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Report for Kenegie Manor  October 2016

In 2016 we have seen Kenegie Manor under the new ownership of McKinnon Jardine Leisure Ltd, with Ed Newbold in charge of the running of the park.

Many of the original staff were retained with Christine as manager, Paula as bar/food manager, Jason as grounds man, Alan as housekeeper/checker, Andy as maintenance and Caroline as cleaner. Some additional staff have been added this summer with extra cleaners, temporary ground staff, and office workers, life guards etc.

Many large items have had to be purchased as the original ones were either not working or in some cases not even there. New dehumidifiers were needed for the swimming pool area, a new ride on mower had to be bought as there was not one left, a new small mower, strimmer, blower, and push along road sweeper to name but a few.

In the swimming pool area a coffee shop has been installed as is available when the pool is open. Light snacks have been available to purchase from there. To date the small shop which was advertised on the Kenegie web site has not happened.

The changing rooms for the pool are in need of refurbishment and I understand that this is going to be done this winter. The sauna has not been working all season.

The bar, main entrance, and outside buildings all received a coat of paint before the start of the season. New signs were put up all around the park, and bill boards are always outside the main reception building to advertise the special meal deals etc in The Old Forge Bar.

At the start of the season the grass was not being cut often enough, but I am delighted to say that after I complained twice it was all cut every week which in turn made the whole park look better. The front entrance has had two large borders made and a lot of plants have been planted, which hopefully will look inviting in the new year when they flower. The island in the park bungalow area has looked very messy for most of the season but I am delighted to report that this has all been sorted out now with plants and gravel and it is looking much better.

Where the old play area was the family has placed their own private collection of Bonsai trees. This is still a work in progress but I am sure once completed will be a good addition to the park.

Almost all the numbers have been done in the allotted parking spaces, with the exception on two or three, which had cars parked on them when the work was being done.

The power washing of patios, paths etc was started but only about 25% were actually done. It is hoped that all will be done before the start of the 2017 season.

The facia boards on properties were painted at the start of the season.

The putting area has had new numbers and flags for this year.

Earlier in the season Sunday roast lunches were on offer. This proved extremely successful for the first couple of weeks, but unfortunately due to lack of numbers in subsequent weeks they were stopped.

Solar lighting has been installed in the Old Court area, this will be monitored closely in the winter months to see if there is sufficient solar energy to work them in the colder months.

All guests who book though Kenegie Manor have been offered a free welcome drink on arrival.

On the Thursday before Halloween a party was organised with Kenegie providing lots of pumpkins, which guests took away to hollow out and make faces with them, these then had lights put inside and were placed all over the park. The Old Forge bar was decorated with the Halloween theme and people were asked to come in fancy dress. There were cash prizes for the best adult/ best child. A free buffet was provided by management. This evening was very successful and busy with the bar etc packed with people.

Hopefully WiFi will be installed all around the site during the coming winter. Quotes are being sought for this work. If this is installed owners will be able to pay per year for this, or if not guests would be able to purchase this for themselves when they arrive.

Joy Polglase

November 2016

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