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Kenegie Meeting 5 May 2017


Ed Newbold (EN)Christine McCarthy (CM)
Joy Polglase (JP)Hazel Jones (HJ)

Site Inspection

Hanging baskets are on order and many succulents have already been purchased. Other plants are also on order.

Power washing of patios and line painting has been started in Old Court and will be extended throughout the park .

It was requested that the putting green be cut more frequently, this was agreed to be done.

Repairs will be needed to the road leading to Old Court due to damage done by Biffa. This will be looked at during Winter 2017.

Minutes of last meeting

At the previous meeting it was asked if the waste bins could be washed. (EN) has informed us that he is ending the contract with Biffa and starting a new contract with H & A. As part of this new contract new bins will be provided throughout the site and they will be power washed once a year.

Matters arising

As above

Issues from owners

The work on the shop has been started and will be completed by half term. This will contain essential items and it will be possible for owners to pre order a ‘starter pack’ for their arrival. More information will follow directly from the site in due course.

Management has no plans to paint the pebble dash walls of properties but if any owners wish to do this themselves please write to management for approval. All requests in writing please. Consent will not be unreasonably withheld.

Concern was voiced by (HJ) regarding the height of some of the patios being dangerous. (EN) stated the importance of having all the edges of the patios marked white. If any owners wish to do any work on their patios (eg levelling them etc) please contact management (in writing) for permission first. Consent will not be unreasonably withheld.

The Owners Portal will not be able to show owners bookings this year. This has proved very difficult, as the way bookings can be taken on the Kenegie web site, bookings may be put into an inappropriate property e.g. dogs in a non pet property, or 6 people put into a property without a sofa bed, and (CM) needs to juggle the bookings around the properties to ensure each booking suits each property. It would prove difficult for both management and owners to constantly see bookings being altered. If anyone wishes to have a list of their bookings (CM) is more than happy to inform them of their bookings, just phone or email her. The Owners Portal will be giving owners information about other matters, general news as and when they arise and will be launched when it can be embedded into the main website.

Concern was raised in case too many locals used the pool and facilities, and site guests would find the facilities too busy to use themselves. (CM + (EN) said that this has never been the case in the past and does not think it will be an issue this year. One of the reasons locals are being encouraged is because the entrance fee they pay is preventing any increase in the charges paid by non Kenegie guests, plus it is helping to cover the costs of the new sauna, hot tub etc.

Work on maintaining the front entrance and island has started along with much general ground works. (HJ & (JP) commented on how nice the site was looking.

WiFi has been ordered but no commencement date is available yet. (at the time of writing 9/5 the lease line has been ordered and is with the provisioning team – the site is eager to finalise this)

Updates from Site Owner

Please ask dog owners to clean up after their pets if you see any guest not doing so. It appears to be more of a problem earlier and later in the season before the grass cutting routine is in place.

There is still a problem with condensation in the changing rooms, this will be addressed this winter.

Kenegie Manor has been awarded another certificate of excellence. Please ask your guests to post a trip advisor review on the main Kenegie trip advisors reviews as well as your own personal one as this will benefit everyone. If owners get the guest to comment on their unit number this will lead to increased exposure online.

Every winter a walk in skip will be put in the main car park for everyone’s use. Please do not put any trade refuse in the normal bins, please put TV’s, mattresses, etc in the walk in skip. It was requested that Owners, as a matter of courtesy, ask management first before using, as the walk in skip system was introduced to stop the excessive fly tipping behind the laundrette and housekeeping stores.

Any other business

CM and EN expressed their thanks and expressed their commitment to working in partnership with the CMOA and confirmed their dedication to continuously improving KM for the benefit of all.

Date of next meeting

End of July

Meeting closed 3.10

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