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Cornish Manor Owners’ Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 4th November 2012 at Tolroy Manor Cornwal

Present           Jean Tolchard              Chairman

Michael O’Neill         Vice Chairman/Membership Secretary

David Lappin              Secretary

Trevor Healing            Treasurer

Site Representatives:   Paul Hunter, Barrie Hockley, Liz Ashenden,

Sandie Newberry, Simon Arkell, Ted Hand,

John Youdell

Attendance     95 Members

Apologies        86

Madam Chairman opened the meeting at 12.30 and thanked all for attending after celebrating CMOA’s 21st Birthday party that was held at Tolroy Manor the evening before. Once again on behalf of all CMOA members she thanked Martyn Fowler and his staff for providing such a wonderful celebration party. Madam Chairman also thanked the site Managers for attending our AGM for the second consecutive year.

Matters Arising

The Secretary reported to the meeting that there were fewer matters to report on this time.

Fire & Safety plus Thumb Turn locks

Most of the work has now been completed, but any outstanding issues would be addressed by JFH site managers at the side meetings.


The meeting was reminded of the addendum sent with the Spring meeting Minutes to advise that there is no longer a requirement to provide baking bowls, rolling pins and other utensils that today’s visitors do not use. Owners who let through the JHF scheme are free to decide what items of crockery, utensils, pots and pans etc. to provide. Any additional items will be provided on request by the site and collected at the end of the letting period.

St. Ives

Members expressed their pleasure with the progress Ray and his team have made so far and would now like to see improvements in disabled facilities, swimming pool area and general mobility around the site.

Perran View

There are still concerns about the standard of cleaning, defective showers and vacuum cleaners plus certain items of furniture developing legs and migrating to other properties.

Members would also like the reception area to be totally refurbished or pulled down and a new one built.

Tolroy Manor

As with St. Ives members are very pleased with the progress to date under the stewardship of Kevin. The only concern raised was the moving of bookings when commenced, which left one owner with a bill for cleaning and no income and the other with an unexpected booking income.

Kenegie Manor

No outstanding matters to report

All the issues raised at the Spring meeting were brought to Martyn Fowlers attention, who then referred them to the appropriate site manager for action. The Secretary informed the meeting that they would be dealt with at the side meetings by the site manager.

Chairman’s Report – see attached

Madam Chairman again thanked all those involved with organising CMOA 21st Birthday Celebration and hoped those who attended enjoyed it as much as she did. A particular reference was made to Duncan Lancaster and his family who recently lost their daughter in a tragic car accident. A condolence card on behalf of CMOA members was sent to the family.

Treasurers Report

The Treasurer presented the accounts for year ending 31st March 2012 and highlighted that CMOA had made a profit of £679 on the year as against a loss of £384 the year before. He stated that his main concern was collecting subscriptions from members who should have paid on 1st April. The amount of unpaid subscriptions to date was equal to 20% of CMOA income. His efforts have been thwarted by members not heeding his reminders and in some cases totally ignoring any correspondence. Without your support CMOA cannot function.

A discussion ensued by members asking if they can pay by Direct Debit. At this point the Secretary reminded members of the new payment arrangements now available.

Payment methods

  • By cheque
  • Payment by online banking
  • *Payment by standing order.

CMOA does not have the facilities to process Direct Debit payments, but a standing order is effectively the same thing. It can be done through your bank by issuing a standing order mandate (this is provided by the bank) or online by setting up a regular annual payment, which will be automatically debited to your account.

What you need to do!!

Make payment to “Cornish Manor Owners’ Association

Bank:              Natwest

Sort code:        60-13-10

Account No:   36347221

The Treasurer then went on to say that whilst our income has increased due to new members, CMOA expenses have also increased, Postage, stationery and printing being the main cost items. A member enquired as to whether it would be better to email information and therefore save on postage. The Secretary pointed out that whilst it was a good idea, it was not a practical one at the present time. The main reasons being two data bases would have to be run and managed, which is very time consuming and people change their email addresses and then complain they have not receive the information.

The Secretary did point out they every effort was being taken to contain or reduce these costs. Postage has increased significantly over the last couple of years. However CMOA has now managed to use a franked mail service, which is cheaper than buying stamps. Also our overseas members are being advised of meetings etc. via email, but they still require a hard copy of the Minutes, plus attachments at this time.

Election of Officers

As required by CMOA constitution all committee members are required to stand down at the AGM and can if they wish stand for re-election.

Madam Chairman informed the meeting that all existing committee members will stand down and then asked the floor for nominations.

1)      Chairman – As there were no nominations from the floor other than for the existing Chairman, Mrs Jean Tolchard was duly re-elected as Chairman. Madam Chairman did however give notice that she will not be standing for re-election next year.

2)      Vice Chairman – Mr Mike O’Neill was duly re-elected as Vice Chairman as no other nominations were received.

3)      Membership Secretary – Mr Mike O’Neillagreed to continue with the combined role and was duly re-elected.

4)      Secretary – The Secretary Mr David Lappin said he was happy to hand over to a new Secretary. As there were no volunteers, he agreed to carry on and was duly re-elected.

