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Perran View Site Report March 2018

The site continues to improve visually. Over the last year, Matt and Amanda have continued to implement as many changes as possible within the budget constraints to provide a positive experience for holiday makers.

Cladding and painting of the properties has begun now after several false starts and is progressing, although the poor weather conditions have proved to be somewhat of a hindrance.

After visiting the site Martin Fowler has given the go ahead for all of their houses and bungalows to be clad.

Fowlers have adopted a programme of standardisation for their properties. This will cover fixtures, fittings crockery etc. Amanda has compiled a list of equipment that will be offered to private owners, the cost of which is as follows:

2 bed property £200.00.

3 bed £230.00.

Any interested owners can contact Amanda for a full breakdown, to find out what is included.

An area of the car park from the reception roundabout to the end of the tennis courts has now been re-laid and is to be marked out in bays.

The reception and bar areas are being updated to be more in keeping with local venues. It is hoped that this will encourage guests to spend more of their time on site.

The plant display at the site entrance (rowing boat) is being replanted and will no doubt be once again resplendent for the coming season.

Improved/ Energy efficient lighting has been installed around the site.

A small child’s swing seat is to be fitted in the play area.

Picnic tables (for those that have requested them) have been placed adjacent to the properties for the use of their guests. Any owners wishing to purchase one of these tables are requested to contact Amanda.

General external repairs on all properties will continue throughout the year.

We are very pleased to learn of  the appointment of Amanda as “Site Manager” at Perranview and have no doubt that she will continue to strive to improve the site for everyone with the passion and fervour which she has previously demonstrated. We wish Matt all the best in his new appointment, and thank him for the work he has put in to the site over the last few years.

As an addition to all her other tasks Amanda has said that she will be sending out a news letter keeping all parties up to date with developments at Perranview. Any owners who have queries or comments are welcome to get in touch directly with Amanda. In our experience, she is very quick to address concerns and to keep in contact.

Finally, I have decided that I will have to step down as rep for the site, as my work and travel schedule has made it increasingly difficult to attend meetings. I would urge anyone from the Perran site who attends the meetings to volunteer for this post. I am staying on until November, but anyone else who would like to volunteer would be deeply appreciated. It is not a difficult role, and Amanda makes it very easy to keep up to speed with all relevant developments.

Judith Hasell

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