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Cornish Manor Owners’ Association

Minutes of Spring Meeting held on Sunday 27th March 2011 at the

Village De Vere Hotel Swindon

Present           Jean Tolchard              Chairman

David Lappin              Secretary

Trevor Healing            Treasurer

Site Representatives:   Les Rose, Paul Hunter, Barrie Hockley                                                          Liz Ashenden, John Youdell, Sandie Newberry,                                                 Paul Bennett.

Attendance     54 Members

Apologies        83

Madam Chairman opened the meeting and thanked all for attending, with a special mention to our new members, also to everyone for making the effort to travel in spite of ever rising costs

Minutes          The Minutes of the meeting held on Saturday 6th November 2010 were received and approved as a true and proper record by the meeting. Mrs L Ashenden proposed acceptance and Mr J Youdell seconded

Madam Chairman advised the meeting of the changes that had taken place with the current venue. It was noted that extensive changes and refurbishment had taken place and also the name had changed to Village Hotel although still they are still part of the De-Vere group.

Management had also restructured the charges for services which impacted on CMOA. The change means that instead of paying a room hire charge with a

refreshment charge, a delegate charge of £10.00 per head was now being applied.

The advantage being that teas/coffees and pastries would be available for all throughout the day. The disadvantage is the cost rises as more members attend and CMOA are charged for members who don’t turn up. Madam Chairman stated that CMOA had negotiated with the Hotel management and were able to agree an overall price in line with previous years; she said this could not be guaranteed and costs may rise. The subject was discussed by committee members earlier in the day, and it was agreed that the venue met our current requirements and enjoyed free car parking.

Other venue’s rates would be similar and most likely a car parking charge would be levied. The view of the committee is to continue using this venue. Madam Chairman also pointed out that CMOA are not charged by JFH for the AGM November meeting.

Matters arising

The Secretary reported that he and Madam Chairman had met with Martyn Fowler at Ilfracombe for the annual review meeting to discuss a range of issues raised by members.

St. Ives

TV’s – Since the changeover from Analogue to Digital TV transmission a number of properties were still left with only 5 channels of varying picture quality. The problem has now been resolved and affected properties now have Flat screen TV’s installed or are provided with Digi set top boxes.

Damp and Odour

A problem affecting some properties and one which causes complaints and adverse comments posted on internet review sites. CMOA proposed a possible solution to JFH. It was agreed to trial equipment on a CMOA members’ property last year. The trial has met with some success and has helped to alleviate the problem. JFH have now agreed to install a “Dry Air” system for owners who have similar problems.

Systems available

  • Xpelair unit – £504.18 inc. Vat
  • Vectair unit – £401.86 inc. Vat

The above is a fully installed cost and is available to all owners.

Perran View

Tennis Court

New tennis nets have been ordered and the tennis court surface will be repaired.

Kenegie Manor & Tolroy Manor

As previously reported the Honesty Envelope system was not implemented last year due to communication issues within JFH management. A fresh attempt is being made for this season to get the system up and running but this time to run it at Tolroy Manor with Mary and Tim Gee. If successful then it will be implemented on all sites. The Secretary asked the members from Tolroy to check if the Visitor Notice and associated envelope is available in their property on their next visit subject to the property being let through JFH. See attached Visitor Notice.

Chairman’s Report – see attached

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer gave an overview of the financial position and reported that CMOA is likely to make a loss of some £400.00 on the year. This loss is mainly attributed to the setting up costs of CMOA website and next year should break even. In future years the CMOA will incur website maintenance and support costs of about £180 per annum.

He went on to advise members that a new password to access the website will be in operation on Tuesday 3rd May 2011 and asked all members to renew their subscriptions before then. The new password will be issued with receipt of payment.

Update on Tax changes – Holiday Homes

To comply with EU legislation the previous Labour Government intended to make some significant changes to the tax system for Holiday Homes. The changes were not implemented by the Coalition instead a working party was established who made their own recommendations to the Chancellor. Please refer to November 2010 Minutes for full details.

The recommendations have now been accepted and will become law later in the year, however the changes will apply to this tax year commencing April 2011.

Business Rates

As part of the effort to get the economy going again the government has introduced a temporary rate relief scheme (SBRR) for small businesses. Refer to November 2010 Minutes for further details. In the recent budget the government announced it would extend it to cover 2012. Therefore the good news is for owners who claim small business rates on their property they will enjoy a reduced Council Tax bill again for 2012.

