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St Ives site report November AGM 2015

The overall impression of the meeting was very positive. Jules Emery and Chris Mitchell were welcomed as the two new site reps and thanks to Anne for her previous assistance.

Kevin & Carenza advised us of the plans for the future – which include:

  • Upgrade to the site – replacing all the old wooden units was a 7-10 year plan – this is now been escalated to be achievable within 4 years
  • Year 5 will see a significant upgrade to the site entertainment facilities
  • investment into the road infrastructure – which everyone agreed was well overdue. This will be started in this winter works programme
  • Housekeeping issues have been accepted and addressed. There are new cleaners for next season and an increase in the maintenance staff
  • Kevin reminded us of lots of events they hold during the season (news of which is on their Facebook page – and they ask for support and also exposure from owners in order to raise the profile online
  • The external wood staining of chalets (particularly Treva Croft) will be part of this winter works program. For owners with double glazed units, this still includes all the fascias and fence partitions. This is part of our annual fees so no extra charges are due

There was a query regarding inventory in letting scheme owners’ chalets and Kevin confirmed that as part of the contract, John Fowler replace all small items and bill to the owner. Any larger items required are notified to the owner before purchasing. Assessment/Grading of the properties brought up a few issues – some of which were covered in the main AGM discussions ie a Pet Owner Gold standard was suggested and will be put forward by the committee to John Fowler as a site wide suggestion. Kevin also reminded letting scheme owners that JF had written (or would be writing) to each with a list of advised winter works on each property and it is the owners responsibility to keep up the standard of their property in order to maintain their grading. The gutter cleaning issue was also raised – and Kevin reiterated that this was NOT part of JF responsibilities. A member suggested using Gutter Brushes which are fixed into the guttering so that leaves do not settle and block the downpipes. Further information will be made available once the ‘new’ website is running. Drainage has been an issue (particularly around 205 Treva Croft) with no decent soakaway, drains blocked etc. so that the outside patios end up as a mud bath after even a small amount of rain. Kevin is liaising with the owner and the maintenance team to rectify this.PIV (positive Input Ventilation) systems were addressed – as one owner installed a system after last years AGM and had very positive opinion for it – no regrowth of mould, cleaner/fresher smelling property and the running cost is negligible. These units are available via JFH – Carenza advised they charge £650 for the unit and fitting, however a local owner (a qualified electrician) has also offered these units for approx. £340 per unit plus £100-120 installation (depending on each unit’s accessibility etc). Contact St Ives reps for details.

The meeting ended on a very positive note with most owners very hopeful for the future with Kevin and Carenza at the helm.

Jules Emery St. Ives rep

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