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Mid Season Report!                                                                                September 2016

I visited the Tolroy site for 5 days in September and this report is the result of my observations and aconversation I had with Gavin.
CMOA members properties have improved and are continuing to improve whilst properties independant of CMOA continue to give him problems with visitors who see better standards in other properties. This conversation developed into discussion about owners who let their properties but fail to offer advice and information to their tenants about Tolroy. On one occasion the owner did not even send keys and expect JF to hand over keys when there was no arrangement to do so.
In future the site will offer no support to these tenants as it is distracting staff from their commitment to JF/ CMOA tenants. This would seem to be very reasonable as after all CMOA members would be subsidising others who do not pay for the JF services.
Gavin has come round to thinking that the idea of BBQ facilities in 3 locations would make the use of disposable grills safer and to be be more neighbourly. Funds permitted they will start construction for next year.
The clearing of seagull nests as they start to build in spring has been fairly successful but of course as the gulls lay their eggs the nests can not be disturbed therefore these young will want to return to Tolroy next year.
Gavin is trying to secure funds for the resurfacing the Trevithick Court car park with kerbs to keep the boarders tidy. There have been improvements to the recycling area behind the clubhouse with a fence to keep it tidy and some signing.
Other issues I raised, in part from personal experience, was the cleaning standards which left my property with food stuck to the walls and a fridge that had not been defrosted all season. Also the inevitable missing items and a living room laid out for the convenience of the cleaners rather than the first impression on our  guests. I had wanted to suggest some training and standards that the cleaners could follow but there are problems with getting and keeping cleaners which I had not appreciated. Cleaners are only required three days a week, Friday, Saturday and Monday. They are also seasonal and because of the high summer
demand there are more than enough jobs locally. I had expected the cleaners to have been migrant workers
but this is not the case which means the pool of cleaners is rather small and they can move around at will.
Perhaps this subject needs further discussion at the AGM.
Outdoor lighting in Strawberry had failed but had not been noticed. This is now being attended to. On the subject of lighting as JF replace light bulbs with LEDs I would like to see CMOA press JF to adopt a standard of 2700K for replacement bulbs in preference to 4000K (these are the figures for the sort of colour coming from the lamps, 2700 is like tungsten lamps and 4000K is harsher than the cold fluorescent) the result of using only this colour means consistency and our furnishings look better and people look much more healthy, which after all is why they holiday!
I had another frying pan replacing the good quality one which I put in at the start of the season and this new one was absolute rubbish, so thin that it was impossible to fry without burning. If JF put products like this into all properties where is the differentiation between the three levels? And also where are they going with improving standards/quality.
Christopher Nell
Represenative, Tolroy, Strawberry Hill

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