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CMOA Spring Meeting March 2019

Perran Site Report

Not a lot to report in terms of change since the previous report.  However, the following is of note:


The site itself is looking well maintained, both the groundworks and the buildings. Just over half the properties (whether Fowler’s own or privately owned) have been either painted or clad.  A variety of limited colours have been used. This has made an enormous difference to the general appeal of the site.  I believe that those private owners who have not elected to update their units will find that they look rather drab in comparison to those units which have had a ‘facelift’. Consequently, I don’t think it will be long before more units are updated.


The indoor recreational area has been revamped. Sound proofing has been put in place (following a complaint from a local resident) and a new internal lighting system has also been installed, again, in an effort to modernise.

There will be (not sure if these are yet in place) more ‘games’ machines and a ‘sports’ themed bar with large screens.  This is an attempt to attract more site users to the recreational area.

In the past the on-site entertainment has not been well supported and has often run at a loss. In future therefore it’s envisioned that the stage will be utilized for ‘special’ entertainment events only. These will be advertised outside of the site as well, to the general community, in the hope that the events will be better supported and therefore more financially sustainable as well as creating a more vibrant atmosphere for the site users to enjoy.

Concerns expressed by unit owners were received and dealt with. I spoke to the site manager and as far as I’m aware the site manager contacted the unit owner in question.  So it would seem that this system of communication is working; with the site representative able to liaise between the two parties.

Nick Muller

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