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Following the Kenegie group meeting at Tolroy Manor on Saturday 7th November 2015 I was able to establish a meeting on Monday 9th November with Mr Edward Newbold the new owner of Kenegie Manor Holiday Park trading as McKinnon Jardine Leisure Ltd.

The group meeting raised a number of concerns and issues and I was able to take these forward and present them to Mr Newbold.

Mr Newbold was very open and frank and looked forward to working with CMOA and its representatives to move the business forward and put Kenegie Manor back on the map.

The following were discussed:-

Letting Contracts

Owners who wish to continue letting through the company will have a new letting agreement to sign. The letting agreement will replicate JFH agreement and therefore there will be no difference to terms and conditions. They will be issued with the winter works programme during the next few weeks.


The advertised letting tariffs will be similar to those used by JFH and the bands of Gold, Silver and Bronze will remain unchanged.


Ground and maintenance charges as already clarified by the company are set in line with the September RPI each year.

Letting charges will operate on a debit/credit basis in the same way as JFH operated and accounts will be provided in July, September and November.

All money received in respect of a holiday booking will be held separately in a client account.


The company has a number of plans to promote Kenegie Manor as an attractive holiday destination and will have a fully operational website early in the New Year. It is intended that it will have an owner’s bookings portal and CMOA will provide a link through its website when operational. A brochure will also be available for distribution.

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