During discussions on this subject it came to light that not all owners who claim business rates are enjoying this benefit and are paying a higher rate than necessary. A committee member pointed out that even though the rate demand issued by Cornwall Council may state it is “Non Domestic”. It must also show “Small Business Rates”. If any owner is unsure it is wise to check with Cornwall Council. Typical rates demand for 2011 with SBRR is £190 to £380 depending on rateable value of property.

Rateable Value.

As reported in the Minutes of November 2010, a member was successful in winning a rateable value reduction from £2,500 to £2,000. All properties of the same type have now benefited from the reduction.

Mr Paul Hunter, committee member for Kenegie has now used the same argument and won a rate revaluation reduction for properties of the same type as his. If any member feels that the rateable value applied to their property is set too high, then it’s in your interest to appeal.

Contents Insurance

Members who insure through JFH for combined contents and building insurance were asked to pay an additional premium if they required accidental damage cover caused by visitors. The Secretary was asked by a number of members to find out what alternatives were available.

He reported to the meeting that research to date indicates accidental damage cover is not offered as standard with the policy and has to be purchased separately. A number of insurance companies were asked to quote and the premiums quoted with accidental damage cover were in line with JFH current charges. The variance to the policy was the excess charge ranging from £50 to £150. To obtain like for like comparisons the same rebuild and contents value were given. Based on this the cheapest quote was obtained from Schofields Ltd.

Current JFH cost including accident damage with £50 excess circa £256.00

Schofields Ltd with accidental damage and £50 excess – £126.00

To find out more go to www.scofields.ltd.uk/cgi-bin/hhquote.pl

Update on Fire Protection.

Following an incident on Tolroy, it is now a requirement to upgrade the fire protection from the simple battery powered smoke detector to a more substantial and effective one.

Tolroy Manor

The manager has confirmed that all properties let through the JFH scheme comply with fire and emergency lighting as recommended by the Fire and Rescue Service.

St. Ives

The following progress has been made:

2 Storey lodges complete

Trevacrofts to be completed during the next couple of weeks

Forest Crofts will be completed at the end of the season and over the winter period.

Perran View

  • 2 Bed / 2 Stories (PA/Portreath unit) £475.00 + VAT

3 smoke detectors / 2 Heat sensors / 2 Emergency lights

  • 3 Bed / 2 Stories (PB/Perranwell unit) £545.00 + VAT

4 smoke detectors / 2 heat sensors / 2 Emergency lights

  • 3 Bed / bungalow (PC/Perranporth unit) £395.00 + VAT

3 smoke detectors / 2 heat sensors / 2 emergency lights

This work will be carried out, on a rolling project basis over the coming months and will not interfere with any holiday lets

Kenegie Manor

Specification for smoke/heat detection on individual accommodation installed to BS5839 part 6 2004 and emergency lighting installed to BS5266 2000

Three bedroom Barn accommodation over three floors = £590.00 plus VAT

4 x AICO EI141 Ionisation Smoke Detectors to be ceiling mounted in strategic positions in 3 X Bedrooms and landing area.

1X HEAT Detector to be ceiling mounted in kitchen

2 X Emergency lighting luminaries to be wall or ceiling mounted in strategic positions.

Two bedroom Barn accommodation over two floors = £490.00 plus VAT

3 X AICO EI141 Ionisation Smoke Detectors to be ceiling mounted in strategic positions in bedrooms and landing area.

1 X AICO EI144 HEAT Detector to be ceiling mounted in the kitchen.

2 X Emergency lighting luminaries to be wall or ceiling mounted in strategic positions.

Two bedroom Barn accommodation on one floor = £435.00 plus VAT

To supply and install

2 x AICO EI141 Smoke Detectors

1 X AICO EI141 HEAT Detector

2 X Emergency lighting luminaires.

Three bedroom Barn accommodation on one floor = £575.00 plus VAT

To supply and install

4 X AICO EI141 Smoke Detectors

1 X AICO EI141 HEAT Detector

1 X Emergency lighting luminaires

Old Court Cottage (bedrooms downstairs) = £490.00 plus VAT

To supply and install

3 X AICO EI141 Smoke Detectors

1 AICO EI141 HEAT Detectors

1 X Emergency lighting luminaires

Old Court Dormer house (bedrooms upstairs) = £425.00 plus VA

To supply and install

3 X AICO EI141 Smoke Detectors

1 X AICO EI141 HEAT Detector

1 X Emergency lighting luminaires

Heather is still waiting for a quote for the Park Bungalows.

