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Cornish Manor Owners’ Association

Minutes of General Meeting held on Saturday 11th November 2006 at Tolroy Manor Hayle

Present           Jean Tolchard              Chairman

Mike O’Neill               Vice Chairman/Membership Secretary

David Lappin              Secretary

Trevor Healing            Treasurer

Barrie Hockley           Site representative – Kenegie

Attendance     81 Members

Apologies        64

The Chairman opened the Meeting by welcoming everyone including new members.

Minutes        One item reported in the Minutes of the meeting held on Sunday 9th April 2006 was queried by Barrie Hockley – Site representative Kenegie. The query related to the money allotted for legal fees. The Minutes recorded that two proposals were put forward for the allocation of funds. Barrie was of the opinion that the money was going to be used for legal fees in respect of the purchase of Kenegie by members. A discussion was then entered into. Unfortunately memories tend to fade over the year and no one was absolutely clear on what was intended. As no further progress has been made to purchase Kenegie it was then agreed by the Chairman that the funds allotted will remain in place until April 2007, when the situation will be reviewed again at the AGM. The Minutes were then agreed and approved

Matters Arising

The secretary wrote to Martyn Fowler on a number of matters that arose from the AGM

Tolroy Manor

Footpaths etc.   Concern was raised again about the lighting, footpaths and standing water on the site. Martyn Fowler agreed to investigate with the Managers as to how cost effective improvements could be made.

Pets. JFH agreed that it was difficult to police visitors bringing pets and not paying for them. Martyn Fowler promised to ensure that the respective managers would be more vigilant in checking that pets have been declared and charged for.

Guttering The response to the continuous problem of cleaning gutters was that whilst JFH had no contractual responsibility to clear gutters, they will clear them as a matter of courtesy during the winter maintenance programme. If any owner is concerned about their property, then they should make the respective manager aware who will then ensure that the problem is dealt with as a matter of priority.

Deposit Bond. A proposal was put forward to JFH to introduce a deposit bond as a deterrent against theft and damage by visitors. It was envisaged that credit card details would be taken when the visitor(s) booked in, but was not intended to be acted upon. The fact that details had been taken were perhaps good enough to deter thefts and damage!

JFH responded warmly to the proposal and although they considered it may have a detrimental effect on bookings, they will consider it in their future plans.

Gardener The secretary confirmed that he had written to Roger Palmer on his retirement as gardener, to wish him well for the future and thank him on behalf of Tolroy members for his hard work. The letter was well received.

Kenegie Manor

Lighting   The secretary was asked to raise the issue of an ongoing lighting problem. The problem related to a severed underground lighting cable damaged by the building contractors during renovation of the Manor House. JFH promised to have the cable repaired and lighting restored. Barrie Hockley was able to provide the meeting with an update and reported that the gardener was instructed to replace the light bulb and in doing so the telegraph pole collapsed under the weight of the ladder and gardener leaving him somewhat embarrassed but otherwise unhurt on the ground. Needless to say the lighting is still not operational.

Roads   The main entrance road took a battering from HGV’s during the renovation of the Manor House and now has a number of pot holes in it. The secretary asked JFH to consider having it resurfaced rather than patched. This was not met with much enthusiasm however a promise was made to keep an eye on the situation!

Membership Identification  

In an effort to identify fellow Members and Owners the Secretary was asked to look into providing stickers/badges. Mr Michael Hyndman kindly produced samples of roundels depicting a Celtic logo theme incorporating CMOA. The samples were handed round the meeting and received overwhelming approval. It is intended to issue a new badge each year on renewal of membership. Details to be discussed at the AGM.


A questionnaire was sent to members seeking information on how they marketed their properties if they were not let through JFH or Domain Leisure. As only 5 replies were received, the Secretary was unable to provide any meaningful statistical information and advised the meeting accordingly.

Chairman’s Report – See attached

Treasurer’s report

The Treasurer thanked all those who had paid their subscriptions and advised the meeting that he was waiting on the final 8 to pay for the current year. CMOA bank balance now is now £15,900.00 and he declared subscriptions will not be increased.

Property Sales – See attached list

The Secretary advised the meeting on the latest selling prices as issued by Brian Robinson. During the past 6 months prices continued to move upwards by an average of 4%. Cornwall has seen a 3 fold increase in property prices during the past decade. According to newspaper reports this trend is set to continue for the next couple of years with Cornwall enjoying an above average rate of increase in the order of 8% per annum.

Property Building Insurance

As a result of CMOA’s efforts all properties have now been re-valued for rebuild purposes and members have been informed by JFH. In the main properties have been undervalued by about 15%, however there are exceptions effecting mainly the Barns on Kenegie. In some cases properties have been valued lower than their current insured value. A full list of properties is attached.

Due to a change in the law all owners are now free to arrange their own building insurance. The law change supersedes the conditions of the lease. If owners wish to arrange their own cover, then JFH must be informed in writing and given 21 days notice of intention. See attached forms – Landlord and Tenant, England

The Secretary advised the meeting of the pitfalls of rushing out to buy alternative insurance based on cost. JFH will have to set up an admin system to ensure the insurance cover meets their criteria. It is likely that policies will be renewed at various times of the year instead of the present block policy renewal. They have indicated a likely administration fee in the order of £30 may be levied.

