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Minutes of Annual General Meeting

held on Saturday 7th November 2015

at Tolroy Manor Cornwall

Present           Liz Ashenden              Chairman

Jean Tolchard             Vice Chairman

David Lappin              Secretary

Arthur Saunders          Treasurer

Anne Earl                    Membership Secretary/Site Representative

Site Representatives:

Ted Hand, Judith Hasell and Nick Muller

Attendance     86 Members

Apologies        96*

Madam Chairman opened the meeting at 1.30 pm and thanked all for attending

*The Secretary informed the meeting of the difficulty in reporting accurate apology figures for members unable to attend. An appeal was made to all members to contact the Secretary by post, email or telephone regardless of their intentions. Sadly only 50% of members did so. A similar appeal will be made for the Spring meeting.


Madam Chairman asked the meeting to approve the Minutes of the Spring meeting held on 22nd March 2015. Jean Tolchard proposed the approval and was seconded by Arthur Saunders

Matters Arising

  • Pet Income – JFH accounts dept. are unable to show Pet Income as a separate entry on statements due to the accounting programme, however they are exploring other ways to provide this information.
  • Dogs – a request was made for “Red Bins” to be placed around the parks for dog walkers. JFH responded saying at the present time it wasn’t part of their policy to do so.
  • Internet/Wi-Fi – A system is currently on trial on a JFH Caravan Park to provide Wi/Fi/ internet access for the entire site. If successful it will be rolled out to the rest of JFH sites. Users will have pay for access.
  • Bedding – Each site has its own system for the provision of the new style bedding. Members are advised to check with their site manager on which type of bedding is being used for paying guests.
  • Deposit scheme. Again a request for a deposit scheme to help reduce theft and damage was discussed. However I did manage to get Kenegie to reintroduce the “Honesty Envelope” scheme that was in operation when Heather was manger. As far as I know Christine made sure every property let through JFH had one. If anybody decided to own up and pay towards replacement of a damage or broken item, then the contribution would be credited to the owner’s account.

Chairman’s Report

Before Madam Chairman gave her report she had some unfinished business to attend to. Attending the meeting today was CMOA retired Treasurer Trevor Healing and his wife Margaret. Madam Chairman explained because he was unable to attend the last meeting, proper and fitting tribute to him could not be made. Madam Chairman took the opportunity to put this right and to thank him for looking after the Association’s finances for 17 years. The meeting responded with a thunderous round of applause.

Madam Chairman then proceeded with her report, the core of which was how CMOA and its members can communicate effectively with each other and the respective Park managers.   She also tried to define “who does what” and used the analogy of “spoons and roads”.

Please refer to Chairman’s report.

Treasurer’s Report

The Accounts for 2014/15 were presented to the meeting and the Treasurer highlighted some of the figures.

  • CMOA had a surplus of £538.00 for the year ending 31st March 2015. This was largely due to an increase in membership which stood at 211.
  • The combined contingency fund on deposit and current account is £20,892.23
  • So far 186 members have renewed their subscriptions. The Treasurer urged those members who haven’t yet paid, to please do so.
  • The Treasurer reported that some members had overpaid having set up a standing order and then making a cheque payment.
  • All members are encouraged to set up standing orders for payment on the due date of 1st However please remember that you have done so, as refunding payments results in extra administration and costs.

The Treasurer finalised his report by asking members who were qualified in accounting to volunteer to audit the accounts of CMOA.  Please refer to committee list for contact details.

Election of Officers.

As required by CMOA constitution all committee members are required to stand down at the AGM and can if they wish stand for re-election.

Madam Chairman informed the meeting that all existing committee members with the exception of site representatives Anne Earl (also Membership Secretary) and Barrie Hockley are willing to stand for re-election. Madam Chairman called for volunteers to replace those standing down but also to increase the number of site representatives to ensure that each site is represented at the Spring and AGM meetings.

Madam Chairman called for a show of hands to re-elect officers willing to continue. This was duly done and the officers were re-elected by acclaim.

Kenegie Manor – Hazel Jones and Joy Polglase volunteered as site representatives and were duly elected.

St. Ives – Jules Emery and Christopher Mitchell volunteered as site representatives and were duly elected.

