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Cornish Manor Owners’ Association

Minutes of the General Meeting held on Saturday 12th November 2005 at Tolroy Manor

Present                       Jean Tolchard                          Chairman

Mike O’Neill                           Vice Chairman/                                                                                   Membership Secretary

David Lappin                          Secretary

Trevor Healing                        Treasurer


Paul Hunter                 John Goddard                           *Bill Murray                Barrie Hockley


*representing Olive Murray


Attendance                 67 Members

6 Guests


Apologies                    35


Minutes                      The Minutes of the meeting held on 25th April were received and approved as a true and proper record. Proposed by Arthur Saunders and seconded by Heather Goddard

Matters Arising         A meeting was arranged with Martyn Fowler and was attended by the Secretary and Paul Hunter, site rep Kenegie. The meeting took place on 20th May 2005. The following matters were discussed:

Late Payments. Martyn Fowler acknowledged that payments were late in reaching owners accounts and gave an assurance that payments would not be unduly delayed this year. To this end a letter was received from Howard Midwinter, Company Accountant JFH and distributed to all members. The letter set out to explain some of the difficulties and assured us that every effort was being made to overcome them. JFH invested in new Computer Software which has failed to deliver.

Building Insurance.   Martyn Fowler agreed to our request for members to have details and a certificate of Insurance. It was not considered expedient to issue the full schedule as it consisted of some 24 pages. It was agreed that if an owner required the full document then this would be provided on request.

Site Security.  The main concern was the level and type of security provided at Tolroy. The Secretary took the opportunity to establish the security policy of JFH. Martin Fowler stated that the security policy of JFH is to address each site according to its needs. In other words if they encounter a problem it will be addressed.

The situation on Tolroy is that security is provided all year round with patrols taking place from 6pm through to 3am. This statement has now been corrected in that security on this basis is only provided during the season and no out of season cover has been provided for the past nine years.

Maintenance Charges. It was put to JFH that owners who have installed maintenance free windows and doors should enjoy a reduction on charges. This request was turned down flat by Martyn Fowler on the basis that monies collected from owners does not cover the costs incurred and was therefore was being subsidised by JFH!!.

Kenegie. The future of Kenegie was the main topic as the site is for sale. At the time of the meeting no firm offers had been submitted and this remains the case as at 20th September 2005. Martyn Fowler invited members of the CMOA to bid. In the meantime he assured us he would continue to support and market Kenegie until a buyer is found.

Replacement Domestic Appliances. Resulting from a problem encountered by an owner on Tolroy, it was asked if it was possible to hold a small stock of refrigerators, cookers etc. on site, to replace on a temporary basis, giving owners an opportunity to source a replacement themselves. Les Rose (site rep Tolroy) reported back through the secretary that this was not possible and the main reason given was lack of storage space.

Council Tax/Business Rates. The Treasurer reported to the meeting on the outcome of his investigation into the revised rating system. Vickery Holman Property Consultants advised that an appeal could be mounted and some success achieved: however in their view this would be minimal and could result in fees in the order of £12,000. They did advise that members who let their properties should apply for Business Rates as it is not given automatically. It may be necessary to apply on an annual basis. The Treasurer put this to the meeting and the consensus was that members were already taking advantage of it. Vickery Holman offered members an annual rate review service which would cost from £50 to £75 plus Vat per member. The Treasurer considered that the potential cost saving would not justify the expenditure and that the Association should not pursue this further at this stage. There was no disagreement from the meeting.

Property Sales           The Secretary updated the meeting on the latest selling prices through JFH. During the past 6 Months selling prices have continued to rise, which is encouraging as the residential market is slowing down. (Current price list attached)

AGM Venue              The Treasurer proposed to the meeting that the current AGM venue at Stratford-upon-Avon no longer best fitted a geographical centre for our members. During the past few years our membership has migrated south and therefore a more suitable venue is required.

Les Rose kindly carried out the leg work and found a venue in Swindon (Wilts) close to the M4. The Chairman put the vote to the meeting which resulted in 2 against and four abstentions, the rest being in favour. However it was decided to put the vote to the entire Membership. A voting form is attached.

Service Providers      The Secretaryproposed that a list of preferred suppliers be established for the benefit of members. It is becoming increasingly important as new legislation comes into effect that people we employ to carry out work are competent and operate to the required standard/regulation. An example being electrical work. Under regulations introduced in April 2005 it is no longer possible for JFH maintenance staff to carry out certain types of electrical work. This work now has to be done by a qualified Electrician who is able to issue a certificate to verify the work has been carried out correctly (similar to CORGI registration). JFH have advised Tolroy owners of the change and have offered an emergency call out service. The annual fee is based on a level of service required from £100 rising to £250. The meeting agreed that the frequency of call out and level of risk did not warrant the cost.

From time to time we are all in need of reliable Plumbers, Tilers, and Decorators etc to maintain or improve our properties. With members help in providing this information a list can be circulated and be of benefit to existing and new members alike. If you have used someone or a particular company that you would be happy to recommend, then please refer to attached questionnaire.