All equipment has a 12 month warranty.

All detectors to be interlinked via T/E cable

Heather will be writing to all owners issuing the relevant quotes and information.  All properties that are let by John Fowler Holidays must have the work carried out to conform to Fire Regulations.

Heather would like to prioritise accommodation as follows. The first property on the list is a high priority

  1. Barn conversions with 3 levels
  2. Any accommodation on site where the bedrooms are on the second floor
  3. Cottages with two levels and the bedrooms on the ground floor
  4. All accommodation on one level

New Letting Agreement

At the beginning of the year JFH notified those owners letting through their scheme of a change in issuing of statements and payments.

The change was from 4 statements and payments per year to 2, July and November. A number of members were dissatisfied with the change as it meant in practice they would only receive one payment at the end of the year as very few owners, if any, are in credit at the half year stage.

The situation was discussed at the meeting with Martyn Fowler by the Secretary. It was feared that JFH might have a cash flow problem as the business turnover was down some 6% last year despite an extra £300.000 being spent on marketing. The outlook for this year is similar to last year as more people leave bookings to the last minute and are seeking bargains as well as seeking short breaks instead of the traditional 1 and 2 week holiday. Although most members avoid letting their properties for short breaks, as not being economically viable, there is empirical evidence to suggest that visitors extend their breaks to 4 or 5 days which can be more beneficial to the owner. Copy of letting agreement attached for reference.

Assurance was given that the company does not have a shortage of cash and it was emphasised that as a family concern it does not operate under the same constraints as other enterprises in meeting stringent sales and cost targets.

JFH accepted CMOA’s concerns and have now agreed to make payments in July, September and November with supporting statements.

JFH is investing heavily in technology and would like to reduce the amount of paper generated. The Secretary conducted a straw poll with members present to establish

a)      How many have access to the internet

b)      How many would be happy to receive their JFH statement online.

The straw poll revealed most members were online with the majority expressing they had no objection to receiving statements online providing they would be accepted by HM Revenue and Customs.

The findings will be conveyed to JFH.

Legal Representation

In view of the potential conflict that may have occurred if JFH had not reversed its payment proposals and other situations that may arise out of the blue, the Secretary proposed that CMOA should have access to legal advice on tap without having to search for the appropriate legal counsel.

Members were informed in the last Minutes of the success of owners who mounted a legal challenge to the new owners of the Holiday Park in Cornwall, which resulted in a change of status and protection. Fursdon Knapper Solicitors successfully prosecuted the case on behalf of the owners and are now engaged in pursuing a case on behalf of Honicombe owners (formerly represented by CMOA). The Secretary has held discussions with Mr Charles Knapper, the senior partner and found him to be very helpful and knowledgeable. The firm specialise in Holiday Park legislation

inter alia. The firm are willing to act on a retainer basis without fee to represent CMOA or any of its members in the event of legal advice or legal action being needed.

The Secretary formerly proposed to the meeting that CMOA should appoint Fursdon  Knapper Solicitors as their legal representatives.

Madam Chairman put the proposal to the vote.

The meeting was in favour with no votes against and therefore the proposal was carried.

The Secretary will write to the firm on behalf of CMOA to confirm their appointment.

Address and contact details will be included on the Service Providers list.

Side Meetings

Tolroy Manor                                                                                 copy report attached

(Site Rep’s Les Rose, Simon Arkell, Robert Crowe & Christopher Nell)

The feedback from the side meeting was that the site was in good condition, however there are still issues with the external painting that was carried out in 2009/10 namely paint peeling from fascia boards etc. Overhanging trees causing loss of light and damp continues to affect some properties. Success has been achieved by some owners who have taken the advice as outlined in the Minutes from the Spring meeting 2010 to write to Mary Gee using the following words:-

“The property is suffering from loss of light and the property is liable to be damaged” Mary Gee will then use your letter to get permission to remove the offending branches.

Regrettably it can only be done on a per property basis and therefore each affected owner will need to write in.

Tim and Mary Gee wish to remind owners of the need to have periodic electrical safety checks carried out on a three year basis. If the owner decides to have the work carried out by their own electrician, they must ensure the electrician is qualified to inspect and issue the relevant document. A full and clear report must be sent to JFH site management which can be put on the owners file and be available for inspection by the relevant authority, if required.

Kenegie Manor (Site Rep’s Paul Hunter & Barrie Hockley)       copy report attached

Owners are pleased with the improvements being carried out by Heather and Paul, who are quite receptive to ideas put forward by owners and where possible take them on board. The Pool has now been refurbished and the changing facilities updated. The Bar facilities will be improved this year and have longer and more convenient opening times and will offer catering on a small scale which will include take-aways.

