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Cornish Manor Owners’ Associatio

Minutes of General Meeting held on Saturday 10th November 2007

at St. Ives Holiday Village

Present           Jean Tolchard              Chairman

Mike O’Neill               Vice Chairman/Membership Secretary

David Lappin              Secretary

Trevor Healing            Treasurer

Les Rose         Paul Hunter     Barrie Hockley            Simon Arkell

Attendance     84 Members

Apologies        69

Minutes          The Minutes of the meeting held on Sunday 22nd April 2007 were received and approved as a true and proper record. Proposed by Mr W Pollock and seconded by Mr M Hyndman.

Matters Arising

A meeting was held with Martyn Fowler on 7th June at Kenegie Manor and was attended by the Chairman and Secretary. The meeting was very conducive with a range of issues affecting members being discussed.

Perran View

Pricing – Martyn Fowler confirmed that prices are in line with the Market. They believe that their pricing strategy is effective and have no intention of changing it in the foreseeable future.


Swimming Pool – JFH acknowledged that the Pool was on the small side and was unable to meet demands during the peak season, however constructing a new one is not on the cards, therefore we just have to live with it.

Fire Escape Ladders – Following a survey on Strawberry Hill properties it now appears that the fire escape ladder affixed to the building does not comply in its present form with current regulations. There are two solutions available: 1) Construct a safety barrier around the ladder. 2) Install a smoke alarm with a permanent electrical supply.

Option 2 is the most cost effective solution and has been accepted by JFH. For those owners wishing to have the ladder removed after fitting the smoke alarm, JFH can arrange it, however a cost will be involved and will be dependent on the numbers to be removed.

St. Ives

Electrical Testing – Owners complained about charges being made to carry out electrical work to meet safety regulations. JFH had appointed new electrical contractors who appeared to be more thorough and were finding faults with the installations. Owners were of the opinion that as it was safe on the last check, there was no reason the situation would change. Unfortunately previous safety certificates have been lost. JFH acknowledge and apologise for the loss, but maintain that properties must be safe at all times.

Building Development – Members raised concerns over ground and road works onto the former Golf course. JFH stated that the work was being carried out by a private developer, who wants to build Chalets/Lodges for sale. There are two plans on the table, plan A and plan B. Plan A will proceed if the private developer considers it viable. Plan B is for JFH to initially build two Lodges, one of Scandinavian design and the other British. Whichever proves to be the most favourable, will then be used to replace existing Chalets. This will be done on a rolling programme basis.

Honicombe – A request was made by owners who wished to sell their properties to use the services of Brian Robinson. JFH stated that this was not possible as he is directly employed by JFH to market their properties only.

Deposits – This subject was raised yet again at the meeting with Martyn Fowler. Although sympathetic to our concerns, he did not consider there was a simple solution, however he promised to address it with the relevant park managers. CMOA have put forward a number of suggestions and emphasised the importance of providing some sort of deterrent. The issue will continue to be addressed.

Chairman’s Report – See attached

Madam Chairman highlighted in her report the effect of the recently issued membership badges/stickers for display on windows and doors. It appears that they are proving quite popular with visitors who see them as collectors’ items. Perhaps they are being traded on E-Bay!

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported a slight reduction in Membership largely on Kenegie. Owners joined when Kenegie was first put on the market, however it appears they believe any potential threat has disappeared and no longer require CMOA. He went on to state 144 members had paid 2007/8 subscriptions out of 150. He urged those that hadn’t to please do so. The current Bank balance stands at £2,215.00 with £16,302 on deposit.

Contents Insurance

CMOA have requested over the years for JFH to provide a combined Building and Contents Insurance. CMOA are pleased to announce that JFH have now agreed. Those members who currently have buildings insurance with JFH will from 15th October 2008 be able to have contents insurance combined. £8,000.00 contents cover will cost £40.00 plus insurance tax at 5%. There will be a pro rata adjustment for any extra cover required. JFH will notify all owners during January 2008 and will provide interim cover from May onwards to help with Policy changeovers. Members can still arrange their own insurance, but are urged to ensure that the cover is comparable to that provided by JFH.

Property Sales

Brian Robinson informed CMOA that property prices were more or less in line with last year (copy attached for reference).

JFH have decided to sell their properties on Tolroy and Perran View. Selling prices are similar to Members market prices (list attached). They have taken the opportunity however, to amend the lease and management fees. The Lease term has been reduced to 99 years and fees have been increased.

JFH have also decided to sell the Perran View site. To this end they have placed the sale with Fox Leisure together with the re-launch sale of Kenegie. Selling price is as follows: Perran View £2,950,000 which includes £2 million worth of units currently owned by JFH. Kenegie Manor £4,450.000 including some £2 million of unsold apartments in the Manor House (copy of sale notice attached).

