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Perranview Site Report

I have managed to have one meeting with Matt and Amanda since November, and have followed up with some telephone calls. They have also had some discussions with my husband Adrian, when he was working on our unit over the winter months

We continue to be very impressed with the high standard of work in the grounds, which keeps the site looking as inviting as it is possible to be, given the grey buildings (more of which later in this report). New fire points have been installed, and new speed humps. There have been some additional large stones placed strategically to stop people driving over the grass to load and unload near to units, and these have been painted white.

Owners will have had letters from Matt and Amanda asking for their opinion with regard to cladding around part of the houses and bungalows, to improve the look of the site, and to offer some variation to the relentless grey render. We were given the choice of three colours, and it would appear that the cost has now risen to approximately £650 per unit – to be confirmed. One of the colours has now been withdrawn, leaving the choice of sand and blue. Two JF units have already received cladding. They are around the back of the site, near to the newly constructed house, so one has to seek them out to view them. This was deliberate, so that at this stage they do not stand out against all the other houses which have not had any work done on them. It would appear that there has been a take up from about 30 owners. Martyn Fowler is very impressed with the improvement that the cladding has created, and apparently all JF units may well have this work done. As we own a bungalow, we are in discussion as to which part will be clad, given that the plan is currently to cover the top part only of the houses. An architect will provide a simulated plan of how the completed site will appear. Work should commence in a couple of weeks.

No further improvements have been made to the car park this year. It is obviously a very expensive project, and we have simply been told that it will be considered in the future. I am aware that many owners have raised concerns about this, and there is a perception that the considerable sum of money paid by owners towards the upkeep of the roads each year should go towards this work. (from Side Meeting 19.3.17 – owners attending continue to express frustration and concern that no repairs have taken place over a long time, and would like to have an explanation from Martyn Fowler as to what proportion of their road payments have been set aside for work on the car park. An opinion was expressed that the leases stipulate that payments towards the roads on site should be utilised only for this purpose, and it was requested that CMOA check with the organisation’s solicitor if this is the case)

Planning permission was granted to create a four bedroom house where the old dilapidated building had stood for many years. Currently a log cabin styled house has been placed there, and we do not know yet whether this is a temporary or permanent structure.

We are still no further forward with regard to full on-site wi fi. We hear that it remains a project for the future

The plan to change the old disabled toilet at the end of the pool into a family changing room has been put on hold, due to lack of funds.

There is a new franchise in place for the restaurant, so we will have to wait and see how this is received as the season progresses.

There has been some change-over in staff, from cleaners to the entertainment team, so once again, we will have to wait to see how these changes impact on reviews and feedback as the season gets underway.

It is clear that Matt, Amanda and all the staff have put as many improvements into place as have been possible, with the funds available to them. I wish them and all owners a successful season.

Additional information from side meeting 19.3.17

In addition to the discussion about repairs to the car park (covered in the main body of this report), two other issues were raised:

  1. Drains. Number 33 is reported to have a significant problem with the end of the drain pipe, which goes directly in to the ground being completely blocked, resulting in a back up of water which is creating damp in and outside the house. This problem has been affecting houses 32-35 for about the last three years. I promised to have a discussion with Matt about this situation to see what measures have been taken to date, and what other interventions can be implemented to rectify the problem.


(Discussion with Matt 20.3.17 – Matt says that he has looked at this in the past, when he received the original complaint. The only remaining option is to place a soak away by the property. He is now going to look at the area again, with Tony, the grounds man.)

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