Chairman’s Report   See attached

Treasurer’s report    The Treasurer reported that some 17 new members had been recruited this year. The current account Bank balance stood at £914.00 and some £15,490 was on deposit. The Treasurer also reported he had received 121 subscriptions to date and reminded members who hadn’t paid of the need to do so

Side Meetings and Representatives Reports

St. Ives           (Olive Murray/John Eymor)                            Copy of report attached

Unfortunately neither Olive Murray nor John Eymor was able to attend. However Olive’s husband Bill represented her and chaired the side meeting.

Items raised were:

Future Development. As JFH have secured planning permission to build 54 Chalets on the former Golf course, members are concerned about the disruption it will cause and the potential effect on bookings. The Secretary will write to JFH on this subject.

  1. A member suggested a Key deposit scheme that works in the following way: £50.00 is deposited at reception when the key is handed over. At the end of the let and key is returned the £50.00 is refunded automatically. The thinking behind the scheme, which is operated by other Holiday Parks in the UK and Europe, is to deter people from stealing and causing damage, as they do not want to lose the deposit Before this is put to JFH perhaps other members have experienced such schemes and may wish to comment,.

Action: David Lappin

Perran            (John Youdell/Nigel Hands)                           Report not available

Unfortunately neither John Youdell nor Nigel Hands was able to attend. Members conducted their own meeting with the Secretary and Chairman helping out.

tems raised were:

Reception Area. Concern was raised on the poor appearance of the reception area and as this is the first point of contact for Holidaymakers, the impression is not one of good feeling. Despite   this members present were happy with the number of bookings achieved this year.

Action: David Lappin

Honicombe                 (Patrick Rooney)                                 Copy of report attached.

Unfortunately there was no representation from Honicmbe.

Tolroy            (John Goddard/Les Rose/David Eustace)      Copy of report attached.

Items raised were:

Building Insurance As a result of our request for information on Building Insurance, this has now raised further questions from members as to the level of insurance provided and cost of premium. The Secretary will seek clarification from JFH.

General Maintenance The quality of painting by contractors is considered to be poor with little or no preparation being carried out. The paint applied does not adhere to the woodwork and quickly flakes.

Electricity Charges The method of billing has now changed and charging is carried out on the total number of units consumed. Members would like see opening and closing readings as before.

Trees Several issues were raised regarding the management of trees on the site. Answers will be sought from JFH.

Security. Out of season security is still a concern. This has been heightened as no member of staff lives on the site. An incident occurred when one unit was broken into and the front door had been left open.

  1. From time to time locks are changed on properties but owners are not informed, which has resulted in owners being locked out of their properties and unable to get access of keys from reception if they have arrived out of hours.

Damage and theft. Members from Tolroy would also like some sort of deposit scheme introduced by JFH.

Crazy Golf/Tennis Courts. The concerns raised related to Health and Safety in terms of lighting and condition of footpaths.

Marketing      Members queried if JFH had taken full account of the changes in School terms when marketing their sites?

Action: David Lappin

Note: Additional information is included in site report.

Kenegie          (Paul Hunter/Barrie Hockley)             Copy of site report attached.

Items raised were:

Manor House Redevelopment Building works and grounds are virtually complete. Properties about to be put on the market. Prices range from £145,000 to £310,000.

Bookings        Season slow getting started but picked up as the year went on. Bookings appear to be up slightly on 2004.

Residential Planning. Side meeting considered report from Paul Hunter on meeting with Penwith Council. Barrie Hockley has undertaken to find out if Kenegie owners wish to purchase Kenegie and put in an offer to JFH.

Also should owners apply on-block for Residential status? The question was also raised on the possibility of owners buying their lease.

Action: Barrie Hockley

Building Insurance    In concert with other side meetings, questions were raised regarding rebuild and premium costs.

Swimming Pool          The decoration of the pool and its surroundings has suffered during the season and assurance has been given that this will be rectified. The Secretary will confirm with JFH.

Action: David Lappin

Grounds and Gardens          There were no serious problems relating to the grounds. The contractors have left the grounds in good order with the car park being brought back into use.

Note: further information contained in site report.

General          After the reports from the side meetings were received, the Chairman thanked everyone for their input. A general discussion then took place. Amongst the main issues was the impending change of status at Kenegie. It was agreed that professional advice is to be sought about the leases on Kenegie properties. Barrie Hockley will arrange for a solicitor who specialises in this field to investigate the leases. It was agreed to supply a number of leases for the different properties to him. The Secretary advised the meeting that a similar exercise was already being undertaken by John Youdell, but as he was unable to attend the meeting, no information is to hand on its progress. The Chairman stated that in view of the urgency we should proceed with Kenegie. The Secretary agreed to establish the current situation.

Action: Barrie Hockley

In view of the ongoing concern with security at Tolroy the Chairman agreed to write to Devon & Cornwall Police. A member suggested that she write to the Police headquarters at Camborne in the first instance.

Action: Jean Tolchard

As there was no other business the Chairman thanked members and guests for attending and gave special thanks to Mary Gee (JFH) for organising the facilities and catering in such a splendid way and of course to JFH for allowing CMOA the use of their facilities.

Next Meeting AGM April 2006. Location of venue to be decided by ballot.

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