New Technologies

Digital TV Transmission.

JFH has now agreed to provide “Free View” boxes to owners who let through them. They have also agreed to provide costs to upgrade to Flat Screen TV’s incorporating a digital tuner, which will alleviate the need for a separate “Free View” box. The latest information on change over dates is between June and September 2009. To keep updated please visit www.digitaluk.co.uk

Wi Fi

It is intended that all JFH sites are equipped with Wi Fi facilities. This will enable portable lap top uses to connect with the internet remotely. It is anticipated that all sites will be up and running during the next 18 months


JFH are having their web site upgraded, which will allow owners access to view their bookings and therefore have the opportunity to let the property themselves, thus making better use and hopefully maximising income. Access will be by secure password.

Members asked CMOA to investigate setting up its own web site. The Secretary has carried out initial research with associated costs. The objective being to:

  • Establish a web site with suitable logo and mission statement.
  • Facility to post member information i.e. notice of meetings and Minutes.
  • Message board for member use only.
  • Enquiry section for prospective new members.
  • Facility for owners to advertise their properties for let/sale.
  • Link to JFH site.

Costs – Establish web site with associated costs included in the first year circa £3000.00Host

site cost = £150.00 per annum

Control of access to site = £20 to £50 per month.

A general discussion then took place, with some members who have working knowledge of web sites, voicing their concern about the relative start up costs and have offered their help and advice. The Secretary will liaise with those members and suggested a working group is established to identify CMOA requirements. The Secretary agreed to report back to members at the AGM in April 2008.

Side Meetings

Honicombe (Patrick Rooney)                                       copy report attached

Patrick Rooney was unable to attend so Madam Chairman read out his report.

The report noted that the leisure centre costs have risen again from £750 to £900 plus vat per annum. Payment made from 1st February 2008 increases to £1350 plus vat.

Also included was news on the rumour that Honicombe had been sold and completion was imminent, however it did not divulge who the rumoured owner was.

Perran View (John Youdell)                                        copy report attached

John was unable to attend so Madam Chairman read out his report.

The report noted problems with the quality and standard of cleaning, which appears to be due to recruitment problems by JFH, who have now brought the service back ‘in house’. Concerns were also raised regarding external lighting which is still out of action.

Action: David Lappin

Tolroy (Les Rose & Simon Arkell)                               copy report attached

Tolroy members expressed concern that owner’s vacuum cleaners were being used by cleaners on other properties, which was increasing damage and maintenance costs. It was also noted that notices advising visitors of the private ownership of properties were disappearing and not being replaced. The Secretary will write to JFH on this matter. External lighting was again raised as an issue. Tolroy properties are due to be painted this winter and members were concerned about the amount of Algae present on the woodwork and would like to know if this will be removed or treated before painting takes place. It was also noted that Tolroy has a number of Laburnum Trees, which are considered poisonous. The Secretary will write to JFH on these matters. A member wrote to the Secretary regarding pedestrian safety at the entrance to Tolroy and lack of footpaths to the Bus Stops. The member requested the Secretary to write to the Council alerting them to this potentially unsafe situation.

Action: David Lappin

Kenegie (Paul Hunter & Barrie Hockley)                     copy report attached

Confirmation was received about the retiling of the Swimming Pool. Work which should have been carried last year has now begun. The retiled pool will be ready for the start of the new season. One member reported a property being occupied on a residential basis. The member enquired with Penwith District Council, who was apparently unaware of the situation.

The electrical supply to the CATV system feeding the Barns has its control switch mounted on an external wall and can easily be switched off by visitors.                                                                                     Action: Barrie Hockley

St. Ive

Currently St. Ives is not represented, however Liz Ashenden kindly agreed to chair the side meeting and report back to the main meeting.

Concerns were raised relating to the restaurant being inadequate, entertainment starting too late in the evening and service charges being higher that other sites plus income levels were also considered to be low. External lighting as per Perran View and Tolroy was also a problem, particularly on pathways and remote properties. The Secretary will again write to JFH on this matter. Barrie Hockley commented that the higher management charges were a “throw back” to when the properties were built and the charges that were in place then.                                                                                               .Action: David Lappin

General Discussion

The Secretary asked members to keep him informed of any changes to the Service Providers list, either deletions or additions. The list is updated and issued with the Minutes of each meeting. It is printed a different paper colour and dated each time so that members always have the current information.

A number of members raised the issue of Fire Risk assessments. Committee members reiterated that it was the owner’s responsibility to carry out a risk assessment on their property. The Secretary will endeavour to seek further clarification on this matter before the AGM.

Action: David Lappi

Next Meeting

The AGM will be held at the Ibis Hotel Swindon. The date in April 2008, to be confirmed.

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