5)      Treasurer – Mr Trevor Healing agreed to continue and was therefore duly re-elected.

6)      Site Representatives. With the exception of Mr Patrick Rooney, who after serving on the committee for many years as a St. Ives rep, has now decided to stand down, all existing site representatives were duly re-elected by acclaim.

7)      Mrs Anne Earl volunteered to represent St. Ives and was therefore elected.

Committee 2012/13

Chairman                                                       Jean Tolchard

Vice Chairman/Membership Secretary             Mike O’Neill

Secretary                                                          David Lappin

Treasurer                                                         Trevor Healing

Site Representatives

Kenegie                                   Paul Hunter

Barrie Hockley

Perran                                      John Youdell

Paul Bennett

Tolroy                                      Simon Arkell

Robert Crowe

Christopher Nell

St. Ives                                     Liz Ashenden

Sandie Newbury

Ted Hand

Anne Earl

CMOA Website

The Secretary demonstrated changes that have been made to CMOA website. He pointed out that the change was necessitated by two factors. The first being that it wasn’t compatible with the technology used for I Pads and other Tablets. The other being the system crashed and could not be fixed due to it being too old in technology terms.

The updated version has now provided more facilities and categories for CMOA member’s benefit.

Members can now access online the current property guide price if they are intending to sell. They can now advertise their property for sale to members.


To access the portal – click on “Useful Information” and click on to either “Property Prices” or Property for Sale” category.

Members wishing to advertise need to advise the Secretary by email, giving a brief description, guide price (if they wish) and contact details plus website links etc. This information will be uploaded to the CMOA website for fellow members to view.

The Secretary hopes that these additional categories will be of benefit and invited members present to suggest other categories that could be of benefit to all.

Side meetings

Perran View – John Youdell – see site report attached.

The side meeting attended by Gavin (Perran Manger) discussed a range of issues of concern. A solution has now been found to improve the exterior walls of properties with paint. Each owner will be advised of the initial cost and the upkeep costs on a 4/5 year programme. If all agree then this will greatly improve the visual impact.

A programme of refurbishing the changing rooms is being undertaken and should be complete by 2014/15. Please refer to site report for further details.

St. Ives – Liz Ashenden – Sandie Newman – Ted Hand –see site report attached

The St. Ives group reported a very helpful meeting with Ray who briefed on progress to date. The meeting focused on areas not covered so that they could also be addressed in time. Please refer to site report for full details.

Tolroy – Simon Arkell (report not available)

The meeting attended by Gavin was very positive, as owners are well pleased with the progress being made and some of long standing issues are now being addressed. There are on-going discussions about the trees and gutters.

Kenegie – Paul Hunter – Barrie Hockley – see site report attached

The Kenegie side meeting was dominated by the planning application to install 16 Lodges and the long term future of the site. Please refer to site report for further details.

General discussion

Damp problems

Ted Hand raised the problem of damp, mildew and mould being an increasing problem particularly now that more properties have been double glazed. He recommended a Dimplex wall mounted dehumidifier costing about £130.00.

The Secretary reminded the meeting that is a problem that’s been around for some time and one that has received adverse comments by visitors to certain sites. St. Ives seems to suffer more than most.

Apart from the Dimplex dehumidifier unit, there are other possible solutions, such as, fitting a “Dry Air” unit in the loft space, if possible. The unit filters dry air from the loft area and circulates it throughout the rooms, thus helping to ventilate the area when unoccupied particularly during the winter months.

Adequate ventilation and dry air are crucial in combating damp etc.

Lettings for the season

A member enquired as to how the letting compared this year to last year. The Secretary replied that although no firm figures were available the indications are that the lettings have increased on last year. The increase as reported in the Chairman’s report is partly due to the increase in short term lets, of which many run longer than the minimum 3 days. There are however some big holes in the peak season of July and August, which need to be addressed.

Business rates

Another member asked whether the relief on Business Rates would continue next year. Those members who claim business rates have enjoyed zero council tax for the past two years and may recall that the Chancellor introduced a business rate relief for small businesses in an effort to help enterprise and the economy. The Secretary replied that he did not know but would find out.

Since the meeting the Secretary has spoken to Cornwall Council, who advised that they have not received any information from central government on business rate levies so far. The Council said they should know by next February.

If members are not currently claiming business rates, then all they need do is contact Cornwall Council. There are certain conditions to be met by owners who let their properties for holiday purpose.

Loyalty Cards

During the course of the early part of this season JFH introduced a loyalty card for owners to enjoy a 10% reduction on purchases of food and drink on JFH sites. The card did not include the onsite shops that are run on a franchise basis.

The cards have not been issued automatically as members need to apply for one. It was pointed out that if you wished another member of your family to use it , then this could be done by nominating that family member with JFH head office.

Any Other Business

As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 2.50 pm thanking everyone for attending and in particular JFH staff.

Next Meeting.

The next meeting will be held on Sunday 17th March 2013 at the De-Vere Village Hotel Swindon.

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