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Perran Site Report November 2019

I am aware that I’ve said this before but nevertheless it is worth repeating: the gardens and surroundings at the site have once again been kept looking really good, despite the weather this year being a lot poorer than last year.  Our sincere thanks to go in particular to Tony and staff for the effort they have made in this respect. Also, once again, the cleaning of the units has been of a high standard: a big thank you to Amanda and her staff for continuing with their high standards.


Regarding the overall look of the site: the addition of cladding to some units and the painting of other units, helps the whole place to appear more modern and vibrant -unfortunately those properties that haven’t been updated look drab in comparison and this could affect the desire of guests to rent them.


In terms of the on-going upgrading of the site, a number of changes are proposed before the new season commences. The swimming pool area windows (many of which are ‘blown’) are to be replaced; the dehumidifier in the swimming pool area is also to be replaced and the drab and dated wood surround in the swimming pool area is to be modernised.  The swimming pool is popular with the locals – this can only be a good thing as it helps ensure the standard of upkeep. It is also proposed to increase the number of disabled parking ‘bays’, these will be spread around the site. As regards general parking, plans are on hold at the moment to increase the size of the tarmac area at the entrance to the site.


In the entertainment venue new carpets are to be fitted, although carpet will be able to be removed for when dancing takes place.  Some new seating furniture is already in place and this as well as the replacement lighting, including spotlights (a disadvantage is they are not yet dimmable but will be so by the start of next season), helps to make the place a more pleasant venue to spend time in.


Furthermore, Sky entertainment screens are in place around the verandah (raised) area and game facilities have increased in number.  There are now: 3 pool tables, 2 air hockey games, 1 table football and 2 dart areas.  There have also been 8 new radiators added to this area which will make things more comfortable when the weather is cooler.


Regarding performers, there’s been a change in the way this is organised. Entertainment is now contracted in and this has proved to be very popular: it has included animal and pet shows, magicians and such like. The bar has increased in popularity: a gin themed bar in the right hand corner of the bar is being proposed.  Locals also make use of the bar and no doubt this helps to add something to the atmosphere, in terms of numbers in the bar. The Chef’s Corner within the venue has also been successful with guests making favourable comments.


It is worth noting that the number of guests arriving with dogs has increased – you might wish to reconsider your pet letting preference in order to increase your bookings. Also, Fowler is refurbishing some of his units – which may make them more desirable for guests – so you may wish to ensure that your own units are as desirable to rent. There are some week-end (short term) lets – you may want to check that this is something you have agreed to and are happy with as income from this is low compared to the wear and tear.

Bookings this year have been high, we ourselves have seen an increase in our own bookings.  Amanda has reported that the site has been very busy and bookings are already in place for next year.


Finally, it would seem that properties sold recently have fetched increased prices compared to recent years – perhaps an indication that more people are wishing to holiday at home and good for anyone who maybe considering selling their own unit.


Nick Muller

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