despite majority of owners indicating they were interested in WiFi, Ed had not written to owners as agreed. It was planned BT would deliver WiFi via fibre optic cable, which Ed had suggested would be in place by May. Visitors would be given unique passwords during their stay and controls would be in place to prevent neighbouring holiday let visitors from logging on.

Owners’ portal on MJL website

Last October Ed promised David & Liz that the owners’ portal would be ready for launch in Spring and it would be demonstrated at CMOA Spring meeting. Ed re-iterated this to them in February, but last week he was ‘called away on family business.’ Many owners unhappy with this. David will continue to chase. The portal should contain the following suggested headings:

  • Welcome to Kenegie
  • Letting Scheme
  • Grounds & Maintenance
  • Building Structure Maintenance
  • ‘160 heads are better than one’
  • Social & Community
  • Your Letting statement (bookings, nos. of days let, rental amount)

Owner bookings will be possible on the portal.

There was concern that some rental properties had been let out for 5 days, but the owner only received 3 days rental. Ed said this was an accounting error, but owners are advised to keep an eye on this, albeit understood it is quite difficult to police. It was requested that this could perhaps be mentioned at the future monthly meetings between the Kenegie reps Joy and Hazel, at least to let Ed know that all owners were now aware and were very concerned.

Some CMOA owners had noticed people living on Kenegie permanently, which was both illegal and against CMOA policy. These people have now moved out, but owners should be aware and report back to CMOA if they notice this in future.

TV Reception

Many owners had complained of poor and intermittent TV reception. David confirmed that this was Ed’s responsibility. Once WiFi is established owners would be able to purchase smart TVs.

Site update

Pool area repainted and ladies changing rooms upgraded with new sink, shower, matting for floors and all newly decorated. Still a problem with excess water – management considering installing dehumidifiers to try and resolve it.

Men’s changing rooms have also just been decorated. Old sauna room has had a brand new sauna installed & has been totally transformed. There is also a new Jacuzzi waiting to be plumbed in. Additionally there are new tables and chairs which have been placed around the pool area and a table tennis table installed next to the coffee shop.

Pressure washing is due to begin soon which will include main entrance and patio areas around the park.

A road sweeper came in February and swept all around the park.

Some outside painting still to take place. Old Court still not painted and gutterings not cleared generally across site

It has been requested that the numbers on parking spaces are repainted to ensure visitors park in the correct bays.

Work on small shop has begun providing essentials, milk, newspapers etc. – sited where large cupboard/storeroom is in WiFi lounge.

Grass cutting has begun but not yet completed.

Kenegie reps: Joy Polglase, Hazel Jones, Kaye O’Neill

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