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Tolroy Manor site report for AGM November 2015 produced by Christopher Nell

General Impression.

The overall appearance of the site is very good the garden look well cared for and the grass, certainly around Strawberry Hill is more weed free than in the past. The buildings look well maintained and there is an aura of tidiness and order. Well done Gavin and Amy for raising the bar again. On my visit the entrance drive looked potholed and worn but this is to be resurfaced at the end of November. The reception looks more business like and the remainder of the club house has found its identity albeit in an inappropriate style and decoration for a seaside summer holiday. The other thing that needs attention are the duvet covers, the yellow ones in my property were well past their use by date. Never mind JF having Gold, Silver and Bronze they need to look at their side of the bargain!

Permanent Guests.

Cornwall Council have helped with action against the long term residents and 12 owners have now moved to rectify the situation. Further pressure by Cornwall and JF will need to be taken to remove the remaining year round residents.

The Site Shop

The shop looked welcoming and well stocked and is a very useful presence supplying a wide range of goods and better selection of papers and magazines than previously.


There was a further reminder that utilities to the site are stretched. The use of instant heat showers are putting a strain on the electrical capacity of the cabling and owners are urged to look at increasing the size of hot water tanks in preference to installing the instant shower system. The broadband, which is only available in the clubhouse, is very slow and can not be relied upon to handle large files such as newspapers, programs and images. I recorded a download speed of 1.2 and upload of just 0.3. Extending WiFi to the properties would not be practical at present and would need to be a pay to use rather than the free service we have now.


I am very concerned about the use of disposable BBQs on the site as my wooden terrace furniture is badly burnt in four places, this should be seen as a warning that sooner or later there might be a fire, which considering the construction of the properties could be catastrophic, taking out an entire terrace of homes. I would like to press for a ban on the use of these BBQs as well as a ban on the shop selling them, which they currently do, and therefore their use appears to be condoned by JF.

CMOA need to press JF to construct proper BBQ huts, rather similar to those found on Australian camp sits, with bottle gas cooking and sinks with hot and cold water to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Adjacent to the hut some seating and tables so that it could be a social area as well. I seem to recall that the Australian ones had a coin operated system to use the gas. I know it is a big investment but otherwise I think it necessary to check our insurance.

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