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Cornish Manor Owners’ Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 9th April 2006 at the Ibis Hotel Swindo

Present           Jean Tolchard              Chairman

Mike O’Neill               Vice Chairman/Membership Secretary

David Lappin              Secretary

Trevor Healing            Treasurer

John Goddard             Barrie Hockley           Patrick Rooney                       Les Rose                     John Youdell

Attendance     50 Members

Apologies        55

Minutes          The Minutes of the meeting held on Saturday 12th November 2005 were received and approved as a true and proper record. Proposed by Paul Williams and seconded by Heather Goddard.

Matters Arising        

            Service Providers.     The secretary confirmed that a list of Service Providers        had now been established from information supplied by Members and circulated. The Chairman reminded members that they can add others to the list at any time.


Correction to SP list    Bill Bowen – Carpenter

Tel No. should read:   01736 755926

            AGM Venue  A ballot was conducted in January which produced            overwhelming support in favour of a change in venue to the Ibis Hotel            Swindon. Results were distributed to members on 28th February 2006.

            St. Ives            JFH confirmed development will take place but no firm     decisions have been taken, however they have assured CMOA will be kept        informed.

            Perran View  Reception area has now been moved to the bar area and is             ready for use as at 4th March 2006. The former Reception is being tidied up          and repainted. This was tentatively confirmed by members present.            

            Tolroy Manor           

            Tree Management     JFH confirmed that all trees were subject to preservation orders and are inspected on an annual basis. A tree surgeon           then carries out any work required after consultation with JFH. If trees             become unsafe due to disease or demise then permission is sought from the            Local Authority to fell them. Where a tree causes loss of light, damp or        roof damage,   permission is sought from the Local Authority, however          felling or severe cutting back is usually frowned upon by the LA and          permission is rarely granted.

In addition to the JFH annual inspection, the LA also has a programme and            trees are numbered for inspection. If any trees are trimmed, damaged or      removed, then JFH are instructed to replace them. Several Leylandii have been    removed this year from the top of Trevithick. No further removals are planned.

            Painting The Management of Tolroy Manor have used the same contractor          for the past two years and have never received complaints about the standard   of work, however Mary Gee is more than happy to inspect work considered to be below standard.

            Footpaths and Lighting        JFH have stated that all footpaths are regularly         inspected by ground and maintenance staff and defects quickly attended to. Any other problems are dealt with as they arise. At the start of the season all   paths are pressure washed and hazard areas highlighted with either white or           yellow paint.

Tennis courts are also washed at the start of the season and receive a           satisfactory Health & Safety inspection.

Some Lighting posts have now been replaced and it is generally considered            that the Park is well lit at night. Night Security is charged with reporting any defects during the season.

            Building Insurance Although this issue was raised by Tolroy side meeting, it        is relative to all sites. JFH were asked to confirm responsibilities in respect of   Building Insurance rebuild costs. A number of members are concerned about          the level of rebuild cover. JFH responded by stating that the insured cover cost      is the responsibility of the owner and further confirm that JFH will not cover       any shortfall if the cover proves to be inadequate. This response prompted the         Secretary to write to JFH seeking further clarification. At the time of the AGM         no response had been received, however a reply has now been received.

JFH have stated that as they are obliged to arrange and re-charge insurance            cover, a valuer has been instructed to carry out a revaluation exercise on the current re-build cost of properties. CMOA will be advised on completion of the exercise.

            Marketing      The marketing/sales department of JFH confirmed that they            were well aware of the change in School terms in certain parts of the country.          The effect is coming through in the booking patterns together with Schools             tightening up in allowing children to take holidays during term times. The cumulative effect has seen an increase in booking for late June through to         August, but demand has fallen for the rest of the season. JFH say they have     made price adjustments to reflect this position with the net effect of revenue             increasing by 5% whilst overall bookings are on a par with last year.

            Electricity Charges    A query was raised on the billing method being used            which did not include an opening and closing balance of units consumed. This            situation mysteriously righted itself as bills are now sent with all the details       required.

            Kenegie Leases  A solicitor has now been appointed to investigate the      various leases held by owners. An amount of £500 has been allocated for this          investigation.

Chairman’s report    See attached

Treasurer’s report.   See attached

The treasurer reported that as result of an increase in membership numbers revenue has increased by 12.2% year on year. Deposit account has increased by 2.6%. He noted that £500.00 plus Vat has been allocated to fund the       investigation of leases.

The accounts were received and accepted by members present.

Proposed by M Priest and seconded by J Youdell.

Election of Officers

As there were no other nominations for the followings positions the following were re-elected en bloc.

Chairman                                                         Jean Tolchard

Vice Chairman/Membership Secretary                 Mike O’Neill

Secretary                                                         David Lappin

Treasurer                                                         Trevor Healing

Site Representatives

St. Ives*                     John Eymor                 Paul Williams

Tolroy                          Les Rose                     John Goddard

Kenegie                       Paul Hunter                 Barrie Hockley

Perran View                John Youdell

Honicombe                  Patrick Rooney

*Olive Murray did not wish to be re-elected. Paul Williams kindly volunteered.

All representatives were voted in by acclamation.

Perran View requires an additional representative. If any member would like to take on this important role please contact the Secretary.


