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Cornish Manor Owners’ Association Newsletter July 2020

Welcome to  all our members and this first newsletter for 2020.

Coronavirus, Covid-19,  Unprecedented

are the most common words we have been presented with for the last few months and for the first time in CMOA’s 29 year history the Spring meeting was cancelled – Unprecedented !!

Message from your Chairman

May I take this opportunity to say that I hope you and your families have stayed safe and well during the Covid 19 crisis.

As you are very well aware, the Covid 19 crisis has had an unprecedented impact on all businesses, including our own hospitality sector.

This unforeseen business interruption has caused holiday accommodation and Cornwall for that matter, to be closed since March 23rd. This has resulted in all owners of holiday accommodation/second homes being unable to access or let their properties.

However, with the lockdown restrictions being eased from the 4th of July, when a partial resumption of the hospitality sector will resume, what impact that will have with the facilities such as club houses, swimming pools etc.  still not permitted to open, remains to be seen.

I suspect people in lockdown for months will be desperate for a staycation and Cornwall will be a favourite destination. Therefore, over the coming months, as owners and CMOA members we may well see a partial recovery in our income for 2020.

The impact of business interruption by Covid 19 on John Fowler Holidays Ltd and Kenegie will also be unprecedented and substantial. Most of the staff will have been furloughed or laid off. Therefore, it must be quite a challenge for them to get all sites up and running in time for the restart.

There may have to be some patience required on our part if the sites are not fully functioning properly from Day 1.

Some members will have received a business support grant from Cornwall County Council to help their business through the crisis. Unfortunately, caravans and lodges were not eligible for this grant.

The big question I am sure you will all be asking is, what about the service charges for 2020?  Both John Fowler Holidays and Kenegie fiscal year runs April 2020 to April 2021.

At this point in time both companies will be reviewing the situation regarding service charges/fees. As soon as the decisions are made, the CMOA will be informed and you will be advised accordingly.

All that remains is to wish that you and your families all stay safe and well and the remainder of the season will be a big success.

Ted Hand

Chair, CMOA

Moving Forward

So far 19 weeks of the holiday letting season have been lost, however as the parks will reopen this coming weekend there will be 17 letting weeks left.

As travel restrictions ease families will be desperate to go on holiday and staycation is likely to be the winner.

JFH and MJL are reporting a surge in bookings and most of the bookings made before the lockdown are holding up. No bookings equals no income but running costs and overheads have to be met.

There is now an opportunity for the remainder of the season to generate enough income to cover the standing charges of ground rent and service charges etc.

We are all well aware of the need to maintain social distancing and staying safe and that is a priority for the self-catering industry and holiday parks.

Cleaning and sanitising

Any accommodation let for hire or private use other than the owners family must follow the COVID-19 recommendations to ensure that the accommodation remains safe to use. If the property is let through JFH or MJL letting scheme, their cleaners will follow the procedures. Owners letting through other agents or letting privately must ensure that procedures are in place and be able to prove they are being carried out.

JFH sites

To help and assist all owners a COVID-19 guidance procedure along with site operating procedures is available on John Fowler Holidays website.

MJL – Kenegie Manor

All owners on Kenegie Manor have been invited to join the ‘Stay safe at Kenegie’ scheme.

The new normal

When visitors and owners go to JFH or MJL sites the freedom of access and facilities will be different.

To keep everyone safe, site staff will not enter a property unless it is vacant. If an emergency repair or replacement of an item is required, the occupants must vacate the property before the work can be carried out.


The cleaning process will now take longer to complete so guests will be asked to leave earlier on the day of departure and guests arriving will be informed when to arrive. This will vary from site to  site , depending on the number of bookings.


All owners and visitors will be required to register their presence with the site management providing names and contact details. This is to comply with the government track and trace system should anyone be tested positive.


Face masks will not be mandatory on site, but if people feel safer then they should be used.

Keeping Members informed

The “Latest News” page is updated as soon as fresh information becomes available on CMOA  website.

Is the Cornish welcome mat out?

When the lockdown began a number of second home owners decamped to Cornwall. This caused alarm as it was feared they would bring the virus with them and spread it on, thus overwhelming the NHS.

There have been reports of hostility towards second home owners contravening lockdown rules.

As there are 23,000 second homes in Cornwall of which a large number are holiday lets, the influx of visitors from now will increase dramatically. Providing that most holiday facilities are available, then this will be accompanied by a welcome increase in revenue. Owners who live outside the county can do their bit by supporting local businesses and using local trades people where possible.

Message from the Treasurer

Thank you to everyone who has paid their annual subscription for the current year; hopefully you have all received your window stickers along with the password for the CMOA website.

Now that the sites are opening once more for this year, can I remind all of those who have not yet paid, that subscriptions are due on the 1st April each year, the start of our financial year.

Regards,  Arthur

Property Sales

There has been an increase demand for second homes and self-catering properties which is increasing in momentum following the lockdown.

This subject was addressed in the minutes of the AGM November 2019.  If any member is considering selling up and moving on, the CMOA website can be used to help to promote and advertise the property.

All that is needed is a brief description and a suitable photograph of the property together with contact details. The information will be posted to the “Properties for Sale” section on CMOA website, free of charge.

AGM November 2020

CMOA are still planning to run the AGM, but COVID-19 will determine what format will be adopted and if allowed. Members will be kept informed via “Latest News” page on website.




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