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Cornish Manor Owners’ Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 22nd April 2007 at the Ibis Hotel Swindon

Present           Jean Tolchard              Chairman

Mike O’Neill               Vice Chairman/Membership Secretary

David Lappin              Secretary

Trevor Healing            Treasurer

Paul Hunter                Patrick Rooney           Site Representatives.

Attendance     38 Members

Apologies        75

Minutes          The Minutes of the meeting held on Saturday 11th November 2006 were received and approved as a true and proper record. Proposed by Keith Champion and seconded by Michael Hyndman.

Matters Arising

                        The Secretary wrote to Martyn Fowler on a number of issues raised at                     the November meeting.

                        Building Insurance

Now that the building insurance exercise has been completed                                  satisfactorily, members would like to have the option of a combined                      insurance i.e. buildings and contents. The secretary put the proposal to               JFH, who confirmed it would be passed on to the Insurers.                                      Unfortunately JFH have not supplied any further information to date                      despite a reminder prior to the AGM.

Barrie Hockley undertook to source companies willing to provide a                         combined insurance with associated costs. The exercise produced three                       companies. See attached report:

1)         Towergate Tel No. 01708 777529 www.towergate.co.uk

2)         William Rogers Tel 01736 369488 e-mail: insurance@wrib.co.uk

3)         Schofields Underwriting Agencies Tel 01204 365080                                   www.schofields.ltd.uk

The building costs vary from £1.85 to £2.50 per thousand insured plus                    tax. Example given for re-build cost of £68,000 indicates a premium of                    £100 plus 5% tax. Contents insurance with £15,000 worth of cover,               costs about £60.

After some discussion the meeting agreed that further investigation                        was required to confirm that the insurance provided was appropriate to              the members’ properties.

                  Digital TV

JFH have now agreed to have all CATV systems checked and                                 upgraded to accommodate the distribution of digital signals in time for                     the changeover at the beginning of 2009. At this time Martyn Fowler is                   not convinced that it should be JFH’s responsibility to provide a “set                   top box” – digital freeview receiver. The secretary will pursue this                           matter further with JFH.

                  St. Ives

Members on St. Ives complained about the general appearance and                         also the problem with grass growing in the guttering. JFH have now                     taken steps to improve the site and clear out the gutters. The gutter                                     situation is relevant to all sites and any problems should be reported to                   the site management. JFH have undertaken to carry out this work on a                    good will basis

                  Tolroy Manor

A number of issues were raised by Tolroy owners’. Security is always                     one of them, with members suggesting the positioning of CCTV                             warning boards around the site. This was met with approval and Mary                Gee, Tolroy site manager has been asked to consider them. Members                 present could not confirm the presence of such notices.

A proposal was also made to turn the former restaurant into an internet                   Café. This suggestion was also met with approval and in conjunction                      with members other suggestions JFH are considering the introduction                     of wireless internet access on all their sites.

                       Kenegie Manor

Assurance was given that the ongoing electrical problem with the                            supply cable affecting external lighting, would receive urgent attention.               Members present were unable to confirm that the work has now been                 carried out.

As Kenegie does not offer the same facilities as other JFH sites, the                        limited facilities do not open until later in the season, however there                    appears to be no fixed date which causes problems for owner’s who let                      their properties privately. JFH have now stated that in future facilities                     will open at Easter.


The site manager Samir has been asked to liaise with Penwith District                     Council regarding the provision of recycling facilities. One member                  reported that recycling facilities were available on Tolroy, however its                 location is being well guarded, as there is only one small sign                                   indicating its existence. But apparently it is included on the site                              treasure hunt!!


Concern was raised by members about the adequacy of the sewerage                      system on Kenegie to cope with extra demand during peak times now                that an additional 20 apartments have been connected to it. JFH are of              the opinion that the system is adequate, however acknowledge that                                     changes may have to be made if current regulations are changed. If this                  happens and an upgrade is required JFH have taken the opportunity to               advise that additional costs will be distributed equally among owners.

Chairman’s report – see attached.

Treasurer’s report – see attached statement of accounts.

The Treasurer reported a continued increase in Membership, which now stands at 158, an increase of 32 on the year. A sum of £500.00 plus Vat was allocated for legal expenses. The law firm did not complete the investigation correctly and have subsequently refunded £100 plus Vat to CMOA.

Election of Officers

As there were no other nominations for the following positions the incumbents were re-elected by acclaim

Chairman                                                         Jean Tolchard

Vice Chairman/Membership Secretary           Mike O’Neill

Secretary                                                         David Lappin

Treasurer                                                         Trevor Healing

Site Representatives

Kenegie                                                           Paul Hunter

Barrie Hockley

Perran View                                                    John Youdell


Tolroy Manor                                                 *Les Rose

*Simon Arkell

  1. Ives                                                            Vacant

Honicombe                                                      Patrick Rooney

*    Les Rose has kindly agreed to represent Tolroy again and was elected in his           absence.

*    Simon Arkell has kindly agreed to represent Tolroy and was elected by       acclaim. Simon replaces John Goddard who was a long serving member of the             committee but he has now sold his property.

John Eymor has due to other commitments resigned as representative for St. Ives. He has offered his help and support to his successor. The committee thanks John for his work and support on behalf of CMOA over the past years.


Site representatives are required for St. Ives x 2 and Perran View x 1. If you are willing to help, please contact the Secretary. The site representative’s task is not an arduous one.   It involves reporting on the general appearance, condition and any problems relating to the site and dealing with the occasional query from a fellow member of that site.

