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Perran View Site Report November 2018

There have been ongoing works which continue to improve the look of the site as you enter by the reception building. Even at the end of the season, the main entry bushes were trimmed and neat, the flags were flying, and the grass was cut and well kept.

The new tarmac in the parking area has been laid. Although this does not yet cover the whole area, it provides a significant improvement to the overall presentation of the car park. The additional tarmac laying has had to be postponed (see reasons below)|

Opposite the reception on the grass is a large wooden gazebo, with lights inside for the evening. It looks attractive, and is functional as an additional outside area, or a shelter for those who need to go outside to smoke.

Cladding and painting of the properties has continued, and it is now possible to see the benefit to the whole site. There are still many properties which have not yet had this work. One of the reasons is that it has been a busy season, and some properties have not been vacant for long enough to allow the work to go ahead. Some properties (including mine –JH) are now being clad at the end of the season. It has been really positive to see that the pressure from owners to improve the look of the houses on the site, including ongoing support from Matt, and now Amanda has resulted in this major boost to the atmosphere and presentation of Perran View. Inevitably, the cost of the cladding is significant, but the benefits hugely outweigh the financial contribution, in terms of appearance and insulation to the houses.

The main expense for this winter will be on sound proofing and updating the entertainment area. The sound proofing is urgent, given that there has been a long standing issue with a neighbour, who complains about the noise. Because of these costs, the addition tarmac plans to the car park have had to be postponed until more money is available.

Quite a lot of properties have their own picnic tables installed outside. When JH was last there, hers was being bolted to the ground (a good idea, given how many items can ‘walk’ around or off the site!)

The feedback from guests has been really positive. Those who have visted the site before remark on and appreciate the many improvements – to the outside entertainment facilities, the grounds and the buildings.

There has been good feedback about the cleanliness of the houses, and the cleaning remains of a high standard. Finally the feedback about the staff has also been very good – that they are helpful and quick to deal with any problems flagged up.

The bookings are up on the last year. Both Nick and Judith continue to have some issues with accounts though, with lack of clarity about some costs and duplication of costs. JH has had to make several phone calls to ensure a duplicated cost was credited to her account.

In summary though, it is clear that Amanda and her team continue to do an excellent job, maintaining a positive relationship with both owners and visitors

With regard to an additional rep for the site, this is a reminder that Judith is stepping down, as work and travel schedule has made it increasingly difficult to attend meetings. Once again, we really need another person to volunteer as a Perran rep, to help ensure that all the improvements made continue, and to liaise between Amanda, the management and other CMOA members.


Judith Hasell

Nick Muller

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