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Perran View Report 2015

Bookings were well up on last year and there seems to be some interest for 2016 so lets hope this will be an even better year.

Tony the site technician, has done such a wonderful job of maintaining the site: from making neat bin storage to gracious flower beds, he’s done it all , now the only thing that’s letting down the site are the super-drab units. It’s like stepping back to the 60s, they need to be coloured. There seems to be a discrepancy between this site and others in the area On assessing my unit, which has a smaller square footage than a house, it will be only be two and half days work done using a ladder, as it’s a bungalow, entailing three coats of primer and finishing coat. If we are given a colour range the job is done. Is there any reason privately owned units cannot be do their own within certain parameters?

Amanda on the reception and the entertainment crew have all been praised very highly, many thanks for all your hard work. I would also like to mention here that I found the cleaning standard to be very high, having entered the unit at the end of the season it was as if the season was just starting, Well done! However it seems we are still waiting for those elusive duvet covers!!!

The entrance and the car parking area are still full of pot-holes, where does all the money we donate to road maintenance go?

Some thoughts:

Ÿ  We had our fire alarm system up rated for this season as requested. . Are all the units up to the required standard and is a record of this available?

Ÿ  Are only certified units rented?

Ÿ  Will the PAT testing be done in house or by the electrical contractor?

Ÿ  Is there a system of feed back on units to help owners rectify any faults or any complaints clients may have?

Ÿ  Has the banding system worked? Have more clients opted for the silver instead of gold because of gold’s higher pricing, or is it the other way around.

Ÿ  Has there be any updating of the swimming pool changing rooms?

Ÿ  When is the entrance going to be improve.

Other matters arising from side meetings

Bedding: Matt said he will start to buy in the new bedding being when enough interest is shown. It would be of a cost of approximately £100 for a three bed unit.

Pot Holes: The remaining pot holes will be patched/sorted over the winter.

Sleeping Policeman: These were mentioned as causing problems for those self- propelled wheelchairs and electric scooters. Matt will be looking into what can be done.

Visitors’ Book: The inclusion of a book within the units was mentioned and was found to be a very good idea. Visitors can leave comments regarding both the unit and site.

Freezers and Hairdryers: Amanda mentioned that one of the main requirements of visitors was a freezer (many visitors arrive with a lot of frozen food) and that she has had to move visitors to units that do have a freezer. Hair dryers were also mentioned but these would probably have to be securely anchored.

Main Buildings: With regard to the swimming pool toilets Matt informed us that these were to

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