Side Meeting

Due to a smaller than usual attendance, Madam Chairman split the meeting into 2 groups instead of the normal 4. Tolroy, St Ives and Honicombe formed one group and Kenegie the other.

After Tea/Coffee break the meeting reconvened and site reports which were available, then delivered.

Honicombe (Patrick Rooney)                                                 Copy report attached

Patrick also reported that owners would like to use the property selling services provided by Brian Robinson of JFH. They rely on local Estate Agents at the present time.

Action: David Lappin

Perran View (John Youdell)                                                 Copy report attached

Madam Chairman delivered the report as John Youdell was unable to attend.

John in his report raised the issue of pricing; this was echoed by other members present. The Secretary agreed to make this an action point with JFH.

Action: David Lappin

Tolroy                                                                                     No site report available

The feedback covered some of the points that were raised in matters arising i.e. Restaurant, Internet Café. The site is showing signs of improvement with patio areas being re-laid. Tolroy now has a new male Housekeeper and he is said be very enthusiastic in his work and attitude.

The only real negative comment concerned the swimming pool. Historically Tolroy had both an indoor and outdoor pool. The outdoor one was filled in a couple of years ago, leaving only the indoor pool. The pool is much too small to cater with the demands of the whole site. It seems the obvious answer is to build a larger one!

Fire risk/health and safety were raised by a member who recently had a survey carried out on her property. The report highlighted the use of an aluminium escape ladder on the first floor would not comply with current legislation unless it was caged in and fitted with hand rails. The member was advised that a better and cheaper option was to install a smoke detector as an early warning. This has now been done and as an extra precaution the detector has a permanent supply instead of being powered by batteries. In the meantime the Secretary will discuss the issue with JFH as there are a number of properties similarly constructed. A general discussion on this issue then took place resulting in other fire/health and safety issues. As more owners are installing replacement PVCu windows, confusion has arisen as to whether they should be locked or not. Site management advises they should be unlocked in case of fire and insurance companies advise they should be locked for security. The Secretary advised the meeting that modern windows are generally fitted with self locking handles, which can easily be opened from the inside in the event of fire. They satisfy insurance requirements because the handles are self locking but do have key locks fitted as well. Some manufactures are now fitting keyless handles to satisfy the latest health and safety regulations. Unfortunately the goal posts are constantly being moved, so what is good today might not be tomorrow!!

Action: David Lapp

St. Ives

Concern was expressed again about the proposed building of Chalet units on the former golf course. Planning permission was granted a couple of years ago. JFH informed CMOA that they had no immediate plans to proceed with the development. This situation now appears to be changing as work has now started on constructing an access road and cables are being laid. In addition members reported JFH have submitted a new planning application to double the number of Chalets to 84. The Secretary will clarify the position with JFH.

Action: David Lappin

A major concern has arisen regarding electrical safety. Members are aware that under current legislation electrical wiring and associate components are now tested on a five year basis. The current contractor is reporting unsafe installations on many properties. The problems appear to have been in existence for many years and have not been reported during previous safety tests. JFH do not have available the reports carried out in 2002. The paper work has either been mislaid or destroyed. Members are quite happy to pay for electrical faults that have occurred since that last check, but certainly not to correct work that should have been done five years before. The Secretary will address this on an urgent basis with JFH.

Action: David Lappin

Kenegie (Paul Hunter)                                                                 copy report attached

The Kenegie report is based on the discussion that took place during the side meeting. There are some issues to be addressed with the site management.

Action: Paul Hunter and Barrie Hockley

Property Sales

Brian Robinson advised CMOA that there were no significant changes in property prices during the last 6 months. The November property price list is being included for price guidance only. (see attached)

Membership Badges.

The Secretary wrote to Martyn Fowler to seek approval of the issue of window sticker badges to CMOA members. He responded by giving his full support and endorsement. He congratulated CMOA on the badge design, which was carried out by Michael Hyndman. The Treasurer will issue the badges on receipt of annual subscription and members are asked to display it on a prominent window or door. They are designed to stick on glass. The committee is aware that some owners do visit their properties on a regular basis. In the case of those who let through JFH, perhaps a kind word with the site manager will suffice. If members let privately, then maybe friends and relatives can help. As members are aware, the object of the exercise is to make CMOA more visible and encourage other owners who are not members to join us. Remember we can get more things done with one voice.

General Discussion.

In this fast moving age of technology members would like the facility of accessing their booking through the JFH website. This will allow them to make better use of their property(ies) and thus increase revenue.

A suggestion was also made that properties are graded and given a rating that can be used to determine the letting rate by JFH.

The subject of deposits to deter damage and theft from owners’ properties was raised again. One member suggested a fund. Each let would contribute say £10.00 and the monies collected would be used to offset costs due to damage and theft. Apparently a deposit scheme on remote control handsets is already operated by JFH.

The Secretary will address these issues with JFH.

Action: David Lappin

A query was raised relating to cleaning of properties after the owner has used it privately. The meeting agreed that it is normal practice for the property to be cleaned by JFH if it is being let through them.

Access to property. A member reported that they were informed access was denied to their property during the letting season. Members present agreed that this was not the case. Provided the booking office is informed and the property not booked out then the owner has right of access.

Several members would like CMOA to have its own website. The committee agreed it was a good idea and in principle relatively straight forward. The downside is the management of the website and its associated costs. If any member has experience of setting up websites and the cost involved, and is willing to help, the Secretary will be pleased to hear from you.

As there was no other business the meeting was closed by Madam Chairman and members were thanked for attending. The next meeting will be held in Cornwall. Venue and date to be arranged.

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