Tolroy Manor – Jean Tolchard volunteered as a site representative and was duly elected. She will also remain as Vice Chairman.

Committee 2015/16

Chairman                                 Elizabeth Ashenden

Vice Chairman                        Jean Tolchard

Secretary                                 David Lappin

Treasurer                                 Arthur Saunders

Site Representatives

Kenegie                                   Paul Hunter, Hazel Jones and Joy Polglase

Perran                                      Judith Hasell and Nick Muller

Tolroy                                      Simon Arkell, Christopher Nell and Jean Tolchard

St. Ives                                    Ted Hand, Jules Emery and Christopher Mitchell

Madam Chairman welcomed the new committee members and thanked Anne and Barrie who stood down for their support and commitment.

List of Committee attached


Sale of Kenegie

Kenegie Manor has now been sold by JFH. The new owner is Edward Newbold trading through McKinnon Jardine Leisure Ltd and officially took possession on Tuesday 3rd November 2015. The Kenegie group will discuss the change of ownership in more detail at the side meeting and report back.

Letting Income 2014/15

The Secretary obtained letting and income figures from JFH for 2015 and 2014. The figures compare gross income for each site. Overall bookings are down on last year, but income on most sites is up.


Number of owners letting 2015 = 35 Average income per owner 2015 = £7039.00

Number of owners letting 2014 = 36 Average income per owner 2014 = £7391.00

Letting income has fallen by 4.76%

Perran View

Number of owners letting 2015 = 36 Average income per owner 2015 = £7319.00

Number of owners letting 2014 = 40 Average income per owner 2014 = £6817.00

Although the number of owners letting has fallen income has risen by 7.36%

St. Ives

Number of owners letting 2015 = 53 Average income per owner 2015 = £8008.00

Number of owners letting 2014 = 40 Average income per owner 2014 = £7466.00

Income has risen by 7.26% and also the number of owner letting.


Number of owners letting 2015 = 80   Average income per owner 2015 = £7695.00

Number of owners letting 2014 = 90   Average income per owner 2014 = £6943.00

Although the number of owners letting has fallen income has risen by 10.83%

The above income is gross and subject to commission and other charges.

Business Rates 2017

Members who claim business rates will have received a questionnaire to complete and return this year. Information from all small businesses is gathered every 5 years and is used to set the rate for the next 5 years. The new rates will come into effect from April 2017. Most

members enjoy 100% rate relief which means they don’t pay anything. As previously minuted the rating system is being overhauled, but the Secretary has been informed by the government ratings office that it will not unduly affect small businesses. Therefore members should continue to enjoy 100% relief as they do now.

George Osborne announced at the conservative conference that he is going to allow Local Councils to keep the business rate revenue and set the rate themselves. Local Councils are always hungry for cash and may seize the opportunity to increase their revenue. There may be more information forthcoming when the Chancellor presents his autumn statement later this month. In the meantime the information gleaned so far is that the new arrangements will not be fully implemented until 2020 and councils will be encouraged to decrease rather than increase rates.

CMOA Website changes

The Secretary announced that the existing website was being updated. CMOA launched its first website in 2010. It was put together at minimum cost but provided everything members needed at the time. But technology moves quickly and it was soon left wanting. The site was updated in 2013 enabling more facilities to be added. The Secretary then provided a live guided tour of the existing site before providing a live demonstration of the new site. The new site is not only up to date in technology terms but gives members access to everything that has been done and minuted by CMOA since 2005.

Main changes

  • Contains archives of Minutes back to 2005
  • Members can now search for any topic that has been minuted.
  • Each site will have its own section with site reports and information relating to that site.
  • Latest news section – keeping members up to date on anything that may affect them.
  • Easy link to owners booking portal on JFH sites and Kenegie.

Existing facilities

  • Forum for members use
  • Enquiries section for non- members to join CMOA
  • Section for members to advertise their property if they wish to sell.
  • Service providers list

The launch date will be 1st December 2015 There will be no change to the website address or login requirements. It is recommended that members spend some navigating around the site for familiarisation. Feedback will be welcomed for further suggested improvements or any other changes that may be helpful to other members.

