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Site Report – Perran View (Autumn 2017)

Matt reports a successful season, with positive feedback from visitors about the grounds, and with particular reference to the staff, who have been noted on Tripadvisor reviews to be very friendly and helpful. The site is the best of all Fowler sites for repeat bookings.

Nick noted that there had been some negative reviews about the oldest Fowler properties, which still had aluminium windows. Matt said that about 3 or 4 of these properties were due to be upgraded this winter.

The cladding is still an issue under consideration (see attached information and costings). There is the option of three colours and all of 40 of the John Fowler owned properties will be clad. It is assessed that about 50% of owners have requested to have this work done on their properties. Due to the sums involved all participating owners will be asked for an up-front payment, and therefore those within the Fowler letting scheme will not have the costs offset over the year, as has happened with many of the other improvements, Matt has done a lot of hard work in costings these for each individual properties , he says that this work will be done in batches over the next few years.

The car park – Matt acknowledges that this is a repeated concern to many of the owners, and one that he has put to Martyn Fowler on many occasions. A contractor has given a price to tarmac the section from the roundabout by the reception area up to the end of the tennis courts. This is costed at £10,000. Matt hopes to keep this work going each year on a section by section basis.

Parking on site remains a significant concern. Some people continue to park directly outside the properties, despite being asked to move vehicles. Some people even refused to move when emergency vehicles required access.

The play area is much appreciated by holiday makers. Judith has seen feedback in her visitor’s book that families would like a baby swing added to the area so that younger children can safely use the swings. Matt has also had this feedback and plans to purchase this equipment.

Internally, there has been an overhaul of the bar area, being re-clad and painted in lighter and more modern colours. There are plans to also modernise the entertainment area in the same mode. Matt is planning a covered area outside reception area for dog owners and smokers to sit in while still using bar facilities etc.

The toilets have had no further upgrade apart from painting. The pool changing area is still on the list for upgrading.

The shop is doing well, and making good money. It is being very well used, and it has been possible for reception staff to manage it from the reception area.

The entertainment is remaining as usual this year, but there are plans to make significant changes which would be more appropriate to the current needs and interests of holiday makers. There will be less visiting entertainers and more interactive facilities in their place. The children’s entertainment will continue as before.

Cleaning – there have continues to be positive responses from guests about the cleanliness of the units. The site has had the same six cleaners for some time now.

Bookings are up on last year, and he site has received the Tripadvisor award of excellence.

Matt advised us that there was a possibility that the site could have electricity turned off for one week over the Christmas period for essential works. Matt will contact all owners well in advance if this is the case.

The site is once again looking in very good condition, Matt and his staff have to be applauded for the amount of hard work they have done during the year.

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