Arthur Saunders has audited CMOA accounts for many years and wished to         stand down. The members were asked by the Treasurer to nominate a     candidate, either member or non member who is willing to audit the accounts.

As a show of appreciation the members present agreed to a £50.00 voucher to        be presented to Arthur Saunders for carrying out this unpaid work.

Proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Barrie Hockley.

Side Meetings and Representatives Reports

Honicombe     (Patrick Rooney)                     copy of report attached

Patrick Rooney highlighted in his report of the need to exchange marketing            information for those owners who do not let through JFH or Domaine Leisure.

After some discussion it was agreed that the Secretary will circulate all       members as to what methods they use to market privately their properties and    success of same.

Perran View (John Youdell)                        copy of report attached

            Property Improvements       John Youdell reported that several owners were        issued with notices to terminate their letting contract with JFH unless they             brought their properties up to the required standard. Work has been carried out      but not to a satisfactory standard

            Reception Area          Although the Reception area has now been incorporated      with the Bar, the result is not ideal. The restaurant facility has now been         removed and replaced with a Take Away.

            Lighting          Some of the lighting on site has been replaced, but they are still       not all functioning.

Tolroy Manor (Les Rose/John Goddard)     copy of report attached

            Grounds         Owners are still reporting problems with Lighting, Footpaths           and standing water.

            Damage deterrent.    It was suggested that JFH instigate a credit card       registration scheme when visitors book in. It is considered that this will be       deemed as a deterrent against damage and breakages. The Secretary will      pursue this idea with JFH.

Action: David Lappin

            Dogs    Owners have observed an increase in dogs on site, but this is not     reflected on their statements and therefore not being charged for by JFH.

Action: David Lappin

            Guttering       The problem of cleaning gutters has been raised again, as to             who is responsible. CMOA established some years back that JFH were responsible for all outside maintenance including gutters. The Secretary will seek further clarification from JFH

Action: David Lappin

            Gardener.      Members have asked that the committee of CMOA send a letter     of thanks to Roger Palmer the gardener who has now retired. The Secretary      will undertake this task on behalf of CMOA.

Action: David Lappin

Kenegie Manor          (Paul Hunter/Barrie Hockley)             copy of report attached

General          The appearance of the site is generally good, however the    lighting in certain areas is still not functioning. There is a known problem on     an electric supply cable, but no effort is being made by the site management to            have the problem rectified.  The Secretary will write to JFH.

                                                                                                Action: David Lappin

            Pool     The pool area has been repainted as promised and is ready for the start                    of the season.        

            RoadsThere are a number of potholes on the roadways. JFH local management have promised to re-tarmac as appropriate. The Secretary will      write to JFH regarding resurfacing.

Action: David Lappin

            Manor House To date none of the flats in the refurbished Manor House have       been sold.

            Residential Status      JFH applied for full residential status for the new flats         above the Reception and Pool area. This application has been rejected. Ten     owners have also applied to Penwith District Council for full residential status.        They are waiting for their application to go to committee.

            Sale of Kenegie          JFH still do not have any firm offers on the table to purchase the site, however a group of owners have approached JFH directly         with a view to putting an offer together. In order to do this, access was       required to all Kenegie owners. Barrie Hockley co-ordinated a Mail out to all        owners: asking if they were interested in pursuing a purchase. (See report).

A side benefit to CMOA is that we have been able to inform non-members on       Kenegie of our existence and so far an additional 14 have joined. The committee thanks Barrie Hockley for his good work.

Property Sales

            The Secretary updated the meeting on the latest movements in the Market, as         supplied by Brian Robinson. See attached Property Prices list.

Membership Identification

A number of members suggested that owners identify their properties as     CMOA members. This will help to create awareness amongst non members    and therefore aid recruitment and of course member to member contact. The      meeting agreed that the idea should be pursued. The Secretary will endeavour        to provide further details for the next     meeting.

General Discussion

After reports from the side meetings were received the Chairman thanked everyone for their input and a general discussion then took place. Kenegie again became the main topic. Barrie Hockley put it to the meeting that the       Solicitors appointed to carry out an initial investigation on behalf of CMOA,          should continue with a more in depth one, as a number of new regulatory     changes came into force in 2002. After some questioning it was agreed that all             members would benefit from the findings as             similar situations may arise, in            the future, on other sites.

Two proposals were then put to the meeting.

a)      Set aside subscriptions from Kenegie owners for financial year 2006 to fund the investigation

b)      CMOA to fund the entire cost.

A vote then ensued: supporting proposal “b” limiting the expenditure to     £1000.00 plus VAT. Plus a rider that as non CMOA Kenegie owners will also            benefit that they should contribute £20.00 per unit to the cost.

Action: Barrie Hockley

Any Other Business             

            As most issues had been aired during the meeting no other points were raised.        Members were asked if they were happy with the new venue and its facilities.          There was a general acceptance of satisfaction other than the lay of the   meeting room. As the room is long and rather narrow, members sitting at the         back found it hard at times to hear the speakers. This will be taken into             account if we use the venue next year.

Next meeting.

It will be held in Cornwall on either 4th or 11th November 2006. The Secretary        will write to JFH asking permission to use one of their sites. St. Ives is the     preferred option. Members will be notified of the arrangements in the usual      way.

The meeting ended at 17.30.

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