A general discussion took place on the pros and cons. The consensus of opinion was that whilst members welcomed the idea of being able to shop around, it was considered that difficulties would be encountered as the insurance market for holiday lets is limited. A number of members suggested it would be better to have a combined buildings and contents insurance as a block policy either through Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JFH insurers) or another company. A vote was taken and carried unanimously. Barrie Hockley agreed to investigate the insurance market and the Secretary agreed to write to JFH to seek their views.

                                                            Action: David Lappin & Barrie Hockley

Postal Charges

Due to the changes in Postal charges introduced earlier this year it was proposed by the Secretary to change the format of the Minutes in order to reduce postal costs. The intention is to reduce the number of pages by using duplex printing. This will reduce the weight charge as well as printing costs. The proposal was put to a vote and carried unanimously by the meeting.

Digital TV Reception

During the next few years Television transmissions will be in digital format only. The programme to shut down the existing Analogue transmitters a will be phased throughout the country. Cornwall and the West Country will be one of the first. Early 2009 will see the switch over. BBC2 will close down first with the rest following one month later. It will be necessary for all users to have a “set top” box or digital TV. Members reported varying levels of success through the CATV system supplied and maintained by JFH.

The cost of the “set top” box has fallen over the last few years and can now be purchased for as little as £25.00 although it was pointed out by a number of members that as JFH are responsible for the supply and maintenance of the TV and CATV system they should also supply the “set top” box or a new digital TV. If the item was purchased by owners then they would be responsible and should the equipment fail or malfunction the owner would face a bill from JFH far in excess of the purchase cost of a new one. The Secretary will write to JFH on this important subject.

Action: David Lappin

Side Meetings and Representatives Reports

St. Ives (John Eymor & Paul Williams)          Copy of report attached

Unfortunately neither representative was able to attend.

Liz Ashenden kindly chaired the meeting and reported as follows:-

Now that the Golf course has been abandoned pending new chalet development, the area has become overgrown and presents a hazard to walkers and children alike.

There are complaints about grass growing in the roof gutters and when this has been brought to the attention of the maintenance section, they have been told that under health & safety regulations climbing of ladders is prohibited.

Security does not exist, however to date there have no reported incidents.

The public bus service onto the site has now ceased making it more difficult for visitors without cars to get about.

Action: David Lappi

Perran View (John Youdell & Peter Frost)

Unfortunately neither representative was able to attend

Peter Ashcroft kindly chaired the meeting and reported back.

One of the complaints concerned lids missing from Electrical Meter boxes.

Another related to the winter works programme. A figure of £1,600.00 was stated but did not provide a breakdown. There was a general complaint of visitors parking on the grass verges and churning up the area.

Kenegie Manor (Barrie Hockley & Paul Hunter)   Copy of report attached

Paul Hunter was unable to attend

Barrie Hockley chaired the meeting and reported back as follows:-

Manor House has now been successful in attracting one resident. The residential planning application submitted by some owners on Kenegie has been refused by Penwith District Council. JFH have had a similar application turned down for their holiday flats above the swimming pool.

Owners feel there is a need to have recycling bins on the site in line with the national drive to recycle.

They also consider that the sewage system in now inadequate to cater for the additional dwellings.

The area leading to the Manor House has now been fenced off thus restricting access for owners and visitors alike to other areas.

Clarification is required as to when all facilities open. Last year facilities were not available until later in the season despite assurances being given that everything starts when the site opens in March.

As communication technology advances daily, members would like to have the facility of wireless internet access.

Action: David Lappin

Tolroy Manor (John Goddard & Les Rose)     Copy of reports attached

Unfortunately neither representative was able to attend. Les Rose has now resigned from the committee as he has sold his property.

The committee wishes to thank him sincerely for his work over many years for the CMOA.

Trevor Healing chaired the meeting and reported back as follows:- One member complained of being charged for Electrical appliance testing (PAT) and discovered that the last date tested was 2004. Mary Gee acknowledged the oversight and arranged for a credit. It is worth checking that the work has been carried out and all labels are current, particularly now JFH are going to charge an extra £2.50 per item for testing over 10 electrical items on top of the standard £27.50.

The restaurant is to close and be turned into a quiet area! Members suggest it is turned into an Internet Café for young visitors. The 2007 season will be extended to accommodate for Halloween. Members also reported damage to property particularly during short lets. Another call was made for a deposit scheme. In an effort to deter theft and vandalism it was suggested warning boards to be positioned around the site advising of the presence of surveillance cameras.

                                                                                                Action: David Lappin

Honicombe (Patrick Rooney)                        Copy of report attached

Unfortunately Patrick Rooney was unable to attend.

There were no representatives from Honicombe.

One issue was raised in the report concerning fire risk assessment. Domain Leisure has written to owners telling them they will be carrying out a fire risk assessment on each property for a charge of £99.00 plus Vat. After some discussion by the meeting on this matter, members were of the opinion that it was that owner’s responsibility to carry out a risk assessment and not the site management. JFH have no plans to carry out risk assessments on owner’s properties.

General Discussion and AOB

As each site experienced different problems with services provided and services received, it was suggested that an exercise is carried out to establish the following:-

1)      How do the services differ between each site?

2)      Is there any practiced discrimination between JFH clients and private lettings?

Barrie Hockley kindly agreed to carry out the exercise on the members behalf.

                                                                                                Action: Barrie Hockley

Next Meeting

As most members were satisfied with the facilities offered at the Ibis Hotel Swindon it was agreed that we should hold our AGM there in April. Next meeting will be Sunday 22nd April, subject to confirmation.

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