Smart Mobile Phones

The new website is smart phone friendly as the information contained will appear on the screen in the same format as it would through an app without the need for one. This means the user will be able access the site and its facilities anywhere in the world 24/7

JFH Owners bookings-portal

All bookings recorded in 2015 will be maintained in 2016 for owners to refer to.

Window Stickers

In 2006/7 CMOA introduced window stickers for two main reasons.

  • Identify you as a valid member
  • Alert owners who are not members to existence of CMOA

At the suggestion of a member the sticker was updated with the addition of CMOA website address. The sticker is renewed each with the showing the current year a sporting a different colour. The problem is that members do not always display it.

Presently on all 4 sites there are approx. 400 privately owned properties and CMOA represents just over half. We need to encourage and make these owners aware of CMOA and its benefits, however getting to them is not easy.

From time to time recruitment letters via JFH, as of course we are not allowed access to their home details under data protection.  A letter also goes to every new owner introducing CMOA also via JFH. A new owner usually means an existing owner has sold and that owner is likely to be a CMOA member.

At this point the Secretary asked members if they are selling or have intentions to do so, to please inform CMOA as soon as the sale is completed and also to provide home details of the new owner, so that they can be invited to join. Your help and co-operation will be most appreciated.

The Secretary then referred back to window stickers saying they are important and if members haven’t yet put them in the window, could you please do so. The Secretary is aware that it is not always possible to do so when it is issued, but he has spoken to the managers and they are quiet willing to do it for you providing they have access to your property.

Celebrating 25 Years

Ted Hands gave a presentation on the arrangements being planned to celebrate the 25 years that CMOA has been together. He reminded those members who attended CMOA 21st Birthday celebration held at Tolroy Manor which was funded by John Fowler Holidays Ltd. It was a wonderful evening of entertainment organised by Kevin Waite and Duncan Lancaster. Your committee want to mark this quarter of a century milestone and have put a couple of proposals forward, which unfortunately were not well supported. Ted has been doing a lot of work in the background on behalf of members and has successfully arranged

with the help of Kevin and Carenza for CMOA to celebrate 25 years next year at St. Ives. Once again JFH have kindly agreed to fund the occasion. At this point Ted called for a show of hands from members present as to who would support and attend the celebration. The majority of the meeting voted in favour.

Full details will be presented at the Spring meeting. The likely date is Saturday 29th October at St. Ives.

The photographs from the 21st celebration are available in the Gallery section of CMOA website.

Side Meetings


First item on the Kenegie agenda was membership of CMOA. A question had been asked earlier about this issue. David Lappin who chaired the meeting asked those present if they wished to remain with CMOA. He pointed out the alternative of establishing a new committee as well as complying with legal requirements etc. All members present voted to continue membership.

The Kenegie group then discussed in some detail the background of the new owner Edward Newbold and the potential future problems that could be encountered. David explained that he tried to arrange a meeting with the owner prior to the AGM through JFH, but the owner had not responded at this point. Contact has now been made and a meeting is arranged on Monday following the AGM.

A list of questions to be asked was drawn up and David promised to report back with responses to members as quickly as possible. This has now been done.

St. Ives – Ted Hand, Jules Emery & Christopher Mitchell – see site report.

Kevin & Carenza chaired a Q & A session with the St. Ives group.

Considerable improvements are now underway with the removal and installation of new Lodges. JFH plan to complete the programme during the next 4 years.


A discussion then ensued on how to deal with and communicate issues that are of concern to owners. Ted Hand likened it to “spoons and roads” The analogy being anything appertaining to an owner’s property such as missing cutlery, then this should be reported directly to the Park management. Issues which effect and concern a number of owners, such as the condition of the access road, then the site representative should be informed and addressed.

Mould, Damp & Odour

Over the years this has been a complaint by visitors and has received negative comments on the likes of TripAdvisor. There is a proven solution to resolve the problem. Last year at Perran View a “dry air” unit was demonstrated by Gavin Lewis with further information in

the minutes. Since then there has been a strong uptake by owners whose property is affected. The supply and installation cost through JFH is circa £650.00 and comes with a 5 year guarantee. Once installed it will combat the build-up of mould by keeping the air in your property dry and extending the life of your furniture, curtains etc.