Repainting has been carried out where required and the grounds are in good order.

Perran View (Site Rep’s John Youdell & Paul Bennett)             copy report attached

Owners present expressed the opinion that any visitor going there for the first time would not be impressed by the entrance to the site or the reception building and would like to seek the view of other owners. The Secretary will address the situation with JFH to see if any useful changes could be made.

Action: D Lappin

Take-away facilities are now being provided by an Indian Restaurant based in Perranporth and an outlet on Perran View. The system seems to be working well.

St. Ives                                                                                           copy report attached

(Site Rep’s Liz Ashenden, Sandie Newberry & Patrick Rooney)

Significant improvements have been noted as a result of the new management regime led by Ray Rushforth. Properties have been repainted and although the site is looking a bit bare due to the removal of all the Rhododendrons as they are helping to spread disease, the grounds are in good order.

Visitor feedback on the various websites is still negative, but is recognised that improvements take time to filter through. Members were concerned that not enough was being done to provide activities for children and would also like to see more done in the way of themed weekends as proposed a couple of years ago.

General Discussion


The Secretary advised the meeting that CMOA is always trying to encourage new members and this was being done in a number of ways. The latest drive was, thanks to JFH, targeted at owner’s who are currently non members of CMOA.

There are some 430 owners on the four sites CMOA represents. Currently CMOA represents 190, which is less than half, however the split between the sites is as follows

Tolroy              64%

Kenegie           63%

St.Ives             53%

Perran             15%

Apart from Perran, membership is fairly good, however we do need to encourage more given there are some 240 reluctant owners out there. The Secretary asked the meeting to do all they can to encourage non members to join us.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s)

The subject of EPC’s has been brought back into the news because of a new EU regulation coming into force in June 2011. The requirement specifically includes Holiday Homes. However the situation is not crystal clear, as previous requirements excluded Holidays Homes, if the property is subject to a condition limiting its use to occupation for less than 11 months per year or if it is specifically used as holiday accommodation. The Secretary sought the advice of JFH Health and Safety Officer, as any change would impact on their properties.

JFH have asked “Visit England” to seek clarification from the relevant government body.

If there is a requirement owners do not have to rush out and get a certificate. If required, then owners will need one when selling their property. The EPC will be valid for ten years. A member of the committee has obtained a quote from a local Assessor, who will provide an EPC for £30.00. Please refer to Nick Raymond quote attached.

During the general discussion a member enquired about the funds CMOA has on deposit and was it specifically held to fund legal issues. The Treasurer replied that it is a contingency fund and therefore used as the members see fit. The meeting was also reminded that legal fees, if required would soon swallow up the current reserves.

Another member asked for clarification on the legal requirement for JFH to run a client account for owner’s monies to be protected in the event of the company ceasing to trade. The Secretary had previously established that JFH do not operate a client account and therefore all income is used for operational purposes. The Secretary agreed to seek legal clarification

A word of caution was issued by a member of the committee about contents insurance. The member had made a claim due to flooding caused by a visitor. JFH insurance met the claim without hassle and even paid loss of revenue. So before rushing out to buy cheaper insurance that might not meet your claim, it will be wise to consider the cover you already have.

            Action: D Lappin

A member enquired about the success or otherwise of the CMOA website. The Secretary replied that since the last meeting members were now making better use of the forum and activity levels had increased. The opportunity was taken to remind members of the usefulness of the forum by asking questions and getting feedback etc.

Madam Chairman informed the meeting that next year 2012 will be the 25th year of CMOA’s existence and felt that the occasion should be celebrated. JFH has kindly agreed to allow CMOA the use of facilities at Tolroy Manor in November 2012. The outline proposal is to provide an evening of entertainment following the AGM. Madam Chairman would like to receive suggestions from members and proposed that an entertainments committee be established to organise the event. The subject will be discussed in greater detail at the November AGM.

Next Meeting

At the last AGM Heather Pallagrass (nee Miles) and Ray Rushforth kindly agreed to attend the relevant side meetings for a Q& A session with owners. This was a first for CMOA and deemed to be a great success. Martyn Fowler would now like all Park managers to attend. However to accommodate this it is necessary to have the AGM one week later than normal as some of the managers are required to attend the end of year winners ball for holiday makers.

Venue – Perran View Saturday 12th November 2011

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