Accommodation Grading

Most owners who let through the JFH scheme are aware of the grading system and the action required to attain a higher grading, if they wished. All JFH managers emphasised the need to raise the standard of accommodation to visitor’s expectations in today’s holiday market. However they don’t all have to be Gold it is sometimes better for the accommodation to be at the top of the Silver band rather than the low end of gold for bookings and overall revenue

The issue of having Gold accommodation for owners who allow pets was raised again as there is a difference of opinion with local management in offering the facility. The Secretary will re-address it with Martyn Fowler at the pre-season meeting and report back.

Action: David Lappin.

Tolroy – Christopher Nell, Jean Tolchard & Simon Arkell

                See site report by Christopher Nell

Gavin and Amy chaired a Q & A session with the Tolroy group.


The keys and locks on some Tolroy properties are high security; therefore whenever a key is lost the cost of replacement is high. Owners who have this type of lock fitted are asked to ensure their keys are kept safely.

Moss & Weeds

There is concern about the collection of moss and weeds collecting in the gutters and on property roofs causing internal rooms to be damp due to poor drainage.

Mould and Damp

On display was the dry air unit used to resolve mould and damp problems as discussed by the St. Ives group .The system is a proven solution for properties affected. And can be installed through JFH at circa £650.00.

Letting Agreement

A new Letting Agreement was issued earlier in the year to reflect the current arrangements.

Private Lets

There is a growing problem with visitors arriving on site having booked privately with little or no information about the accommodation they have booked and in many cases do not have

the owner’s details as a contact point.  The site management then have to spend a considerable amount their time in helping the visitor.


If an owner lets privately then it is the responsibility of that owner to ensure proper arrangements have been made. The site management’s job is to look after guests who have paid and booked through JFH and will charge any private letting owner an administration fee of £20 + Vat if they have to provide assistance.

Members present expressed their appreciation to Gavin, Amy and staff for their good work.

Perran View – Nick Muller and Judith Hasell – see site report

Matt Mitchell chaired the Q & A session with the Perran View group.

Property Exterior Painting

After great efforts by Gavin and now Matt to address the exterior appearance of Perran View properties no real progress has been made because not all owners will agree to the work being carried out. Most owners have taken steps to upgrade the property internally only to be let down by the outside appearance. We are all aware that it is visitor’s first impressions that count and if it’s not good they will vote with their feet and not return.

Main Entrance

CMOA asked JFH for the main entrance leading to reception to be demolished and replaced. A new building is going to be erected over the winter period.


The usual problem of pot holes etc. in road surfaces was raised. Matt has a limited budget to address this, but wherever possible the road will be re-surfaced and just filled in with D I Y tarmac.

Electrical and Fire safety

There appears to be a number of properties, in the main privately let ones, not meeting or complying with current standards. Some still have the old fuse box consumer units and not fitted with safety trips. Hard wired smoke and heat alarms plus emergency lighting not installed.  It could be that these owners are not members of CMOA and therefore not aware of their responsibilities.  If there was a safety issue affecting a visitor then the owner would be personally liable. It is always said ignorance of the law is no excuse.


Matt informed members that properties will be re-graded for 2016. The assessment and grading will be carried out by the marketing department at Ilfracombe.

Visitors Book

A proposal was made for each letting property to have its own visitor’s book as being an effective way of capturing visitor’s comments good or bad and acting on them. Other members present supported the idea as being a of monitoring booking payments shown on statements.


Due to the location of Perran View it was considered essential that good working freezers are provided

Members present expressed their appreciation to Matt and his staff for their good work.

General Discussion

Madam Chairman then opened a general discussion forum, but as most issues had been covered there were no other points raised other than a request from JFH site managers regarding owners and visitors to the site – see below

Site visitors

Managers are legally required to keep a register of people in residence on site in the event of an evacuation or any other emergency.

It is important that all owners and guests of owners notify the site of their intended visit throughout the year and not just during the operating season.


There being no other business Madam Chairman closed the meeting at 4.30 pm. She thanked the managers and staff of JFH for looking after everybody so well. She wished all a safe journey and those attending the St. Ives Oscars night party to have a wonderful and enjoyable evening.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Sunday 20th March at the Village Hotel Swindon. Please mark the date in your diary as your committee would like to see as many members attending as possible. If you haven’t been before please make the effort to attend – you will be most welcome.















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